Casual Sex – Is It Ever Really Just Casual?

by Yvonne Chase on August 30, 2013

casual sex

Casual Sex
Yesterday I participated in yet another chat on Twitter.  I tell you, you can find a Twitter chat on just about anything these days.  A huge portion of this particular chat was about casual sex.   Here are a few of the tweets from the chat:

Casual sex is fine as long as you’re safe & on the same wave length.

Casual sex causes single motherhood, poverty and breakdown of the family.

Casual sex makes men treat women like trash and takes away the incentive for marriage

Men are “comfortable” with free sex.

If a man wants something casual then he should state his intentions clearly from the beginning.

Most men won’t do that because most women don’t want something casual and men know that.

I agree, most men prefer sex without commitment.  Its up to the ladies to determine their standards

The whole concept of sex w/out commitment is a joke.  How many men will a woman “commit” to in 1yr?

A High Price Was Paid For Your Soul
Why not wait for the ultimate commitment of marriage? We’ve reduced sex today to a physical activity when its so much more.  We call it “smashing” or “hitting it.” God created sex to join a man and woman together as one in marriage; “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.”  Ephesians 5:31.  Every time we have sex, our soul is being connected and tied to that person and we are becoming one flesh with them and them with us.  There is nothing casual about that.  There is nothing casual about your soul.  A very high price was paid for your soul.

Its Always Open
We (women) were not built for casual sex.  Samantha from Sex and the City was a fictional character who had frequent sex with random men.  In one episode, Charlotte angrily called Samantha’s vagina the hottest spot in town because its always open.  Yikes! Samantha is the exception not the rule.  That’s why most men won’t ever be honest with a woman from the gate that his only interest is casual sex.  He knows he won’t get it.  Even men know women want more and were created for more.  Why don’t we act like we know it?  Casual and sex don’t even belong in the same sentence if you ask me.

casual sex

Something to think about…

What say you…Is casual sex ever just casual? Is there anything casual about sex? Do women and men handle casual sex differently?

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Alison Hector August 31, 2013

There’s nothing casual about it. We’ve truly reduced it all (relationships) to exchanging body fluids and have shot God’s original plan to pieces. Yet… there’s a remnant who want more God’s plan and are willing to hold out for a partner who believes likewise. The damage to our souls from buying into the lie of “casual sex” is incalculable.


Yvonne Chase August 31, 2013


You are so right. There is nothing casual about it. There is nothing casual about our souls. Its beyond incalculable! If people knew the damage it does to our souls, maybe we wouldn’t be so casual about it.


Alice Roberts April 12, 2015

Dear Ms. Chase;

Do you have a facebook page I may follow? I don’t much use twitter, but I love your words, they are beautiful – your gifts from our dear Lord.



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