I’m Mad At God And I’m Even Madder At Myself

by Yvonne Chase on December 11, 2017

Her: Why don’t nobody like me?

Me: Huh? What do you mean? (I honestly thought she sent the text to the wrong person. Keep reading…)

Her: I’m never “the ONE” and I’m the one that always gets left.

Not Into Her
That’s a conversation I had with a sister-friend via text recently. Once I read her last sentence, I stopped what I was doing and gave her a call. She was in tears on the other end pouring her heart out to me about a guy she’s into who’s not into her. Apparently she thought they were moving in the direction of closing the deal on a relationship, however, he told her he was pursuing another woman. Ouch!

I’m Mad At God
Later in the evening, I touched base with her to learn more and to see if she felt any better. Here’s what she shared:

Her: I’m mad at God and myself. Psalm 37:4

Me: Why are you mad at God? Yourself? I know that verse well.

Her: I’ve kept my end of the “deal” and I let this man upset me so bad that I have to force myself to eat. I’ve lost 3 pounds since yesterday.

Me: Keeping up your end of the deal does not speed up Gods timing.

Her: I know.

Good Christian Girl
Tons of Christian single women feel just like her. I attend church every Sunday, I’m busier than a bee involved in all kinds of ministries, I’m celibate and waiting until marriage or better yet I’m a virgin. Tithing is what I do and on top of that, I also give a very generous offering. Reading my Bible is an everyday occurrence and I’m all set up to read the entire Bible through in 2018. I’m basically doing everything a good Christian girl is supposed to do and still no husband?

What He Has Already Done
Dear single lady, God never made a deal with you. He never said if you do this, this and this then I will give you what you want when you want it. That’s not how it works. Serving God is not about what he will do for us. Serving God is about what he has already done.

He Doesn’t Lie
God requires our obedience even if he never delivers a tall, dark and handsome man dipped in dark chocolate to our doorstep. The verse in Psalm 37:4 trips up a lot of single women. Yes, God will give us the desires of our heart, he doesn’t lie, however, the desires of our heart need to fall in line with his plan for our lives.

To delight means to:

  • Find contentment
  • Satisfaction
  • Gladness
  • Joy
  • Pleasure

Antonyms for delight are:

  • Discontent
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Disappointment
  • Depression
  • Dismay

Never Go Unfulfilled
Gotquestions.org a website that seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually-related questions through an internet presence explains it like this:

Taking delight in the Lord means that our hearts truly find peace and fulfillment in Him. If we truly find satisfaction and worth in Christ, Scripture says He will give us the longings of our hearts. Does that mean, if we go to church every Sunday, God will give us a new Rolls Royce? No. The idea behind this verse and others like it is that, when we truly rejoice or “delight” in the eternal things of God, our desires will begin to parallel His and we will never go unfulfilled.”

Encouraged By Your Bravery
Dear sweet friend, thank you for trusting me with your heart. It takes courage to be so transparent and raw. Thank you also for permission to share your story with the hope that other singles will be blessed and encouraged by your bravery. I love you. ❤️

God Doesn’t Owe Us A Husband
In conclusion, I leave you with this; every single woman will not get married. God doesn’t owe us a husband. That’s something we need to wrap our heads around and embrace. Hopefully, you won’t be mad at God again, but if you are, follow the three steps below:

1. Tell God how you feel. He already knows you’re mad at him, however, he still wants you to spill your guts to him and tell him you feel in the same way you told me. Pouring your heart out to him then waiting to hear him speak to you creates a deep level of intimacy between you and him. Intimacy with him is what you need more than anything else.

2. Know that God has a better plan beyond what you can see. I know you can’t see it now but God has a purpose and a plan for everything we go through and he always has something better in store. Trust him.

3. Get involved in the lives of others like I did here. While I’m not mad at God, I can tell you for sure that when we throw ourselves into the lives of others in a genuine way, we have zero time to focus on what we think is not working in our lives. Everything, the good, the bad and the ugly are all working together for our good and we just have to know it in spite of how we feel or how it looks.

Something to think about…

What say you? Have you ever been mad at God? Was there ever a time where you felt you kept up your end of the deal and God didn’t? Any advice for my sister-friend?

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Are you mad at God?


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