Falling In Love At First Sight Is Different Than Married At First Sight

by Yvonne Chase on January 24, 2018

Rooting For Everybody Black
Are you watching Married At First Sight this season? I’ve been watching since season one and it just dawned on me while watching the current season six how ridiculous it all is. This season, we have three couples from Boston. Jephte seems to be the only one with his head screwed on straight. He’s not interested in falling in love at first sight.

fallingI Don’t Know You
While the experts want him and the other couples to act like they’ve known each other forever and are madly in love newlyweds, his attitude is, yea, you’re my wife but I don’t know you. On the honeymoon night, he said, “If I had a blanket, I would’ve slept on the couch.” High five! It’s funny he said that because while watching, I echoed similar sentiments on Twitter:

You know what, the more I watch the weirder it is. No way I would lay in bed with a complete stranger and God forbid have sex. I’d sleep on the couch!

Favorite Color
Laying up with a complete stranger and God forbid consummating the union is ridiculous! Jephte wants to take his time. His wife Shawniece doesn’t agree. She wants to act like husband and wife. In a casual conversation about their experience, Jephte asked her, “What’s my favorite color?” Of course, her response was, “I don’t know!” Jephte wants to find out her favorite color and everything else about her. He didn’t even know her phone number. Watch…

Falling In Love At First Sight
Married At First Sight has such a low success rate because there is too much pressure to act like a normal husband and wife. The show is called Married At First Sight not Falling In Love At First Sight or Acting As If We’re A Normal Married Couple At First Sight.

Instantly Fall In Love
Jephte did his part. He signed up to marry a complete stranger at first sight. He didn’t sign up to instantly fall in love with that stranger then act as if they had a normal road to the altar experience. 

Eight Shades Of Crazy
Jonathan, husband to Molly, one of the other couples resides in Fantasy Island. He’s been going on and on about how perfectly matched they are yet they literally just met at the altar. He knows nothing about her! It takes time to see the eight shades of crazy Jonathan. In a couple of weeks, he’ll be wondering what on earth did I get myself into! 


Sip Pina Coladas
If the show wants to see success, the experts need to steer each couple in the direction of getting to know each other and building a solid friendship first. Dr. Pepper Schwartz, an expert on the show since day one says because they married at first sight, the honeymoon is not a time to sip pina coladas and get to know each other. I disagree!

Get To Know Each Other
The honeymoon is the perfect time to sip virgin pina coladas (alcohol messes with your faculties) and get to know each other. Normal couples focus on sexual connection, intimacy, and romance on the honeymoon. These couples didn’t meet in a normal way, therefore, the rules ought to be different don’t you think?

Do It Differently
In six seasons, only three couples have stayed married. If they want to turn this sinking ship around, they have to change the formula. It doesn’t work! Now, if the goal of the show is to simply marry three couples at first sight then they should continue on the same path. If the goal is to ensure these couples stay married then they need to do it differently.

Opportunities To Connect
If I were an expert on the show, the next 8 weeks of this experiment would be all about “Getting To Know You” in a variety of ways including but not limited to activity dates and deep conversation. A new element introduced this season is all of the couples are honeymooning at the same resort which gives them the support of each other and opportunities to connect and see how each other is doing.

Elaborate Lie
In addition, I would encourage the couples to hold off on sex until they build a solid foundation. Ryan and Jaclyn, couple number three consummated their union immediately, however, he told an elaborate lie when asked if they did the deed. Not sure why he lied but I didn’t like it. What else has he lied about or will he lie about?

Love Of Her Life
I don’t know why Jaclyn was selected for this season. Her ex-boyfriend; whom she refers to as the love of her life died eighteen months prior to her marrying at first sight. I think that’s to soon. Next week they talk about living together; who’s moving in with who or will each couple get a new place and start from scratch. I’ll be watching, will you?

Something to think about…

What say you? What do you think about the couples this season? Who do you think will stay married? Do you think Jephte and Shawniece will make it? What can the show do differently to increase the success rate?

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