Culinary School, A Mission Statement, And Premarital Class

by Yvonne Chase on March 8, 2017

No One Died
You like to cook. You’re pretty good at it. No one died – yet, or went to the emergency room since tasting your last creation. Cooking thrills you so much that you want to enroll in culinary school. You present the idea to your significant other who suggests taking a few independent cooking classes before enrolling in culinary school. 

Test The Waters
With the suggestion came recommendations to classes seen on Groupon, Living Social and Sur La Table to name a few. The investment and time commitment are far less than full enrollment in culinary school and would give you a chance to test the waters before diving in. You see your significant other as non-supportive because they didn’t jump on the enrollment in culinary school bandwagon. 

Why Are We Getting Married?
Last week Friday was our first premarital class. One of the key things we discussed was the importance of a Purpose/Mission statement, which answers the very important questions:

  • Why are we getting married?
  • What will we do in our marriage?
  • How will God impact the world through our marriage?

Keeps It On Course
One thing the pastor said that stayed with me is this; “When you know what you’re supposed to do, it keeps you away from things that look good but aren’t good for you. Purpose anchors the ship. Purpose gives the ship direction and keeps it on course.”

A Constant Reminder
He told a story about Pepsi and their mission statement that’s printed on the walls of their boardroom. It’s as a reminder of what Pepsi does and why. A board member heard of a railroad system for sale and thought it would be a great investment opportunity for Pepsi.

Not In Alignment
When he presented his idea to the Board, it didn’t require much thought or discussion because of the company’s Purpose/Mission statement. Buying a railroad is not a bad thing and could’ve been a great financial investment for Pepsi, however, it’s not what Pepsi does and it’s not in alignment with its Purpose and Mission statement.

Align With Your Purpose
Back to culinary school. Here’s my take on it since my friend asks; nothing wrong with going to culinary school, however, does the time commitment and financial investment align with your Purpose/Mission statement or does it take you away from it?

Horse Of A Different Color
A few hours at a cooking class probably won’t take you off course. Sur La Table, for example, offers 2 ½ hour classes starting at $58. Enrolling in culinary school is a horse of a different color. You’re looking at a $39,000 investment for a six-month program. That’s a lot to spend on a hobby don’t you think? Plus the time and financial investment could probably take you off course and away from your Purpose/Mission statement.

Gratification For Your Soul
Cooking is a good thing. Everyone needs to eat, however, unless you plan to become a chef or start some sort of catering business or something that will give you a return on your investment other than gratification for your soul, I don’t get shelling out $39,000 to enroll in culinary school, do you?

Knock Your Idea Down
Lastly, just because your idea is not met with 100% agreement, doesn’t mean it’s not supported. A non-supportive person knocks your idea down completely. They’d say going to culinary school is a waste of time and make you feel bad or maybe even crazy for wanting to enroll.

Keep It Moving
In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, R & B artist Ciara said one of the greatest things about her relationship with her husband Russel Wilson is the way he supports her. Here’s what she said about support, “If someone’s not supporting you and your vision and your dreams —whether it’s your relationship partner, your friend, whomever, then you’ve got to make sure to keep it moving.” I get her point, however, I disagree.

See Something You Can’t See
It’s important to find out why you don’t have a person’s full support. Perhaps they disagree with your execution or see something you can’t see. Making a suggestion doesn’t make one non-supportive.

Use Wisdom
I believe a major role of a significant other is to reel us in when we’ve gone too far in our flights of fancy. And that’s why I love the idea of a couple writing a Purpose/Mission statement. The Bible tells us to use wisdom. Sometimes we are so caught up in our flights of fancy that wisdom goes right out the window.  

Something to think about?

What say you? Do you have a Purpose/Mission statement for your marriage? How has it helped? What does it mean to be supportive? How does support look to you in a relationship?

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Maree Dee March 9, 2017

I need a mission statement. What a great idea. It would make decisions so much easier. Thank you for sharing.

Maree Dee recently posted…Are You Judgmental?My Profile


Yvonne Chase March 12, 2017


It’s really worth it to take the time to write one. You’re right, it makes decisions a whole lot easier. Some things aren’t even considered because they simply do not align with the mission statement.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Life Does Not End When A Relationship EndsMy Profile


Debbie Kitterman March 9, 2017

Yvonne – I love you tag line – the single woman’s cheerleader! I watched one of your videos too, the one about the one… loved it. Thanks so much for linking up to #TuneInThursday today!
Debbie Kitterman recently posted…Hello My Name Is & Tune In Thursday Linkup #2My Profile


Yvonne Chase March 12, 2017


Thanks a lot. I do my best to cheer and support single women along the journey by encouraging them to make the most of this season and not feel like an alien because of it.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Live Your Values And You’re Bound To Attract Someone Doing The SameMy Profile


Bethany McIlrath March 10, 2017

Yes- so important. We don’t have it written but my husband and I very much agreed on a mission statement for our marriage and have sought to support each other (and guard, warn, etc.) each other in pursuing the mission God calls us to. Invalauble. Thanks for demonstrating these wise points!


Yvonne Chase March 12, 2017


Guarding and warning are very important. Thanks for adding that to the conversation. I wouldn’t get married before writing a mission statement. We need to be on the same page.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Date For Fun Or Date To Find The OneMy Profile


Hope N. Griffin March 10, 2017

Sometimes support means he will call me out on my motivations and sit down and work through with me what it is I have to give up to make it happen. He helps me see the big picture without crushing my dreams. He loves me enough to speak truth to me. Thanks for this great post!

My husband and I are looking at career changes 15 years into our marriage. From military to possibly culinary school for him (that’s why your post caught my eye). #FreshMarketFriday


Yvonne Chase March 12, 2017


Seeing the big picture is very important. Having someone in your life, especially your husband, who can help you see it is invaluable.

This to me is true support; loving someone enough to speak the truth in love.

Wishing you the best as you change careers. I’m excited for you and all that’s to come. Glad I obeyed God and wrote then published this post. I was going to leave it in Drafts.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Gayle King Doesn’t Ask If He’s Married But You BetterMy Profile


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