I Finally Filed Divorce Papers

by Yvonne Chase on December 31, 2017

Filed Divorce Papers
Divorce has been on my mind a lot lately. You’re probably wondering why since I’m a never married single woman right? Well, divorce is the breakdown of a marriage that two people couldn’t make work. Marriage is a relationship. Whether single or married, we have relationships in our lives that just don’t work no matter what we do or how hard we try and that is why I finally filed. This divorce has been a long time coming.

The Best Course Of Action Is Disconnection
For many years, I have been in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship with my family. Everything hit the fan on Christmas Day. It got ugly! Things were said that needed to be said. I got to see what people are really made of and decided the best course of action for me is disconnection.

Speak Up For Yourself
You are in a verbal and emotionally abusive relationship if you are made wrong when you are wronged and you speak up for yourself. The abuser is not held accountable for their actions but you are nailed to the cross because you have the courage to speak up for yourself or speak out when you see wrong happening in your presence that ultimately affects you.

Labeled A Troublemaker
In her book, The Relationship Fix, Dr. Jenn Mann describes this perfectly. She says, “Questioning authority is perceived as a threat to family values. To question the leader/abuser is to potentially undermine his power and influence over the entire family system. The challenger typically gets labeled as a troublemaker to disempower him and keep others from listening to him.”

We Just Can’t Work It Out
We’ve often heard the term, irreconcilable differences as the primary reason many file for divorce. In an article on the Today Show website; 6 Reasons Why People Divorce, irreconcilable differences is on the list. The article says, “Simply put, we just can’t work it out. There’s no hope.” There are too many differences or too many problems that can’t be worked out. The marriage has broken down. There may be grave fights, stonewalling, hostility, anger, you name it.” The reason I filed for divorce is irreconcilable differences.

I Will Not Allow You To Treat Me This Way
Prior to writing this post, I saw a video on Instagram by Oprah Winfrey that said, “Sometimes you have to divorce your friends and your family members. If you handle them with love in doing it, they will come back, you will have an opportunity to reconcile. I speak from what I know. I’ve had family members for whom I’ve said, I will not allow you to treat me this way. When you get some sense, call me and let me know your senses have returned.”

Take Steps To Heal
As Dr. Jenn says in her book and I’ve always believed, “DNA does not give a person the right to abuse you. You always have the option to step away if that person does not own their hurtful behavior, make amends, work to develop new insight and change behavior. While you can’t change your past, you are responsible for how you react to it, and it is your choice to take steps to heal from it.”

I Believe In Forgiveness
I can no longer be a part of something that’s not good for me, that doesn’t treat me well and labels me a troublemaker, calls me crazy and tells me I need to seek help because I have the courage to speak up for myself. While I believe in forgiveness, I don’t believe in staying in relationships with people no matter who they are if they continue to traumatize me and hurt me. You shouldn’t either.

The Way We Value Ourselves
Dr. Jenn continues with, “We all have a bottom line, a marker that separates upsetting behavior from deal-breaking behavior. It is a line that makes it impossible to stay in a relationship once it has been crossed. True bottom lines come from our own morals and the way we value ourselves. This stance comes from self-esteem, not a desire to manipulate.”

Sanity And Health
So, as we close out 2017, think about who you need to divorce then do it for your own sanity, health, and healing. 2018 is a big year for me. I plan to bring it in in a big way. Come back to the blog later this week to see what I do on New Year’s Day to get my year off to a great start. P.S. I’m not advocating ending your marriage. This post is solely about divorcing friends and family members.

Something to think about…

What say you? Have you ever filed divorce papers outside of marriage? What do you think about divorcing friends and family members?

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I Finally Filed Divorce Papers And I’m At Peace

Michele Morin January 3, 2018

Yvonne, I”m so sorry this is part of your story — what a hard and hurtful thing. Thank you for sharing your story, though, and for your willingness to take grace for the journey of healing.
Michele Morin recently posted…The “More” You Were Made ForMy Profile

Yvonne Chase January 3, 2018


Thank you. We all have a story and this is mine. The beauty of it is I’m a part of the family of God and that family stretches far and wide all around the world. God is faithful.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…I Finally Filed Divorce PapersMy Profile

Ruth January 3, 2018

I have a few people in my life that I have to avoid. I understand what you are saying. I believe these people have let the devil camp out in their hearts and have free reign with their tongues. Staying away from them, then, is like staying away from the devil and not allowing the devil to spew his lies at you anymore.
We need to listen to God’s truth and not the lies of the enemy.
Henry Cloud and John Townsend have a book out called “Boundaries” that has a lot of good advice.

Yvonne Chase January 3, 2018


You said it right; the devil is definitely camping out in their heads, hearts, and mind. I’m all for listening to God’s truth and not the lies of the enemy.

Thanks for mentioning the book Boundaries. I own it. Now is a great time to take it off the shelf and read it. Be blessed.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…3 Bad Reasons To Get Married In 2018My Profile

Ruth January 4, 2018

You’re welcome! Good idea! You are a treasure! May God, who is your fortress, bless you as you continue to walk with Him.

Yvonne Chase January 5, 2018


Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I spent most of yesterday taking in the wisdom of Boundaries. This book completely supports my decision to divorce. God bless you.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…3 Bad Reasons To Get Married In 2018My Profile

Debbie Putman January 5, 2018

There were family members I wanted to divorce, but that meant hurting others. I chose to pray before and during family gatherings, take gift walks to focus on God when I wanted to explode and offer the grace.

Yvonne Chase January 5, 2018


I hear you. What works for some doesn’t work for others. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. This is my only option at this point. The dysfunction has been going on for over half of my life. At some point, enough is enough.

As Dr. Henry Cloud says in his book Boundaries, “Proverbs 22:3 says, “The prudent man sees the evil and hides himself.” The Bible urges us to separate from those who continue to hurt us. When a relationship is abusive, many times the only way to finally show the other person that your boundaries are real is to create space until they are ready to deal with the problem.”

This is for my own healing, health, sanity, and peace of mind.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…3 Bad Reasons To Get Married In 2018My Profile

Donna Reidland January 8, 2018

Paul said, as much as it lies within you be at peace with all men. The truth is, not everyone will let you be at peace with them. Like you said, we can’t control what other people do, but we can control how we respond to it and sometimes we need to love from a distance.
Donna Reidland recently posted…“Frustrated with Your Prayer Life?” January 7My Profile

Yvonne Chase January 10, 2018


Thanks for adding this verse to the conversation. Like many who have filed for a real divorce, I did not want to do this, however, as the verse says, as much as it depends on me, be at peace with all men. Loving from a distance is what it has to be for now and maybe forever.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Remember This And Forget That In 2018My Profile

Sue Donaldson January 25, 2018

great comments and counsel above. I like that quote that DNA doesn’t give others give a pass with how they treat you. Bless you as you move forward and keep the boundaries soft and malleable for God’s leading and glory. xx
Sue Donaldson recently posted…Introverts vs. Extroverts: What Difference Does It Make? Five Reasons to Study Personality TypesMy Profile

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