Married People Should Not Take Advice From Unmarried People

by Yvonne Chase on September 11, 2017

That Doesn’t Make Sense
Don’t take marriage advice from people who ain’t married. That doesn’t make any sense.” What say you? Have you taken advice from an unmarried person? Would you? Why? Why not? Those words came from Warryn Campbell. He and his wife Erica Campbell are participants in the Black Love docu-series on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN.) Do you agree with Warryn?

Stop Sharing 
If you’re new to this space, I write about marriage a lot yet I’m a never married single woman. At times I struggle with this because of what Warryn said, however, I won’t/can’t stop sharing the wisdom God gave me because of my relationship status.  

Master Marriage Manual
For whatever reason that I don’t know yet and may never know, God chose to give me an extra measure of wisdom in the area of relationships and marriage. Every piece of advice I share is inspired by the master marriage manual; the Bible. Furthermore, I’ve sort of become a student of marriage because of the call on my life. I’m surrounded by ministries like Marriage Today, articles, books, and a host of resources to help marriages thrive. I believe wholeheartedly in marriage and I know that it is a beautiful blessing when we understand Gods plan for it and keep him at the center of it all. 

Thrive In Marriage
Married people cross my path on an almost daily basis. It totally baffles me at times, yet, I absolutely love sharing God’s wisdom and helping others thrive in marriage. It brings me pure joy.

Worst Idea Ever
I recall a time when I was at happy hour sitting next to a gentleman at the bar. While I didn’t want to sit at the bar and preferred a comfortable booth, the wait was entirely too long and I was hungry. He came to the bar to meet someone and find a way out of his marriage. He was unhappy. His marriage wasn’t working. He was over it.  By the time we were done talking, he looked at me and said, “Wow! Marriage counseling at the bar? I came to happy hour to escape my marriage and find a way out. Now I’m on my way home to apologize to my wife and save our marriage.”  P.S. He was a Christian man.

Advise Couples
When I struggle in this area, I’m thankful for married people in my life like Deborah Shae Miller, Sam, Carl, Paul, and others who have no problem with this single woman advising married couples when asked. Each of their marriages has benefited from something I’ve shared. 

Remain Single
Here’s the irony of it all, Jesus was single, yet he created marriage. Paul was single and said he wishes everyone would remain single like him, yet, every consonant and vowel of marriage advice that Christians lean on comes from Paul and the whole counsel of the Bible.

Take Heed
I’m not going to stop sharing the wisdom God gave me because you don’t think I should have it. If you don’t want to listen, that’s on you, you don’t have to. As for me and my life, I don’t care who the advice is from. If it’s good advice that will change my situation for the better, I’m listening. What about you?

Something to think about…

What say you? What’s more important, the advice or the person giving the advice? Do you agree with Warryn?

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Jamie@TheMomGene September 11, 2017

Thanks for sharing this. As a married woman of 9 years, I’ll take wise advice from whomever I can get it!
Jamie@TheMomGene recently posted…8 Ways to Prep for Fall for Kids With Special NeedsMy Profile


Yvonne Chase September 11, 2017


You’re a smart lady! Not listening to good advice because it didn’t come from the source of our liking is not wisdom. God works in mysterious ways and he even uses us in ways we never thought he would.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…The Crazy Things People Say And God’s Beautiful Plan For Living SingleMy Profile


Donna Reidland September 11, 2017

We don’t need to experience every situation to be able to speak truth. Like you said, Jesus wasn’t married … yet He spoke truth to married people. As long as we’re speaking God’s truth and not our own opinions, we all need to follow the Lord in this area.
Donna Reidland recently posted…“I Know What the Bible Says, but …” September 11My Profile


Trina Taylor September 11, 2017

I thought you were married when I found your blog. The advice you share has helped me tremendously in my marriage. I don’t care about your relationship status. Keep writing. Thank you.


Yvonne Chase September 11, 2017


You’re not alone. A lot of people think I’m married or have been married. To God be the glory is all I can say.

Everything I write in this space is inspired by him. Not one blog post was ever my idea. I never know what I will write until he drops it in my spirit.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Finding A Wife Is Not A Priority For Single Christian MenMy Profile


Yvonne Chase September 11, 2017


While life is long, we don’t have the time to experience every situation. Speaking Gods truth is the most important thing. That man at the bar didn’t care that I was a single woman. I find those that do are mad I have the wisdom I have so they refuse to listen. That has more to do with pride and other issues than anything else.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Face It And End It Otherwise You Will Repeat ItMy Profile


Miriam September 13, 2017

I am also of the opinion that the advice is more important than the status of the advisor since wisdom can come from many sources like divine inspiration, reading books and parental/mentor guidance.
Miriam recently posted…How to Fight Shame with Bible VersesMy Profile


Yvonne Chase September 13, 2017


You’re so right. Wisdom can come from many sources. Seems like on the matter of marriage, that way of thinking goes out the window. I know many people who agree with Warryn.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Peter Wants A Wife And Rachel Needed A Proposal From AnybodyMy Profile


Sarah September 14, 2017

Marital status doesn’t mean as much to me as the quality of the advice. If it is good advice, I’ll take it!


Yvonne Chase September 15, 2017


It’s so refreshing to be in the company of women who won’t hold my relationship status against me and instead will take heed to the wisdom God gave me to share.

Thank you…
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Peanut Butter And Jelly Are The Key Ingredients To Lasting LoveMy Profile


Meg Gemelli September 15, 2017

What a breath of fresh air visiting here today from Holley Gerth’s place. I think God speaks to all sorts of people about all sorts of things. Shame on us to pigeonhole to whom or when He chooses to impart his wisdom. Speak on lady. My many be drawn to Him via your ministry.


Yvonne Chase September 15, 2017


Shame on us is right! You’re 100% right. God speaks to all sorts of people about all sorts of things. Only he knows why he does what he does.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Face It And End It Otherwise You Will Repeat ItMy Profile


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