Is the “Title” Important?

by Yvonne Chase on February 24, 2011

What say you?  Some people say a title is important while others say it isn’t.  Hear what I think and then tell me what you think after watching the video.


A man’s role in relationships is leadership.  If a man is not ready to step up to the plate and commit to a woman by professing her to be his girlfriend, he is telling her clearly that he is not ready or capable of walking in a leadership role and he is telling her, I don’t respect you.   A man that is ready to commit will lay all his cards on the table and he will step up to the plate to claim the woman he wants.  Anything less than this is unacceptable.

Tasha February 24, 2011

A title is very important. I agree with you…if it wasn’t important, he would gladly put a title on it. I think he wants to keep his options open.

Lisa February 24, 2011

Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Kim February 24, 2011

Messy…messy…messy. He doesn’t want to commit fully.

Mike B February 24, 2011

Title or not…sounds like trust is missing.

Deb Miller February 25, 2011

I agree, Titles are important in any relationship, esp. dating and marriage relationships. If a man is not even willing to call you his girlfriend in public and to other people, then run as fast as you can in the other direction ladies :o)

Cecilia C July 22, 2011

I agree with you Yvonne and all of you who responded. A title gives clarity to one’s relationship. Words to use are: she’s my girl friend; she is my fiance, she is my wife. I once dated a man who would not tell me where we were heading to in the relationship. On hind side, he never gave me a title. What he did was – he would hold me in public, kiss me in public and once told me that – (in his words – ” I forbid you from having sex with anybody else.”) As Deb Miller said, if you meet such people, run to the nearest exit or if you can fly to the next, please do so.

Men are coming up with a lot of attitudes these days because women outnumber men. A married man that I know told me very boldly – I need a woman to have sex with because my wife says she’s always tired. My reply was that – if he respects her and not demand too much sex, both you and her can come up with a schedule that would hopefully accommodating to both parties. If that doesn’t happen, he could go to online chat rooms and date a bonus woman or an axe murderer who could cut his penis like Babbit story. I don’t believe that married men should cheat and from the time I stated dating in my early twenties I decided not to be a’ bonus woman’ or a ‘spare tire’ for any married man or a man in a steady relationship. I’m not in the business of separating unions. God said very plain and simple in Mark 10-9 ” What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”


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