Random Thoughts: How Should A Christian Woman Dress?

by Yvonne Chase on July 3, 2013

dressGoodies On Full Display
“How should a Christian woman dress?” has been the question of the week ever since actress Meagan Good, who boldly professes to be a Christian, put her goods on full display at the recent BET awards.  Many blogs were written about it. I wrote about it. You can read my thoughts here.

You’re Asking For It
Some of the comments from my blog were, “We need to mind our business.”  Here’s what I have to say to that:  it’s my business and everyone’s business because she put it out there.  When you wear that dress in public to present the award for “Best Gospel Artist” after taking such a bold stance about your faith, you can’t be surprised when people talk about you.  You’re asking for it.  Other comments were, “We have our own sin to deal with.”  Sure we do, that doesn’t mean we can’t speak up about what doesn’t seem right according to God’s word.  The general consensus around the blogs was that the dress was inappropriate and her husband is wrong for allowing it.  Meagan got wind of the backlash and had this to say:

I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong
I don’t feel convicted about this at all… I’m not any less holy because of the dress I wore -I may not be who people think I should be but I’m morphing into exactly who God wants me to be… I don’t feel that I need to make an excuse or defend what I wore …I know I have a responsibility -and I’m working daily to fulfill the full potential of all God has created me to be… Of course I’m going to have a reaction to people saying negative things… My heart and spirit are always open to whatever my Father would want to share with me…And my spirit tells me to be exactly who I authentically am because that’s what’s going to reach who I was authentically designed to touch… God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong…

A Tad Bit Immature
After seeing the dress and reading her response, Meagan seems to be a tad bit immature in her walk with God and that’s okay.  We all start somewhere however, as we mature in our walk with God, the power of the Holy Spirit convicts us of everything, including how to dress.  I remember a time when I put on a beautiful dress for church.  As I looked at myself in the mirror, something said take it off.  It’s doing too much and saying too much.  It wasn’t skin tight or painted on but it definitely accentuated my curves and angles and a certain body part.  I didn’t pay attention to that something which was the Holy Spirit speaking to me.  I wore the dress anyway.

Lust And Lose Focus
When I walked into church, I took a seat in the back instead of my usual seat up front; there was no way I was going to walk the church aisle and have all eyes on me.  I sat in front of a gentleman who stared me up and down then abruptly moved.  He was mad at me for standing in front of him causing him to lust and lose focus.  I heard him mumble under his breath that I had no business wearing that dress to church.  He was right! I should’ve found him after service and apologized but he moved as far away from me as the east is from the west and I couldn’t find him.  That was the first and last time I’ve worn that dress to church and I’m very careful of where I wear that dress.  Since that day, I do my best to be careful of what I wear and I immediately change clothes when the Holy Spirit tells me to.  That comes with maturity!

So, how should a Christian woman dress?

Let me say this: you won’t find a verse in the Bible that says, “Thou shall not wear your cleavage down to your belly button and your front slit up to your crotch.  Here’s what you will find:

Frumpy And Dowdy Society Of America
1 Timothy 2:9says, “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly.”  Modest doesn’t mean you need to look like you belong to the Frumpy and Dowdy Society of America.  It doesn’t mean you have to be wrapped up in prayer cloths from your neck down to your toes.  According to Collins English Dictionary, the word modest is defined as having or expressing a humble opinion of oneself or one’s accomplishments or abilities; not ostentatious or pretentious; not extreme or excessive; moderate.

Unduly Expose Her Body
A further explanation of this verse according to the World Evangelism Center says, “The Christian woman seeks to emulate all the fine virtues of Christian womanhood, so she carefully and prayerfully selects her attire in order not to unduly expose her body to the stares of the public.  She is not so old-fashioned as to look like a monstrosity, but she is deliberately methodical in choosing clothing that will dignify her womanhood without provoking the stares of the opposite sex.”

Live Like We Live
Ephesians 5:15 tells us to, “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.”  Circumspectly means watchful and discreet; careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences, cautious, prudent; well considered. When we walk circumspectly, we consider all circumstances and possible consequences of what we wear and we make another choice when necessary, knowing that our example as Christians influences others to live like we live. 

Something to think about…

What say you? Should Meagan Good have known better? Did she do anything wrong? Is she making excuses? What do you think about her response?

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Lavita July 3, 2013

I agree with you that she’s not yet mature in her walk so perhaps she wouldn’t know better. I also believe; however that her husband IS mature enough to know better, although I don’t know if this was done with or without his approval.

Yvonne Chase July 3, 2013

@Lavita…I don’t get the sense that he wasn’t okay with it. Can’t even give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. Hopefully they will realize the error of their ways. We’ll see the next time they grace a red carpet.

diann July 4, 2013

This was a teachable moment to say the least.

Yvonne Chase July 4, 2013

@Diann…teachable moments are great especially when we’re open to stepping outside of ourselves and looking at the big picture. That’s when learning happens. We now have an opportunity to examine ourselves and see if there’s anything we could’ve done differently.

Alison Hector July 6, 2013

Honestly, the dress shocked me. I wondered what she was thinking, and now reading her response, I do. We’re called to be salt and light, not to be gawked at!

But honestly, she probably is a relatively new Christian, so my prayer is that she’ll develop discernment as to what’s appropriate for a Christian to wear and what’s not. And appropriate, as you rightly pointed out, Yvonne, doesn’t mean being covered up from crown to sole! She probably needs advice from wise personal stylists too.

Also, I did wonder about the husband and whether he had any knowledge of/say in the choice of the dress.

Yvonne Chase July 6, 2013

@Alison…I like that…we’re called to be salt and light not gawked at!

She claims to not be a relatively new Christian. I live in Hollywood and I know the circle of Christian folks they run in. Let me say this, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came out in something even more shocking on the next red carpet. Her husband likes that. It feeds his ego. I’m sure he encouraged her to wear it.

I wrote this post prior to watching the show. After the watching the show, my thoughts have changed. That wasn’t about immaturity. That was about pushing the envelope and sending a message that you can be saved and still be the woman you used to be. You can be saved and be like everyone else. You can’t. She knew exactly what she was doing and her husband supported her all the way.

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