Easter Sunday Is For Staying Home

by Yvonne Chase on April 13, 2020

I never go to church on Easter Sunday…never! You read that right. This Christian woman who loves Jesus with all her heart intentionally stays home on Easter Sunday. Listen, I go to a megachurch in Brooklyn where on any given Sunday, the line swings around the corner and up the block. It’s even worse on Easter.

I’m not doing it and that is why I go to the first service at nine o clock on Sunday’s. There is no line, however, there is a lot of chaos trying to get a seat if you’re not there by a certain time. Thankfully, I’m friendly with an usher or two who look out for me because it’s against my religion to stand in line to enter anyone’s church. I don’t care who’s preaching or what’s going on.  If there’s a line, I’m out! Furthermore, there’s a woman whose been waiting all year for Easter to come around so that she can go to church and show off her runway-ready outfit. I’m not mad at her. She can have my seat!


Being forced to stay home this Easter was not a big deal to me at all like it was for so many others I saw talking about it online.  Many were upset that they couldn’t go. Were you? In addition to not going to church, I can’t remember the last time I sat down to a big celebratory Easter Sunday dinner with family. That’s just not my thing!

This Easter started on Good Friday with a lovely service online. I’ve been meeting online with a particular church every Sunday since we’ve been on house arrest. I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone use technology like they are during this time to share the gospel. A live band and singers do praise and worship while practicing social distancing followed by the pastor who comes out to preach to an empty sanctuary. Thousands of people from around the world watch and connect in the live chatroom. It’s a fantastic experience!

Since we’ve been on lockdown, going to church for me has looked like sitting up in bed then opening my laptop and Bible. Good Friday service was so good that I couldn’t wait for the Easter Sunday service. The truth of the matter is, I feel more connected to the experience online than I do to my church.


When I think about it, I only have the phone number of one couple at my church. I’m not really connected to anyone. Yes, I have conversations with lots of people every week, and there are lots of smiles and warm hugs, however, it doesn’t continue beyond the four walls. That’s the challenge of attending a megachurch. Trying to connect and build meaningful relationships while dealing with the politics of it all is exhausting and I simply do not have the energy for it.

For many of us, this time is a test of our faith; do we have a relationship with God, or do we have a relationship with going to church, our pastor or the social club/ministry we belong to? Why do we go to church on Sunday? If you have a relationship with God, then you know you can worship him anywhere.


Going to church is important, yes, fellowshipping with each other is important, being connected to the body of Christ and serving are important, however, now that we can’t, we get to examine our relationship to see what it’s about. And that’s why I’m grateful I have a personal relationship with God and not my church or my pastor even though I know him and have had conversations with him and his wife in the past.

I wonder how this pandemic will affect church attendance once it’s all over. Will we run back to the church building in droves or will we become a nation of bedside Baptists?

Something to think about…

What say you? How did you celebrate Easter? Why do you go to church? Are you excited to return once we are released from house arrest? How do you think this pandemic will affect future church attendance?

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Michele Morin April 14, 2020

Yvonne, you never fail to provide me with a fresh perspective! That’s why I love coming here to read your words!
Michele Morin recently posted…A Reasonable Response to the Miracle of ResurrectionMy Profile

Linda Stoll April 15, 2020

I can’t help but believe that the day we finally get to enter our church buildings will be one of the grandest homecomings we’ll experience this side of heaven!

Thanks, Yvonne, for your reflections …
Linda Stoll recently posted…The Bookbag * Pandemic Edition & A GiveawayMy Profile

Carol April 17, 2020

Enjoyed your thought provoking reflections, Yvonne. I have been surprised by how well zoom works for Bible study discussion.
Carol recently posted…Another Day of Stay At HomeMy Profile

Laurie April 21, 2020

I’m with you, Yvonne. When our boys were little, we used to go to the Saturday night service at our church. It was only lightly attended and it was one less morning that we had to get the troops ready to head out the door at a certain time. I liked it. I do think about the social aspect of going to church often. Our church has many opportunities for socializing. I am enjoying the online services too. It would be cool if they continued them as an option after the crisis is over.
Laurie recently posted…The Change Is the Crisis; The Path Is OutdoorsMy Profile

Jeanne April 28, 2020

I go to a smaller church, and I have a “church family”. I look forward to seeing my church family when church resumes.
Jeanne recently posted…Is your home your castle?My Profile

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