Cheap Sex, Blow Up Dolls, And The Decline Of Marriage

by Yvonne Chase on October 23, 2017

Cheap Sex
Last week, one of my male friends and I talked extensively about sex in marriage and what God intends. We also talked about all the cheap sex singles are having and all the sex married people aren’t having. I wrote a blog post about the latter that I will publish later this week. Hold on to your chairs because it hits you right between the eyes. 

Blow-Up Dolls
One of the things my friend and I talked about at length was people not getting married because it’s so easy to get cheap sex outside of marriage and then I read an article about men having sex with blow-up dolls that literally blew my mind. I had no idea this was even happening! Blow up dolls?

Marriage In Retreat
After that article, I read another in the Wall Street Journal titled Cheap Sex and the Decline of Marriage. The writer, Mark Regnerus says, “Why is marriage in retreat among young Americans? Because it is now much easier for men to find sexual satisfaction outside of marriage.” Below are some of the comments to his piece:

Marriage is the first step to divorce …

Hey, maybe we just don’t feel pressured to pledge our lives and eternal souls to someone before we reach the “undesirable” age of 30? Maybe, hey, idunno, we would rather have a healthy relationship or NO RELATIONSHIP AT ALL rather than trying to smush ourselves into a misery that ends in a messy and expensive divorce? And maybe JUST MAYBE we don’t see the need to do that at the expense of our healthy and active sex lives? WHO KNEW.

Honestly it takes time to vet out someone you’re gonna live your entire life with. Lest you get half of your stuff taken unceremoniously at some point in the future!

This article made me chuckle. How about the fact that WOMEN don’t NEED men in the same capacities that they needed or relied on in decades past?! Women are choosing to prolong nuptials for these same reasons…we can make our own money, have fulfilling careers, become educated and even have children without partners if desired. We can freeze our eggs, decide when we want babies, and make more informed choices about our partners without feeling on a clock. The paternalistic slant of this article is fairly off putting.

Marriage is a three ring circus, there is the engagement ring, the wedding ring and SUFFERING…in all fairness anyone who wait until they are in their 30s or beyond is smart. Enjoy your younger years, make a stable home find the right partner, who is a friend and partner. Don’t have tons of kids as that is stupid in today’s world. One is fun and easy more than that is a no. Watched bunches of guys I grew up with and relatives do the marry quick and chunk out kids like Toyotas. All are either divorced, dead or miserable. Be smart and wait.

There is absolutely NOTHING I can have by being married that I can’t have without.  American men are starting to wise up to this and thankfully marriage rates will further decline.

Sex With A Million Girls
Ouch!!!! In the article, Mark mentions Kevin; “a 24-year-old recent college graduate from Denver, wants to get married someday and is “almost 100% positive” that he will. But not soon, he says, “because I am not done being stupid yet. I still want to go out and have sex with a million girls.”

Delay Marriage
Of course, he does. He’s twenty-four. Older men echo his sentiments as well. As long as sex is easy to get, men younger than twenty-four and older than twenty-four will continue to delay marriage. Furthermore, our culture no longer supports marriage and those that are married don’t champion marriage. Mass media sends the message that casual sex is okay; just make sure you wrap it up, take your birth control and carry your Plan B just in case there’s a slip-up. Nevermind all the sexually transmitted diseases that are passed around.

Cheap Sex Bandwagon
In addition, those of us who know the truth are silent and have conformed to the ways of the world. We’re raising our daughters to be pure while our sons run around like Kevin having sex with a million girls. Sex is no longer sacred. Instead, it’s been reduced to a physical activity solely for personal gain. It’s become a selfish act to prove how good one is in bed and nothing else.

Open To Marriage
I don’t know about you but I don’t care how much marriage declines, I don’t care how many people live together instead of getting married nor am I focused on the climbing divorce rate. I’m still open to marriage and I’m even more committed to a life of purity until then and if not then. I know marriage is a great thing even if no one says it is and I know the best way to enter it is the way God intended; consummate after you say I do, not before.

Something to think about…

What role does cheap sex play in the decline of marriage? What other factors do you think contribute to its decline? Do you think marriage is on the decline?

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Melissa October 24, 2017

The pornography industry and social media have also been the demise of marriage. It has normalized abnormal sexual behavior and unfortunately individuals watching porn are getting younger and younger.

Tara October 25, 2017

Thought provoking post. I too am committed to living a life of purity. Blessed to be your neighbor at Tell His Story this week.

Sarah October 27, 2017

I have been thinking so much about divorce lately as friends keep separating. It makes me so sad that commitment is thrown away and problems not worked through!

Ashley Nicole December 5, 2017

Social media has a lot to do about about sex and marriage issues lately. Rarely do we see couples stay married or when they do, stay married and faithful. This is really sad but harsh reality.
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