Random Thoughts: Lebron James And How To Win BIG In Life
June 20, 2016 Random Thoughts

It Was Their Time
I was literally on the edge of my seat watching the NBA finals and I’m sure you were too if you care anything about basketball and love the game as much as I do.  I was all in with Lebron and the Cavaliers to win it all and they did in a big way. Before the game started, I knew the Cavaliers would win.  How did I know? Because here’s what I know for sure for sure, when it’s your time, it’s your time and no one can stop it.  Cleveland won because it was their time…period!

The Time Wasn’t Right
Lebron tried to do this for many years while playing in Cleveland yet it never happened because the time wasn’t right.  It happened in a moment that would be sweeter than it would have been had he done it back then.  Not only did he win the first ever championship for Cleveland and end the drought, he also made history as the only team to come back from a 3 – 1 deficit and he did it on the Warriors turf.  What a sweet victory! In addition, the Cavaliers will be the last team to see President Obama before he leaves the White House.  Below are a few life lessons I took away from his big win:

Believe in yourself and your dream no matter how tough it gets.  Lebron never gave up on himself or his  belief that he could win a championship for Cleveland.  No matter which way the wind blew or how circumstances looked, he knew in his inner being that a championship was inevitable.

Step away and change course.   Because he knew a championship was inevitable, he stepped away from Cleveland and moved to Miami where he won two championships.  Those wins gave him the gas he needed to return to Cleveland with a team who was now capable of helping him win his dream championship.  If he could win two championships in Miami, he could win one for sure in Cleveland. 

Build your team. Lebron didn’t have the manpower back then in Cleveland to win a championship.  This time around he had Love, Irving, Thompson, Shumpert, J.R. Smith and solid leadership from Tyronn Lue.  They played as a cohesive team.  No one person was better than the other.  Even though Lebron is the star of the team, he didn’t make that the focus.  It wasn’t about him.  It was about the team.  Finally, the pieces of the puzzle fit together and it was time to win.  We are only as good as our team.  Who’s on your team?

Everything in life is all about timing. I say this so much that I’m sure I sound like a scratch record however, it’s something I believe with every fiber of my being.  Nothing happens before it’s time no matter how much we press and pull and try to make it happen. Ecclesiastes 3:1 backs me up when it says, “There’s a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Some of the verses go on to say:

A time to plant and a time to uproot.  Lebron was firmly planted in Cleveland but the time came to uproot himself to Miami.  Stepping away put him around new people and new experiences. Even though he stepped away, he never lost sight of the big picture. 

A time to mourn and a time to dance.  Lebron, the Cavaliers and the entire city of Cleveland are literally dancing in the streets after last night’s win.  It took 52 years to end the drought.  That’s something to dance about! Sometimes it takes as long as it takes. What will you do in the meantime? How will you wait? One of my favorite quotes about the undeniable principle of timing is this:

“Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable… attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It’s all about timing.”

Stay focused on the big picture no matter what.  When Lebron left Cleveland, the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland were mad at him.  So mad they burned his Jersey.  They trashed his name.  They counted him out.  They forgot about all of the years he played his heart out for his city.  Burning his Jerseys might’ve stopped another player from coming back home to fulfill his promise but not Lebron.  He didn’t care what they did.  As long as they didn’t burn him or his family, he was coming back to do what he set out to do. Don’t focus on what’s being done to you. Focus on your goal. 

Put Some Respeck On Lebron’s Name
I like and can so relate to Lebron’s sentiments when he said; “Love me or hate me but at the end of the day, you will respect me.”  In the words of Birdman, it’s time to put some respeck on Lebron’s name.  He left everything on the court last night and came away with a sweet victory! Congrats Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

“That’s when I strive the most…when everybody counts me out.”  Lebron James

Something to think about…

What say you? When do you strive the most? What life lessons did you take away from last night’s victory?

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