How Long Will You Halt Between Two Opinions?

by Yvonne Chase on September 4, 2014

The Ugly Truth
On a recent episode of Married at First Sight, Jamie had to tell Doug the ugly truth about her family background.  Jamie grew up in a trailer park to a drug addict mother who took four DNA test and still couldn’t identify her father.  The thought of sharing that with Doug was terrifying.  She wondered if it would be too much for him. What if he walks away? What if he judges me? What if he can’t handle it? The “what ifs” almost forced her into silence until she decided to introduce him to that part of her world and let the chips fall where they may. Thankfully Doug didn’t hold her past against her and he reassured her that he still wants to be with her in spite of her upbringing.

She Let Him In And He Let Her Down
Right after she divulged all the details of her gory past, Doug told her a boldface lie.  She kissed him, smelled cigarette smoke, asked him if he smoked and he said no.  He took his lie one step further and swore on his mother’s life; a woman he absolutely adores.  She let him in and he let her down.  She felt like she told her deepest, darkest secrets to a liar.  Jamie flipped her lid.  You see, Jamie has big trust issues that she needed to resolve before marrying Doug.

Looking For A Therapist
Instead of looking for love, she needed to be looking for a therapist to date for a little while before Doug came along.  Doug’s been walking on eggshells the entire time because of how fragile she is.  Her upbringing broke her trust in a million pieces therefore she doesn’t trust anyone. Because of her past, she made this bump in the road more than it needed to be.

Stay Married Or Get Divorced
This weeks episode was the final dance before the three couples decide to stay married or get divorced.  I’m rooting for all of them. Vaughn and Monet? I don’t know about those two.  Jamie and Doug can make it if she decides to trust him and not be ruled by her past.  She needs to take heed to the words of the counselor who said to her; “If you stay too much in the past, it’s going to keep you there.”  Cortney and Jason have a good thing going and I believe they can make it if he decides to be all in, drop his guard and stop waiting for something bad to happen.  He’s wondering what will happen with them once the experiment is over.  “Will things change for the worse? Perhaps I should wait until then to really let my guard down and let her in.”  Hey Jason, what if they change for the better?

With Great Risk Comes Great Reward
Living your life to the tune of what if I let my guard down and he/she hurts me will cost you a great relationship.  What if you let your guard down and he/she embraces all of you? You wont’ know until you do it.  With great risk comes great reward.  Can’t get the reward without taking the risk.  You took the first step by marrying a total stranger.  You might as well trust them.  Why not give it your all? You’ve already done the hard part!

Make Up Your Minds
A couple of weeks ago, my pastor spoke a message based on the verse, “How long will you halt between two opinions?” I like the MSG translation which says; “How long are you going to sit on the fence? Make up your minds!” As I listened to the message, I thought about relationships; specifically between people who seem to have one leg in and one leg out.  People like Jason who want to be all in but they keep one leg out to protect themselves.  Its real hard to walk with one leg going one direction while the other leg goes another or is unsure of where its going.  Its much easier to walk when both legs are together pointed and focused in the same direction.  You can’t have a great marriage/relationship any other way.  Either you’re all in or you’re all out.


Something to think about…

What say you? Have you been watching Married At First Sight? Which couples do you think will make it/not make it? What are your thoughts on trusting a total stranger? Don’t we trust strangers daily? Why is it different when the stranger is your spouse?

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Joanne Viola September 6, 2014

I have to admit – you got me hooked on this show 🙂 You brought this episode around to a very important truth – we can’t have two opinions. We will waver, always unsure. Glad to have visited again from the SITS. Have a great weekend!
Joanne Viola recently posted…Of Rest, Sheep & AgingMy Profile


Yvonne Chase September 10, 2014


Glad I could hook you on a great show:-) And you’re right, halting between two opinions keeps us in a state of uncertainty. Courage = making a decision.

Thanks for stopping by again.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…10 Lessons From Married At First SightMy Profile


Pam September 6, 2014

I don’t watch it. I’m not a fan of much television at all. What little I do watch tends to be humor or old black and white films. Enjoyed your spin though. Visiting from the SITS.


AwesomelyOZ September 6, 2014

I still haven’t caught it on tv! That’s a tough upbringing for sure but she looks like she did well for herself in spite of it. I think it’ shard to trust a stranger in particular when it’s your spouse because trust takes time, it’s not just something you say ‘yes or no’ to; it’s something that you have to make the conscious choice everyday to do and hope that this person has your best interest at heart. Have a great weekend Yvonne!!! -Iva
AwesomelyOZ recently posted…September GoalsMy Profile


Yvonne Chase September 10, 2014


For me, I trust until I’m given a reason not to. They all married complete strangers. That required a HUGE degree of trust in the experts. Why not continue to trust? That would make the journey a whole lot easier don’t you think?
Yvonne Chase recently posted…10 Lessons From Married At First SightMy Profile


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