I Want Fluffy Pancakes!

by Yvonne Chase on June 14, 2011

A man wants his momma’s fluffy pancakes problem is his wife doesn’t know how to make them.  Take a listen and we’ll talk after…


Expecting your wife to be like your mother in any way, shape, form or fashion is a recipe for disaster.  Your wife is your wife and you and her are a team.  You both get to create your marriage in a way that works best for both of you.  Some things are simply not worth disturbing the peace over and in my mind, the texture of a pancake falls in that category.  I certainly hope this is not a part of the reason why she is your ex-wife.

In his book Take Back Your Marriage, author William J. Doherty says, being a citizen of a marriage; being intentional, being committed,  means taking responsibility to make things better, to value the marriage itself and not just your own interest in it.  To struggle to make it better by naming problems and changing yourself first. Hopefully you will remember this if you remarry. 

Something to think about…

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Lisa C June 14, 2011

You have a lot of sense for an unmarried woman. While I can cook, my hubby does the majority of cooking in our marriage because he comes from a family of chefs and he’s much better at it than I am. He likes his food a certain way so he gets in the kitchen and makes it just so and I enjoy every morsel of it. Make it work.

Natalie June 14, 2011

You remind me of Wendy Williams. LOVE your delivery. Go make your own fluffy pancakes. LOL!

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