Deal With You Before You Take On A Spouse

by Yvonne Chase on March 2, 2016

Decided To Stay Married
Season 3 of Married at First Sight is over and I’m glad about it.  It was exhausting! One and done is what it is. Vanessa and Tres are the only couple who decided to stay married.  We’ll see if they’re still together on the 6 months later reunion show.  Word on the street is they’re not. Many believe Tres won’t be able to deal with Vanessa’s neediness and trust issues.  Many say he will grow tired of walking on eggshells with her and he will run for the hills. That’s why you gotta deal with you before you deal with a spouse.  Author L. R. Olson, one of my Twitter peeps agrees and says, “Thing about marriage, if you have issues they’ll be 100x worse in marriage. Gotta take care of your issues first.” What say you? 

Desperately Seeking Marriage
Ashley and David divorced even though David wanted to stay married. Something is wrong with David.  He’s desperately seeking marriage and is so in love with the idea of being married that he was willing to stay married to a woman who treated him like he has leprosy and refused to communicate with him and be known by him.  Nothing wrong with wanting marriage, it’s a great thing, however, if you think marriage is the thing that will complete your life and make you whole, you better get a new thought. David seems to think he’s ready for marriage because he’s completed his education and has a lucrative career as an Account Executive.  While having an education and a career are great, they don’t mean you’re ready for marriage.  

Not Desperately Seeking Marriage
Sam and Neil also divorced and I’m glad. Unlike David, Neil is not desperately seeking marriage.  Yes, he wants to be married but he is not willing to stay married to a woman who spent the first few weeks of their marriage emasculating him.  Neil heavily weighed the pros and cons of his marriage to Sam and in the end, he said, “The divorce is what’s ultimately going to make me the happiest.” Wow! Don’t change your overall demeanor Neil.  While you were too calm, cool and collected for Sam, there’s a woman out there who will appreciate your calm in the midst of the storm.  

The Experts Didn’t Do Well This Season
The experts definitely wanted Sam and Neil to stay married and I wonder why.  Is it because they really see them having a great marriage till death do them part or is it because they want to save face? So far only two couples have stayed married in three seasons of this social experiment.  Season two was a total bust and many were unhappy with the experts choices this season.  As I’m writing this post, one of my followers on Twitter just sent the following tweet, “The experts didn’t do well this season.  None of the couples are together at this point.”

Own Up
They didn’t do well this season at all and they need to own up instead of attacking viewers.  They really tried to make us feel guilty for tweeting about who they put on TV.  They went after viewers for being too harsh towards Ashley and Sam who were not fan favorites.  During a recent episode, Dr. Cilona tweeted, “What if all of your mistakes, bad decisions, and worst moments were broadcast on national television? Think about it.  Sometimes I think we all might be a bit desensitized about how stressful and intense this experiment is for participants.” Here are some of the viewer replies to his Tweet:

Then maybe they shouldn’t participate.

You come to the hard realization that it might be time to let a new crop of experts have a go at it.

Excuses, excuses. You can’t fix mean, rude and disrespectful. A.K.A. Sam and Ashley.

Rule #1 Don’t go on TV.  You are bitter because you EXPERTS screwed up AGAIN on matches.  Not good for ratings.

What if that’s what you signed up for.  Think about that.  Get it together “expert.”

You guys just failed.  Sam and Ashley suck! Poor choices!

I get it, but weren’t they screened as people the experts thought could handle this?

Sorry, Doc, it’s what they signed up for and is part of the process. These girls are way too intense.

Contrived For Drama And Ratings
The most authentic season of Married at First Sight was season one. Every season since then seems contrived for drama and ratings especially this season.  If this is going to continue, it needs to stop. While I like aspects of the show and have been a fan since season one, I don’t like what I saw in seasons two and three.  Did you?

Something to think about…

What say you?  Did you watch this season? Do you think Vanessa and Tres will stay married? Are you surprised Sam and Neil divorced? Is it time for a new batch of experts?

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L.R. Olson March 2, 2016

So true about season 1 being the most authentic. Were the “experts” that bad or were they pushed by producers to make it more dramatic? That is def. the question. Either way it makes the experts look less than experty and doesn’t bode well. We watch it to see people fall in love. If we wanted to watch a soap we’d watch daytime TV.

Yvonne Chase March 2, 2016

@L.R. Olson,

I don’t know what’s up with the experts. Perhaps the Producers did push them to make it more dramatic but marrying a stranger is dramatic enough. No need for more.

The show is not believable anymore. I don’t know what’s real and what’s contrived.

The selections were poor this season. Ashley definitely should’ve never been cast. She’s not ready for marriage
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jane March 2, 2016

I maintain – “experts don’t know either;” they’re just more knowledgeable in certain areas.
There’s a balance with baggage and what you bring to the/any relationship since realistically we are all damaged goods. But it is wise to self evaluate and be in the best possible place before entering a marriage and then always be honest and upfront about your issues.

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