Do You Choose “The One” Or Does “The One” Magically Appear?

by Yvonne Chase on December 6, 2013


A Bevy Of Beauties
When George Clooney was asked recently “Why is he still single,” his answer was, “I haven’t met her yet…I haven’t met “The one.”  My first thought was, really? He’s been globetrotting with a bevy of beauties for years and none of them is “The one?”  I don’t believe that for one second.

On To The Next One
Here’s what I believe; if George Clooney were interested in being with one woman forever instead of switching up partners every couple of years, that’s exactly what he would do.  His relationship shelf life is somewhere at two years and then it fizzles out and he’s on to the next one.  That’s what he wants to do.  The minute he wants a different outcome, he will do something different.  He’s having too much fun playing the field.

I Wasn’t Ready To Pull The Trigger
Apart from his money, George Clooney is no different than other single men who have a litter of women to choose from.  Any of the women he’s dated could’ve been “The one” if he was ready to make her “The one.”  He reminds me of a male friend who’s on the heels of jumping the broom.  When we talked about his road to the altar, he said, “Yvonne, any one of those women could’ve been “The one.” I’ve met some great women.  I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger.”

Turn In His Player Card
Like my friend, I believe George Clooney will meet “The One” when he chooses “The One.”  He will choose the one when he decides to turn in his player card.  If he wants something different, he’s got to do something different.  Because of his status, George Clooney has access to the most beautiful women in the world.  I don’t believe he’s ready to walk away from that do you?

Something to think about…

What say you? What do you think about this concept of “The one?”  Is there a “One?” Do you choose “The one” or does “The one” magically appear? How do you meet “The one?”

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NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner December 7, 2013

My first date with my husband was a decade ago. I don’t believe he’s the ONE for me, but I 100% believe he’s the right ONE. Does that make sense? There were a few other men I could have seen myself settling down with, but he is the one who makes me feel like the best version of myself.


Yvonne Chase December 7, 2013

Makes a whole lot of sense to me. I get it! What matters is that you chose the right one for you. It boils down to choice.

Thanks for stopping by!


AwesomelyOZ December 7, 2013

Hey Yvonne! The concept of “the one” is more of a feeling – a feeling summarized by the desire to be with no one else, that no one else can fulfill you like that person making them worth all the effort. This ‘feeling’ I think is a prerequisite for ‘choosing’ to make that commitment and dedicating himself to that girl. I know George Clooney’s pattern as I experienced it myself, my sisters were all the same – I see it everyday with friends. The 2-year timeline, sometimes that’s the max and other times it may go a little beyond.. but the doubt is always there – the knowledge that this person isn’t that person just someone you’re in the motions with. Very fascinating topic though, have a great one! -Iva


Yvonne Chase December 7, 2013

That feeling has a lot of people like George Clooney in limbo. At some point, he has to take his feelings captive and make a decision otherwise he will never meet “The one.”

Thanks for stopping by and adding to the fascinating discussion.


Rachel G December 7, 2013

I 100% believe that you choose the “one”. My husband isn’t perfect–I don’t think any man is, but I chose him and I’ll continue to choose him every day of my life, for better or worse.


Yvonne Chase December 7, 2013

Amen Rachel G! No man is perfect. LOVE this: “I chose him and I’ll continue to choose him every day of my life, for better or worse.”

Thanks for a great comment!


Rebecca December 7, 2013

I completely agree! If you aren’t ready for “the one” you aren’t going to recognize them. And I think this contributes to why we act like fools until “the one” gets away… I sure do wish I could be HIS “one” though…such a cutie!!


Yvonne Chase December 7, 2013

LOL Rebecca! He’s not ready and that is why he hasn’t recognized “The one.” When he’s ready he will!

Thanks for a great comment.


talitha haynes December 8, 2013

Out of the women he’s dated he hasn’t found the “One.” Maybe he wants to be a playboy all his life. You can say the same for Taylor Swift that chick as been around the block and back. Maybe they should hook up. Visiting for SITS Girls


Yvonne Chase December 8, 2013


I completely forgot about Taylor Swift. Maybe they should hook up problem is he’s old enough to be her dad.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jay February 7, 2014

Very interesting read.

I agree that George Clooney is making a choice to live the type of lifestyle that he is living. I also believe that, sure, he could have ‘made’ any one of the women he’s been involved with ‘the one’. However, just because he could make a woman ‘the one’ doesn’t mean that she’s truly ‘the one’ for him. Yet, there is no denying that everyone’s experience is different.

I can honestly say that none of the women I’ve dated have been ‘the one’, nor do I or would I have wanted to make them ‘the one’. At the same time, I’m not saying it’s impossible to meet a woman who could be ‘the one’ and move along and one day look back and say she could have been or I could have ‘made’ her ‘the one’. That’s definitely a possibility.

As I shared with you during the #MenChat, I don’t believe ‘the one’ will magically appear. I believe we will cross paths with ‘the one’ while we are following the course that God has set for us. Only then, and when we are willing, will we be able to connect, develop and growth with ‘the one’ that God intended for us to be with. This isn’t to say that there is only ‘one’ person who we can connect with on this level. I believe it just means that we are only mean to connect and commit to one person on that level during our stay here on earth.


Yvonne Chase February 7, 2014


I don’t believe there is “The one.” I believe we choose someone out of the many people that cross our paths day in and day out and that person becomes “The one.”


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