Live Your Values And You’re Bound To Attract Someone Doing The Same

by Yvonne Chase on February 27, 2017

Warts And All
The most important relationship in my life after God is the relationship I have with myself. I like myself; warts and all. If we don’t like ourselves, why should anyone else? God didn’t make one mistake when he knit me together in my mother’s womb and he didn’t make a mistake with you. Taking care of myself, taking care of the temple he created is super important to me.  It’s my way of honoring God with my bod!

Hidden Chef
One of the ways I do this is by eating clean and feeding my temple nutritious foods. Of course, I indulge; the foodie in me can’t help it and the hidden chef in me is always creating something in the kitchen.

Daily Ritual
A key staple in my quest for clean eating is a glass of green juice first thing in the morning. It’s my daily ritual. One of my favorites to make is what I call Medicine For Your Soul. Whatever is ailing you oughta disappear after one glass. Here’s the recipe:



Fresh Aloe Vera


1 TBSP Spirulina

1 TSP Turmeric

1 TSP Cardamom

1 TSP Ashwagandha

Coconut Water

Eggs, Glorious Eggs
Because I take such great care of my temple, it was easy to attract a man who does the same. My love is as much into eating clean as I am, as a matter of fact, he’s trying out a plant-based diet for the next thirty days and may make that his normal way of eating. Neither of us eats meat. I eat plant-based for the most part and include wild fish like salmon and eggs, glorious eggs; one of my favorite foods.

Massaging Our Joints
In addition to eating clean, we both love physical fitness and are always down to try a new workout. Last week we tried aqua cycle; spin class in the pool. We loved the warm water massaging our joints however, the bikes were too unstable. He doesn’t want to give it a second try and neither do I.

Live Our Values
Here’s the moral of the story; be who you want to attract. Many singles have a list of what they want in a mate.  He must eat healthy, workout 3x/week, have a certain bank account and the list goes on and on meanwhile you match nothing on your list and aren’t even working towards doing so. Not cool! When we live our values, we’re bound to attract a man who is doing the same. Are you living your values?

Something to think about…

What say you? How do you take care of you? What are some of your daily rituals? Why is it important to live our values? How important are shared values?

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Summer Overstreet February 27, 2017

Great post! Very to the point and full of great info. I too am a very clean eater. It’s fun to meet someone else who follows my same lifestyle! I developed a ton of food allergies five years ago followed by the development of an autoimmune thyroid disorder, so a healthy lifestyle is essential to living for me. Showing love and true care to your body is honoring to ourselves and God. I do not want to live in a messy house so why would I provide my Creator with a messy temple? Keep up the good work, sister!


Yvonne Chase February 28, 2017


Amen! If we won’t live in a messy house, why provide our Creator with a messy temple? Well said! Bravo! Great question and definitely something to think about…
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Gayle King Doesn’t Ask If He’s Married But You BetterMy Profile


Gretchen February 28, 2017

Thanks for these great suggestions! Your green juice looks amazing:)


Yvonne Chase March 1, 2017


You must try it…it is simply amazing:-) and so good for every cell in your body.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Life Does Not End When A Relationship EndsMy Profile


Julie February 28, 2017

I eat healthy and exercise.No gluten. I’ve been exercising 6 days a week the past few weeks which is an accomplishment considering I have 5 kids:)

Good post!
Julie recently posted…Hey You- Your Story MattersMy Profile


Yvonne Chase March 1, 2017


You should be super proud of yourself. Six days a week is a huge accomplishment. Bravo! Keep up the great work. If you make my green juice, you can squeeze an extra day in and top it off at a complete seven. Ha!
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Date For Fun Or Date To Find The OneMy Profile


Mary Hill March 4, 2017

This post is so true. Living like this attracts men who love Christ. I know because it worked for me. Thanks for sharing on the #LMMLinkp this week.
Mary Hill recently posted…Sushi, Math, and Finding PurposeMy Profile


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