Are You Celebrating National Singles Week? I’m Not

by Yvonne Chase on September 16, 2013

national National Singles Week
I heard through the grapevine that this week, September 15-21 is National Singles Week.  I had no idea!  Actually the grapevine didn’t tell me, Bloglovin did via my daily feed.  I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.  Didn’t know last year or the year before.  I Googled National Singles Week to see what it’s all about.  Did you know it was started in Ohio back in the 1980’s? I continued my search to see what else was out there about this week and I ran across an article with suggestions about how to celebrate.  Some of the suggestions were:

Travel.  “Go some place you’ve never been…experience something new and different.”

Volunteer.  “Help those in need which opens up a door to meeting new people.”

Hit the gym. “Not only does exercise release endorphins, but a daily gym routine helps keep you in shape and can help boost your self-esteem.”  I workout every day.  Maybe I’ll kill two birds with one stone and travel to a new workout this week to experience something new and different.  The article was going good with suggestions until my eyes landed on…

Do you.  “Pick up a new toy and take part in some “me” time.”  Uh thanks but no thanks! You all already know how I feel about sex toys.

I Want A Partner
How will I celebrate National Singles Week? I won’t!  This week is not for me.  According to another article, this week is for singles who choose to go through life without a partner.  That’s not me.  Even though I am single and not trying to escape it, I don’t choose to go through life without a partner.  I want a partner.  I just haven’t met him yet.  Cue Michael Buble…

I’m Screening For A Husband
Earlier today, I had a conversation with a single gentleman about his status and it was refreshing to hear him say he is looking for a wife.  While he’s looking for a wife, I’m screening for a husband.  I’d like to be married one day.  I don’t really understand choosing to be single.  Why would you make that choice when man and woman were created for each other?

Remaining Chaste
Now Paul does say some of us have the gift of singleness which means we have the gift of remaining chaste.  I would say my oldest sister has that gift.  She’s been single all of her life and remained a virgin.  I’m so proud of her! Everyone doesn’t have that gift.  For those of us that don’t have that gift, there’s someone out there for you.  You just haven’t met him or her yet.  Perhaps you can use this week to rethink your strategy?

Something to think about…

P.S. If this week is for you, go here to read the full article on ways to celebrate.

What say you…are you celebrating National Singles Week? Why? Why Not? Are you single by choice or by chance? Do you think people intentionally choose to be single?

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Hannah September 16, 2013

I don’t believe anyone intentionally chooses to be single…I could be wrong. I believe people just give up. They get tired of all the games. Tired of all the heartache. Tired of not meeting the right person and tired of everything else that goes along with trying to meet the right person. After all of that tiredness, they convince themselves they want to be single when they really don’t.

I’m not celebrating…honestly didn’t know anything about it until I read this.

Great read! Like the Michale Buble interlude.


Yvonne Chase September 16, 2013


What you say makes a lot of sense. Had a conversation with a gentleman about this today and while he hasn’t chosen to be single, he’s sort of given up for all the reasons you mentioned.

Thanks for your comment!


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