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The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  As a member of the ICF, this is what I strive to do with my clients.

With Coach Yvonne:

  • Take center stage in your life and explode with confidence.
  • Launch into a life of Passion, Power, and Purpose.
  • Throw out beliefs about Living Single and Dating that no longer serve you.
  • Wipe-out Bitterness and Baggage
  • Lose the Losers
  • Say “Good-Bye” to Dating Disasters and say “Hello” to Dating Delight.

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People are Talking:

Yvonne’s honest, witty, tell-it-like-it-is advice has helped me leave a bad relationship and learn how to let go and just be happy in the fantastic one I am in now.  Perhaps what I love most about Yvonne is that she is not afraid to tell you the truth about yourself, but her kind and uplifting words and spirit make you know she always has your best interest at heart.  She’s not just the single woman’s dating coach; she is everyone’s dating coach!  Ms. Chaz Kyser (

Before working with Coach Yvonne, I was somewhat discouraged and almost gave up hope of finding true love.  She taught me how to adjust my perspective on dating as well as how to initiate contact with a possible prospect.  I’ve always been able to identify what I didn’t want in a man.  But was (somewhat) unclear in recognizing what it is I wanted and needed in a man.  During the short period of time I worked with Yvonne, I made much improvement in the realm of discernment and how not to allow my independence to hinder me.

Coach Yvonne taught me to remain optimistic and encouraged while dating.  She exposed me to the arena of online dating.  Before I met Coach Yvonne, I was embarrassed at the thought of even considering online dating.  However, upon completion of my coaching session, I realized that online dating gives me access to a bigger pool of men to choose from.

Online dating is quick and straight to the point. I don’t have to sugarcoat what I’m looking for, because it’s all in my profile. I like the fact that I feel less inhibited and more confident in making the first move.  Even though online dating has its challenges, much like dating face-to-face, with effort you can make it work for you. 

After working with Coach Yvonne, I am able to compose a realistic list of my requirements, needs, and wants in a future mate.  I also realize the benefit of being more observant and developing better listening skills.  The accountability from Coach Yvonne allowed me to move forward at a constant pace, making the progress measurable.  During each coaching session, she remained non-judgmental, focused, accepting, warm, available, and articulate in our work together.  Thank you for the great job you did in coaching me.  Respectfully,  Q. Jackson/St. Charles, Mo. (

Stop Looking, Start Attracting stopped me from viewing my single life as a period of transition until I met the one and encouraged me to enjoy my life now.  I’ve traveled the world and recently bought a home, and I am no longer sitting around waiting for Mr. Right, nor am I wasting time on Mr. Right Now.  Now I know what it takes to have a healthy relationship and I’m super excited about attracting someone wonderful into my life.  This program put me at ease and put me on a path to living on purpose and with purpose.  Veronica James (

Prior to Dating 101, I was frustrated with the dating scene.  After working with Coach Yvonne, I gained a new insight from looking at patterns in my dating history, then evaluated what’s really important to me in a partner.  I got a fresh perspective and a new insights on how to approach dating.  Today, I am dating with delight while enjoying a great single life.  Thanks, Coach Yvonne!  Regina Cummings

Yvonne is an intuitive, compassionate, and dedicated coach.  She routinely went above and beyond the call of duty as I worked with her.  My partner and I contacted her due to our difficulty communicating with each other.  With her guidance, we were able to become clear on our needs and values and how to speak to and listen to each other.  Working with Yvonne gave me the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship.  Today, I am clear about what I want in a new relationship and have since attracted an amazing partner.”  Kena in Long Island City, NY