Future And Ciara Didn’t Do It The Right Way

by Yvonne Chase on January 5, 2016

Unsavory Tweets About Ciara
There’s been a lot of chatter on social media about the parenting feud between Ciara and her baby daddy Future. Yesterday, Future unleashed a barrel of unsavory tweets about Ciara.  Apparently he hasn’t seen #BabyFuture and is unhappy about the $15K/month he pays in child support which leads me to ask, does it cost that much to take care of a kid? That seems like a whole lot of money for a toddler. Back to the story… he called her the “B” word that rhymes with witch and accused her of having control issues.  He also mentioned having to go through lawyers to see his son.

Earlier today on Twitter, Goldie Taylor shared an article about the saga.  I retweeted and quoted it with, “Why God wants us to procreate only in marriage.”  Well, that didn’t go over too well in the Twitterverse.  In addition to losing a follower, Goldie replied back and told me to, “Scram!”  Another person said, “Sure that’s why he created birth control” and another person said, “She tried it.”

He’s Not Dateable
Not only did I try it, I succeeded in sharing a morsel of truth.  Here’s the thing, if Ciara were at a good place in her life, she would’ve never attracted a man like Future who now has 4 kids from 4 baby mamas.  She makes number 4. Even if she did, because opposites do attract, she would’ve said, “No thanks” and kept it moving.  Now she is stuck with him until one-year-old #BabyFuture becomes an adult.  You don’t lay down with a man like that, you put on your Nikes and RUN!  You also put on your Nikes and RUN if he tells you he’s currently separated and or fresh out of prison.  He’s not dateable.

Be Very Careful How We Live
Back in the day, I met a guy like Future.  He had 4 kids and 4 baby mamas and wanted to get to know me better. Chile, that was all he had to say to me.  I’m not dating you.  Right or wrong, his past told me everything I needed to know about him, which is why we need to be very careful how we live.  I was not interested in becoming baby mama number 5.  No thanks!

Abstain Until Marriage
Ciara wouldn’t have this trouble on her hands if she did it the right way.  God, created us as sexual beings.  He created sex and he also created a plan for sex; within marriage.  I was mad at Ciara when I found out she was about to become his 4th baby mama.  She didn’t have to do this to herself. Thankfully, she’s now in what looks like a beautiful relationship with Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson and they have chosen to do their relationship the right way and abstain until marriage.  Good for you Ciara!  I know we no longer believe in right and wrong but there’s a right and a wrong way to do everything.

Feel Free To Scram
We live in a morally corrupt world that says have sex with whomever you want whenever you want and however you want.  Society makes it seem like it’s impossible and down right crazy to remain a virgin until marriage.  It makes it seem like a once sexually active woman (hand raised) has completely lost her marbles when she makes a new choice to abstain.  For me, it’s not about avoiding consequences.  It’s about honoring God with my body.  As crazy as society makes it seem, I’m here to tell you it’s not crazy and I’m here to support you in your choice.  As long as I have breath in my lungs, I’m gonna share the truth.  Feel free to scram if it doesn’t resonate with you.

Something to think about…

What say you? Is it crazy to suggest God’s plan for sex and procreation? 

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Jacquie January 6, 2016

I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Ezar January 6, 2016

My comment is going to be a sermon, Yvonne.
How can we raise our children with the notion that daddy has other children with other women? Doesn’t this already breed enmity and competitiveness? Call me old fashioned but children are supposed to be raised in a home. As a matter of fact, children ought to be born after the man and woman have TIED THE KNOT!
There used to be a standard procedure back in the day: Meet the girl, date, propose, introduction, traditional, court, church wedding and finally, babies.
Whatever happened to that trend?
Sometime ago, on TV, I watched an interview of a celeb’s baby mama, a lady who is also an artist signed on the same record label as he is. She was asked about her future plans with the guy and to my surprise, she responded saying she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him and that she is happy with where they are at the moment aka she is okay with just being a baby mama. OMG! That had to be the most unbelievable thing I have ever heard!
What is this society really turning into? Since when did it become okay for a woman to have a baby for man that isn’t her husband and even be ok with it?
My question is if you do not aspire to become his wife and he your husband in the near future, why then do you want to have a baby with him in the first place?
I really do not know the reason why all these women are clamoring to become “baby mamas” but enough is enough ladies!
You are precious and should treat yourself as such. No marriage, no babies! If he really wants a baby, he clearly can afford a wedding after all.

Yvonne Chase January 7, 2016


Great sermon. Where’s the collection plate?

Baby mama is the way to go hon. That’s the world we live in. Marriage is overrated. Who needs it, says the masses! Young girls today aspire to be the baby mama to the right guy. 18 years of child support. That’s the goal!




Like you said, “If you do not aspire to become his wife and he your husband in the near future, why then do you want to have a baby with him in the first place?”
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Kim January 25, 2016

I do not know what Ciara found appealing about Future or what made her decide to have a child with him. He’s so immature and irresponsible. He’s got 3 children with 3 other women. Was she trying to change him? I honestly think everything about their relationship was wrong. They did not date very long before she became pregnant. I think many of their problems could have been avoided if they just took the time to really get to know one another.

Yvonne Chase January 25, 2016


ALL of their problems could’ve been avoided if she never dated him. A man with 3 kids from 3 different women is not dateable.

You make a valid point. Perhaps she did think she could change him. I don’t know why some women take on that task. He is who he is you can’t change him. The only person we can change is ourselves.

Sorry not sorry but I don’t want to get to know a man who has multiple kids from multiple. It would’ve been a one and done conversation for me once I learned that info.
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