Dear Daddy…

by Yvonne Chase on August 3, 2011

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ve read my thoughts on the importance of having a father figure in the home.   You all know I love my father to pieces and some of you have even told me I talk about him too much but I can’t help it; he’s the best man I know.  His presence in my life is priceless.  

My colleague and friend Janks Morton is tackling the issue of fatherlessness and how it effects the lives of young black girls in his new documentary Dear Daddy.  

Dear Daddy is a feature length documentary about the life long effects of fatherlessness on women. The film follows the dramatic journeys of eight young women from the tough city streets of Washington,DC as they struggle to overcome poverty, poor educational systems, no healthcare, and the most difficult life circumstance they have been dealt… the absence of their fathers.

Dear Daddy is not only about the struggles to survive and navigate as a young woman of color, but at its core, it’s about the importance of a father’s role in the lives of their daughters.

Take a look at the powerful trailer and we’ll talk after…

Fatherlessness is a crisis in the black community that needs to be stopped today.  What God has blessed me with in my father is what I want for girls like the one in the video.  What I want even more is for black men and women to see the importance of marriage and to make a decision individually and collectively to not have anymore chidlren out of wedlock.   If we don’t make this decision, the young girl in the video will grow up to be the woman in the photo.

Janks needs your help to get his message out to the masses and I want to help him in this effort.  Here’s how you can help:

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Scott-NY August 3, 2011

This is an issue that should be of importance to all men, but with me being a black male I address it from that perspective. It is so important for men to step up to the plate and be responsible. I have no children, and I don’t know my father from a hole in the wall but I know the importance of needing a father figure. I had older siblings,which helped, but if there was a choice of dad being there I would have taken it in a heart beat. I’ve seen the struggle my mother had to endure and thats something a woman should not have to. The most important, it hurts the child. I was fortunate I survived, from the hood in Brooklyn to the EastSide of Manhattan. I have seen and know some who didnt. The father not being there was the main culprit.

Anonymous August 5, 2011

All I want to do is hug this girl. My heart aches for this girl including my own Daughter. It’s really sad and unfortunate that these Father’s can just treat their own Daughters this way and think it’s okay and not feel anything behind it. I thank God that I have my Father and Brothers who play a major role in my Daughter’s life. This is definitely an amazing cause. I pray that this movie gets made and promoted.

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