Random Thoughts: How Sexy Is Too Sexy?

by Yvonne Chase on July 1, 2013


A Christian Woman And Her Clothes
Here at yvonnechase.com, I usually write about relationships between men and women.  Today, I’m taking a break from that to write about the relationship between a woman and her clothes; more specifically, a Christian woman and her clothes.  This post is about Meagan Good and what she wore to the recent BET Awards.  What she wore was a hot topic on Twitter because Meagan Good recently married a preacher and came out of the closet as a Christian.  Prior to Devon, I never knew or heard Meagan was a Christian and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Once they became engaged, the non-stop talk about her Christian faith ensued and never stopped.  The big deal around their nuptials was the fact that they waited until their wedding night to consummate their union.


Outfit Was Distasteful
Tonight on Twitter, one of my followers said, “I don’t know anything about her salvation but her outfit was distasteful. I’d have to tell her if I knew her.”  I agree!  I’d have to say something too.  Totally inappropriate!  Just because you can wear it, doesn’t mean you should.  Meagan has said in interviews that Christian women can be sexy and she wants to be the spokesperson for those women.  In a 2012 interview with CP Entertainment she said, women can be sexy in a classy way…there is a way to do it, there is a classy way to do everything and there is nothing wrong with being sexy or having sex appeal and I think that I am definitely going to be someone who is boldly going to go out to the masses and be someone who says, ‘ Look! Women its okay to do this, that and the other,'” I don’t like [how] sometimes people who are religious will try and force everyone into a box and judge them.  God gave us these body parts not to go and show everything to everyone but it’s okay to be sexy and to be comfortable with your sexuality.  I think there’s kind of a line that gets blurred and I’m very bold about speaking out about it. 


Frumpy and Dowdy
We live in a world that says if you got it flaunt it however, I believe a different rule applies to those of us that boldly profess Christianity.   We are to be excellent examples for those around us in every area of our lives including the way we dress which means, if every woman is walking around half naked, we need to cover up.  That doesn’t mean we have to walk around looking frumpy and dowdy.  We can be hot and holy without showing our mammary glands to the world.

Something to think about…

What say you? Is Meagan being sexy in a classy way? Should we be okay with her dress if her husband is okay with it? Should Devon have let her wear that dress? Is her dress too sexy for a Christian woman? Men, would you be okay with your wife in that dress? Talk to me…

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Michelle S July 1, 2013

“Just because you can wear it, doesn’t mean you should” pretty much sums it up for me. Everyone knows Meagan is a beautiful woman with a great body. We’ve seen it repeatedly. Show us something else.

There were lots of other women at the awards show…non Christian women…who looked classy and sexy. One of my favorite looks of the evening was “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” Kenya Moore in that stunning white dress. My second favorite look was Bridget Kelly in that yellow flowing gown. Both women looked sexy and classy.

If they got the email about how to dress sexy and classy without showing everything to everyone, we – Christian women should’ve gotten it too. Meagan said one thing in that interview and clearly did another at the awards show. I didn’t care for the dress at all. Nothing classy about it.

Thanks for giving me something to think about!

Glory December 6, 2013

Hey I am a Christian sorry I ddnt c how Meagan wore bt as a Christian women we shuld dress appropriate God created us like dis 4 us to be treasured by our husbands not to make our brothers sin

Yvonne Chase December 7, 2013


Exactly! The dress is inappropriate no matter how you slice it.

Yvonne Chase July 1, 2013

@Michelle, I did like Kenya’s dress. Didn’t see Bridget. Loved Lil Mama’s look. There were lots of sexy classy women on that red carpet. The only thing left for Megan to do now is strut the next red carpet naked because we’ve seen it all. No judgment. Not questioning her Christianity. Just my observations.

Obbserver July 1, 2013

I didn’t see the BET Awards, but Meagan is wearing more on her face than on her chest! 

Nowadays, the line between elegant and sleazy has been blurred for many American women.  I remember walking by Madison Square Garden during the NYPD cadet graduation ceremony, and seeing the fifty-something mothers of the recruits dressed like Meagan, only not looking nearly as good.  Classless, but then these are the mothers who raise their sons to racially profile and harass black people.

Meagan strikes me as a “Christian” woman who is not a true believer, but a sexual manipulator.  Like one who is not celibate for spiritual reasons, but to catch a desperate, sexually repressed man who can be easily manipulated.  And she married a preacher who seems a lot like the flamboyant bishop who lived next door to me.  His young wife also dressed like that.

I have never dated any woman who felt the need to dress like that in public, thankfully.

Lavita July 1, 2013

I agree with what Observer said: “…Like one who is not celibate for spiritual reasons, but to catch a desperate, sexually repressed man who can be easily manipulated.”

I think the dress is very distasteful and I feel that she and especially DeVon are doing a disservice. They initially caught my eye over the whole saving themselves thing. I later realized that – to me – they are “Hollywoodizing” Christianity. She’s writing her own rules and he isn’t stopping her. He’s responsible for telling her that this whole “sexuality” thing and her dress is inappropriate and he’s not doing that.

When you choose to be in the public eye in that way as a Christian, you have a responsibility. They are saying it’s okay to let your breasts hang out and walk around oozing sex! It’s not.

Yvonne Chase July 1, 2013

@Obbserver…I don’t know whether she is a true believer or not however, based on my encounters with him, I do know he is a true believer. I’m not okay with him being okay with that dress.

Why would any man invite men from all across the map to lust after his wife? To visualize what goes on in his bedroom? Indecent exposure should be reserved for his eyes only in private. I’m sure something about this feeds his ego and that is why he allows it.

The line between elegant and sleazy has definitely been blurred.

Whatever July 2, 2013

Listen … how many of us “Christian ladies” are running around in skin tight jeans, leggings, fitted, tops and skirts, sexy platform sole heels (a style made popular by strippers)? HELLO!! How can we talk about her for having her breasts out? Would it be better if the dress went up to her neck, and we could still see the outline of her body parts?? She is a beautiful woman! A man will lust after her, covered or uncovered. I think we as believers need to mind our business and work on overcoming our own sin … the ones we hide because no one can “see.” I would never wear a dress like that, but I refuse to gossip about another sister because she doesn’t share my convictions.

Yvonne Chase July 2, 2013

@Whatever…I am a beautiful woman and men lust after me no matter what I wear. Because I know this, I am very careful of what I wear. I could wear that dress yet I never would because it screams, “Look at me.” I don’t need to draw attention to myself. I get more than enough without ever trying.

In addition, as we mature in Christ, the Holy Spirit convicts us of what we wear. There’s an obvious level of immaturity here on both parts.

To your point about overcoming our own sin…sure we need to work on overcoming our own sin…that is daily work…doesn’t mean we can’t share our thoughts and share truth according to Gods word. That’s our responsibility.

Like @Lavita said, she and her husband are “Hollywoodizing” Christianity and that is a huge disservice. I have a real problem with that as a Christian woman living in Hollywood. It would take an entire blog post to tell you what a huge disservice it is.

We, Christians are commanded to live our lives circumspectly, not as fools but as wise – Ephesians 5:15. Circumspectly means watchful and discreet; careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences, cautious, prudent; well considered. Our example as Christians influences others to live like we live.

Now other Christian women just might think its okay to walk around with your breasts hanging out oozing sex and that is not okay. Its not okay for a non-Christian woman and its definitely not okay for a Christian woman.

The world is watching how we live. We need to be aware of that at all times especially when we are on national TV. 1 Timothy 2:9 tells us to dress modestly, with decency and propriety. Wearing that dress tells me she doesn’t remember her words from the 2012 interview. She put everything out there for everyone to see and there was nothing classy about it.

Lastly, its not about her sharing my convictions. Its about her sharing the convictions of Christ and living the Word of God we profess.

Alison Hector July 6, 2013


MikeB July 5, 2013

That’s not sexy. Sexy equals confidence. Sexy is enticing without giving it all away. She gave it all away. For me, the more you show, the less sex appeal you have. Sexy is leaving something to the imagination. She left nothing to the imagination.

I thought it was disrespectful of her to present a Best Gospel Artist award in that dress considering who she says she is.

Yvonne Chase July 6, 2013

@MikeB, I wrote this post after a friend called me to ask if I saw what Meagan wore to the BET awards and before watching the show. After watching the show, not only do I think its not sexy, I think its blatantly disrespectful, distasteful, selfish and showed a serious lack of wisdom.

Meagan knew she was going to present the award for Best Gospel Artist. Nothing about that dress selection was appropriate in light of who she says she is and in light of the category. Her co-presenter LaLa looked more like a preachers wife and Christian than she did and seemed uncomfortable for Meagan.

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