Have you Given it a Chance?

by Yvonne Chase on March 28, 2011

On Friday evening, a friend and I met up for Merlot, Movie and a Meal.  The glass of merlot was smooth, the meal was lick your plate good and the movie; well…we looked at each other and he said twenty minutes in we’ll know if its good or not.  We’re close to the door so we can leave.   We didn’t quite get where the story was going but something about it made us want to see more.  Thank goodness we stayed.  While it wasn’t our initial cup of tea, we both enjoyed the beautiful messages.

Beastly is a movie about a young man with drop dead looks who is very ugly on the inside.  Sidebar; we thought we wouldn’t like it because its a teen movie filled w/actors we didn’t know or had ever seen on screen.  Back to the story…A witch casts a spell on him that turns him ugly and told him she would remove it after a year once he finds someone to tell him I love you.  In essence, he now had to be nice to everyone instead of being mean and arrogant.

He met a beautiful woman he liked and began wooing her with expensive gifts. First was an expensive purse.  She looked at it, put it back in the box and sent it back.  Next was some sort of expensive piece of jewelry from Bulgari and the last was I believe a pair of expensive shoes.  All of the gifts were left in their original wrapping and returned to sender. She wasn’t impressed.

His housekeeper noticed what was going on and said to him, get to know her.  You’re trying to buy her.  She’s not the kind of woman you can buy.  Find out what she likes and go with that. It never occurred to him that it was literally as simple as that.  He found out her favorite candy and bought her an enormous pack.  The ear to ear smile on her face melted his heart.  Then he began to write her letters –old fashioned handwritten letters that most people don’t take the time to write anymore and do the things that really meant something to her. He had her heart in no time flat.

As I watched the movie, I thought about a couple of things; how many times do we write people off and dismiss pursuing getting to know someone before giving them a full chance? Because my friend and I gave the movie a chance to develop and unfold, at the end he said, that was a really sweet move; really enjoyed it. In matters of the heart, maybe if we gave each other more of a chance we would come away with the relationships we want.

Lastly men, you don’t have to spend all your money/money you don’t have to win her affections.  Some women will fall for you simply because you took the time to find out who she is and what speaks to her heart.

Something to think about!

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Lena Willis March 31, 2011

Ok, now I want to see this movie! But I can appreciate the man who brings me his heart instead of of trying to buy me. A few gifts in the beginning is always nice, but it gets old really quick. And it sets a false precedent, especially when you’re not really rolling like that!

Yvonne March 31, 2011

@Lena…so true and that’s what this guy tried to do. He was of the mindset that all women want to be bought and need to be impressed w/material things. While this was just a movie, there are many men who operate under this pretense. I remember meeting a guy years ago who did his best to try and impress me with things because that was the kind of woman he was used to meeting meanwhile I was impressed because of the love he had for his mother, his tight family unit, the fact that he got up and went to work every day etc. It was the little things that no amount of money could ever buy that really impressed me about him.

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