Celebrating The Big Little Things In 2017 And Looking Forward To 2018
December 22, 2017 Living Single

Celebrate The Little Things
When we think about celebrating, we often think of events like Christmas, which we will celebrate in a few days. We also think about birthdays, weddings or a promotion. How often do we stop to celebrate the little things in life that often mean so much? Often times what we deem as a little thing is often a big thing. This post is about celebrating the little things.

Rested, Revived And Refreshed
For example, who celebrates sleep? One of the things I did really well in 2017 is sleep. I went to bed at a decent time most nights and woke up feeling rested, revived, and totally refreshed. My mind, skin, and body are screaming a loud thank you. Those of you who are a part of “Team No Sleep” or “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” movement can have it. Jesus took time to rest and so should we. 

Chewed My Food Slowly
I’m also celebrating eating well; specifically eating a homemade breakfast every single day including weekends, and I’m not talking about grabbing something quick. I’m talking about breakfast made from scratch like those delicious pancakes below topped with caramelized bananas.  I sat at my dining table every morning and chewed my food slowly. When was the last time you ate breakfast? It’s the most important meal of our day.

Money Makeover
Something else I’m celebrating is my financial forecast. I owe no man or woman anything. Hallelujah! Tithing regularly from a place of worship and thanksgiving has been a game changer. In addition, apps like Mint and Credit Sesame along with following people like financial guru Dave Ramsey and his Money Makeover were extremely helpful. Key principles of his makeover are:

  • $1000 Emergency Fund
  • Invest 15% into a Roth IRA and Pre-Tax Retirement account
  • 3-6 months of living expenses in a savings account

God Knew
While we’re talking about finances, I’m also celebrating honesty and integrity. Twice this year, large sums of money were given to me in error. One day I woke up to a $20,000 deposit in my account from a company that probably wouldn’t have realized it anytime soon if ever and another day, I was given a check for an even larger amount. Of course, I could’ve kept both amounts, because no one would know right? Wrong! God knew and that was enough for me to return all the money. When we steal from others, we steal from ourselves.

Discipline And Cleanliness
There were days this year when I seriously wish I had the spirit of uncleanness and sloppiness in my life but I don’t. Those spirits are not a part of my DNA and I’m grateful for it even though there were many a night when I wanted to leave dirty dishes in the sink and clothes strewn around. For that, I’m celebrating discipline, cleanliness and not giving into the very real temptation to live like a complete slob.

Dog Tired
For 365 days, I did not leave one dirty dish in the sink and I took the garbage out every single night even on those nights when I was dog tired. I remember standing at my kitchen sink thanking God for giving me the strength to wash the dishes and the desire to keep my home clean. Oh, and I made my bed every single day. Did you? Being a good steward of everything God gives me is super important to me. 

Hit Delete
Another thing I’m celebrating is not speaking in haste. Proverbs 29:20 says, “Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.” I hate group texts and I’m not a fan of texting overall because so much gets lost in translation. Hate is a strong word, however, it describes my exact feelings. Texts came through my phone that made me want to go off in haste. Instead, I hit delete and kept it moving. When it became too much, I blocked the entire group. 

I’ve Definitely Left
Overall, 2017 was great to me. Lots of blessings and lots of lessons. The blessing is in the lesson. While I haven’t arrived, I’ve definitely left. 


The Trip Of A Lifetime
So, what’s on the horizon for 2018? God willing, I’m celebrating a big birthday. The plan is to take the trip of a lifetime. I’ve chosen the hotel, spoken to a travel agent about flight cost and the dates are blocked on my calendar with notifications set. Hurry up November!

Ready To Work
Like you, I have goals, ideas, and dreams that I’ll go after, however, I’m leaving lots of room for God to step in and rearrange it all as he sees fit. His will and his way are what I want for my life more than anything else. With that said, my faith is on front street and my sleeves are rolled up ready to work. What about you?

Something to think about…

What say you? What little things can you celebrate before 2017 ends? What’s on the horizon for 2018? Leave a comment below with a plan, goal and or dream. I’d love to pray for you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. I agree, rest. We are not getting enough sleep. Will rethink breakfast, instead of a protein bar.

  2. I agree…. It is so important to see what God has accomplished and celebrate it, even if it wasn’t what thought we wanted! I, too, celebrate sleep! May God guide and bless your 2018!
    Liz recently posted…Looking Back to Move ForwardMy Profile

  3. @Liz,

    Sleep is a blessing from God himself. My year turned out the way it was supposed to turn out and I’m grateful and blessed. And to you as well, may God guide and bless your 2018 endeavors.
    Yvonne Chase recently posted…Jay Z On Marriage And Why You Need To Sit In The Eye Of The HurricaneMy Profile

  4. Yes!!! Only thing I also did was sleep and rest. Especially in moments I felt I needed to take a break. I do intend to practice more discipline in 2018 though. Great read Yvonne! ❤️

  5. I love the little big things you’ve chosen to celebrate, Yvonne. Your post was such an inspiring read. It makes me pause to look back on the little things I can celebrate amid all the chaos. 🙂
    carlie recently posted…He’s Right There; Do You See Him?My Profile

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