Creating In The Kitchen, Six Months Down, And The Way To His Heart

by Yvonne Chase on July 2, 2018

Love For Food
Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. Can you believe it? I’m not rushing it at all but 2018 is almost over. We’re six months down and we’ve got six more to go. So what have you been up to over the past six months? For me, I’ve been heavily consumed with my love for healthy eating, creating in the kitchen and overall health and wellness.

You’re Missing Out
Health is wealth. What do we really have without it? Making the best choices around food intake is at the top of my list. I enjoy the entire process from beginning to end. It starts with grocery shopping which includes reading labels and ends in the kitchen where I create delicious meals. Wednesdays are reserved for the Union Square Farmer’s Market where I get delicious mushrooms from Michelle, The Mushroom Lady. We’ve become fast friends and look forward to seeing each other every week. Oyster mushrooms are my favorite. Have you tried them? You’re missing out if you haven’t.

Slashed Their Prices
Others days, I head to Trader Joe’s, the neighborhood food co-op, Chinatown and I also make more stops into Whole Foods now that they’ve slashed their prices plus Amazon Prime members get an additional 10% off marked items. 

Create In The Kitchen
I am completely in my happy place when I’m creating in the kitchen. I can’t even begin to express the joy I have when I’m preparing meals. Below are pictures of some of the deliciousness that goes in my belly:





Through His Stomach
Is your mouth watering? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so I’m all set in that area when he arrives. 😀 Now if he is as excited about doing laundry (sorting, loading, folding and putting it all away) as I am about getting our food situation together, we’ll be set. 😂 Laundry is NOT my thing! 

Health Is Wealth
Let me clarify something; while many are caught up in labels; vegan, vegetarian, alkaline eclectic etc, the priority for me is taking excellent care of my temple by feeding it the best foods. For me, that looks like eating lots of plants, fruits, good grains, nuts, and seeds while staying away from processed foods loaded with preservatives. My food is indeed my medicine. 

Perform Well
I’m reminded of a conversation I had with my Dad many years ago when I bought my second car. He said, “Make sure you put the best gas in it if you want it to perform well. Cheap gas may be convenient, however, it will cost you more over time.” I apply the same principle to my body because it’s much more valuable to me than any car.

Prepare A Delicious Meal
Today, I’m at a place where I enjoy all of the above so much that I’m trying to figure out how to include it in this space and make it work. Any ideas? I want to expand the view of today’s single woman. While many are out bar hopping and picking up takeout, others of us are leaving the gym and can’t wait to get home to prepare a delicious meal. #myliferunsonFaithFoodFitness

Something to think about…

What say you? What have you been up to over the last six months?

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Laurie July 3, 2018

Ooooh! Love the food pics. Now I am hungry! 🙂
Laurie recently posted…America the Beautiful: Wearing My Heart on My SleeveMy Profile


Calleen Petersen July 9, 2018

I agree that you should look for food that doesn’t have preservatives, hasn’t had tons of processing. and is fresh and whole. Your post is making me hungry even though I just had breakfast!


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