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Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Yvonne Chase aka The Single Woman’s Cheerleader; a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach to Singles and Pre-Committed Couples.  This blog is all about living a great single life, dating smart and marriage…all done with a twist of faith.

As a Christian woman, I try to incorporate a kernel of faith into each post because for me, I can’t talk about living a great single life, making smart dating
decisions and marriage without including God in the conversation.

In addition, I’m a pop culture junkie therefore many of my posts reference reality TV, celebrity chatter, sitcoms, romantic comedies and popular song lyrics.  There’s a good mix of faith and pop culture here.  With every post, my goal is to always leave you with, “Something to think about.”

A few random things about me:

  • I’m single, never married and don’t have children.
  • I love children and have been told numerous times I would make a great parent however, I don’t want them coming out of my body.
  • I was born and raised in Nassau Bahamas to parents from Barbados which makes me a Bajan-Bahamian. I LOVE my Caribbean roots!
  • I can sing really well.  I took lots of voice lessons when I was younger and my two sisters and I used to sing as a trio called The Chase Sisters.
  • I love grocery shopping. Trader Joe’s is my favorite grocery store and I absolutely love, love, love Farmer’s Markets.
  • I got my driver’s license at 16 and have been driving ever since.  I love driving and hope to take a cross country road trip some day.
  • I’m a health and wellness aficionado.  Eating clean, working out and getting a reflexology massage as often as I can are super important to me.
  • Chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa and steel cut oats make me happy.
  • I enjoy cooking then eating what I prepared with a friend whenever possible.
  • I drink some sort of green drink daily; spinach, a slice of lemon with the skin (that’s where all the Vitamin Cl lives), a piece of ginger, fresh aloe vera, pineapple and water is one of my favorite blends.  Try it!
  • My Vitamix is the most used appliance in my kitchen.
  • I have 2 sisters and 4 remaining brothers.
  • I’m an aunt to 17 nieces and nephews.  That number is sure to increase once my youngest brother ties the knot in July 2014.
  • My parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage in March 2014.
  • I enjoy my own company immensely and have always been my own best friend.
  • I LOVE people and I talk to strangers daily.
  • I’m terrified of dogs and want nothing to do with cats.
  • I go to the bookstore every Thursday to read all of the gossip magazines; US Weekly, Life & Style, In Touch, OK, Star, People etc
  • Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Vickie Munton

Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me too! <3
Stopping by from the #SITSBlogging community–
Happy to meet you!


Yvonne Chase

Thanks for stopping by Vickie. Lovely to meet another sister in Christ. I love how God connects his daughters. God bless you!


Courtney Conover

Hi, Yvonne! It’s Courtney from The Brown Girl with Long Hair blog, stopping by to check out your site. Thank you for visiting earlier today — and commenting. :-)

(I love me some chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa and steel cut oats, too, and have all three everyday. The Hubs makes The BEST steel cut oatmeal for my son and me every morning — with chia seeds mixed in and a touch of agave nectar…YUM-O!!)

Enjoy your weekend!


Yvonne Chase

Hey Courtney,

Thanks for returning the love. I start my day with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal w/flax seeds, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and a drizzle of almond milk. Yummers! I add chia seeds to my water and I cook quinoa and toss it into my salads etc. I think I’m going to be a nutrition coach in my next life.

Have a wonderful weekend!



“I don’t want them coming out of my body.” Glad I’m not the only one. Folks give you the side eye when you don’t want or in my case never wanted kids. Thanks for sharing!


Yvonne Chase


I used to say I wanted to have my own children for a long time because that’s what you’re supposed to say to avoid the side eye. I LOVE children and will be happy to adopt one day real soon.

Thanks for stopping by!



OMG we have something in common: I’m terrified of dogs as well! I came here from Twitter via the “Woman to Woman- Must Read” mention and can’t wait to tour your blog. :)


Yvonne Chase

Hey Maggielola,

Thanks for stopping by. Yea…no dogs for me. Grew up with 2 dogs in the Bahamas and was afraid of them too. Perhaps I’ll get over it one day…or not:-)


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