25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

by Yvonne Chase on July 3, 2017

A Closer Look
Hello readers, I decided to kick off the month of July with a fun light-hearted post that would tell you a little bit more about me. Every week, I take a trip to the bookstore to read the weekly magazines; US Weekly, People, Life & Style, OK! and others. One of the features I love in US Weekly is 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me. Here are my 25 things:

1. I like wearing sneakers with dresses. I may never wear heels again.

2. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who yawn and don’t cover their mouths. 

3. I literally LOL at something every. single. day.

4. I am terrified of mice and rodents.

5. Red is my accent color in the kitchen; my kettle is red, blender is red, pots are red, cooking spoons are red and even my kitchen towels are red.

6. One of my favorite colors is you guessed it, red.

7. I haven’t eaten one piece of dark chocolate in over a year. That’s a miracle!

8. I don’t drink coffee.

9. I love the book, Shut Up, Stop Whining And Get A Life by Larry Winget.

10. I love to drive. Going on a cross country road trip is on my bucket list but I can’t find anyone to come with…

11. I have two middle names. How many do you have?

12. If you want to know how I feel, look at my face. It tells you everything.

13. I’m a sucker for a heavy bass line in a song.  Gotta have bass…

14. I have an excellent eye for interior design.

15. I love grocery shopping.

16. Stores like Burlington Coat Factory drive me NUTS. Way too many racks and too much of a mess to rummage through to find a good deal. Who has time for that?

17. I take cold showers every night. They’re good for circulation and offer a host of other benefits. 

18. Unlike most women, I’m in and out of Target. On the rare occasion, I go to Target, I get what I came for and leave immediately.

19. A beast rises up inside of me when anyone tries to control me.

20. My primary love language is Physical Touch.  

21. I can crochet and write calligraphy and I enjoy doing both.

22. I have a secret obsession with onion rings from Bare Burger.

23. My birthday is November 1.

24. My eyes are not glued to my cell phone 24/7 as a matter of fact, I leave it at home whenever possible.

25. One of my biggest fears is getting stuck in an elevator.

Something to think about…

What say you? In the comment section below, tell me something I don’t know about you. Let’s get to know each other a little better.

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Valerie Murray July 3, 2017

What a fun post! Well since you mentioned onions, I have a strong aversion to all things onion, lol.
Valerie Murray recently posted…Comment on 6 Great Reasons For Us To Pray by SummerMy Profile


Yvonne Chase July 4, 2017


Really? You don’t like onions? Why come? OMG! Onions are a staple in my kitchen. Oh well, more for me. (smiles)
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Rachel Lindsay Knows How To Date And You Should Follow Her LeadMy Profile


SaarBlogs July 4, 2017

Completely with you on the elevator-thing – there’s just too much that could go wrong! But I got you beat on the middle names – I’ve got 4 🙂


Yvonne Chase July 4, 2017


I think I’d lose my mind if I were ever stuck in an elevator and God forbid there was no cell phone service or no one could hear me, see me…Yikes! That. Would. Not. Be. Good!

You have 4 middle names? What are you the only child and your parents gave you the names of the kids they didn’t have? (smiles)
Yvonne Chase recently posted…A Spouse Is Not Needed To Reach Your Full PotentialMy Profile


SaarBlogs July 5, 2017

There’s actually three of us! Just some crazy family tradition 🙂
As for the elevator thing – I read then and actually got the chills. I don’t even want to think about that happening!
SaarBlogs recently posted…Weekly Lists #91: 5 Favourite Blogposts JuneMy Profile


Yvonne Chase July 5, 2017


Do all of your siblings have 4 middle names?

No more stuck in elevator talk. (smiles)
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Kevin Durant Moved On To Get A Ring And So Should You Single LadyMy Profile


Sheila Qualls July 6, 2017

You are so real. I love your work. Not crazy about rodents or sneakers with dresses. I am the beast, and you can read my mood on my face.
Sheila Qualls recently posted…7 Ways to Be More Positive About Your Marriage Right NowMy Profile


Yvonne Chase July 7, 2017


Thanks. My realness hopefully gives others to courage to be real like it did you when you said, you are the beast and you can read your mood on your face. Noted. (smiles)
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Divorced People Need Love Too But I Don’t Know If You Should Marry OneMy Profile


Sarah Geringer July 7, 2017

Lots of fun in this post! I’m like you on #24. Never been much of a phone girl, although I was among the first of my classmates to have a cell phone in 1994, because my dad worked for AT&T. If I didn’t convert then, I doubt I ever really will! I’m more of a face-to-face person, but blogging will have to do so I can meet lots of online friends!


Yvonne Chase July 7, 2017


I am a total face to face person. Unfortunately, we live in a world of texting. Face to face is becoming a thing of the past. People are walking down the street with their heads buried in the phone as they feverishly text.

Blogging is great for meeting online friends. I’ve met so many wonderful women like you in this space.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Change Your Last Name To His Last Name When You Say I DoMy Profile


Joanne Viola July 7, 2017

Very fun post! You’ve shared so many fun facts about yourself. You have 2 middle names and I have none 🙂
Joanne Viola recently posted…PlayMy Profile


Yvonne Chase July 7, 2017

Thanks, Joanne. You can have one of my middle names. They’re good names too. (smiles)
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Faithful Are The Wounds Of A Friend Who CorrectsMy Profile


Shannon July 7, 2017

So fun!
I have two middle names, as well. And I much prefer consignment stores to places like Burlington Coat Factory. Less mess, but similar savings.
Shannon recently posted…Beef Tomato Rice SkilletMy Profile


Yvonne Chase July 7, 2017


We have something in common. (smiles)

I have tried repeatedly with Burlington and I end up walking out each time. Not my thing. Consignment shops are great although I have yet to find a good one in NYC. I’m a huge fan of boutiques.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Kevin Durant Moved On To Get A Ring And So Should You Single LadyMy Profile


Brandi Raae July 10, 2017

I don’t drink coffee either. I, too, like grocery shopping, but I really don’t like to drive. My favorite color right now is anything in the turquoise/aqua family. And I only have one middle name – Raae.

Fun to get to know you better!

Thanks for sharing at Literacy Musing Mondays.
Brandi Raae recently posted…Literacy Musing Mondays July 10-15My Profile


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