Sweet Mangoes…Sweet Connection
June 8, 2020 Random Thoughts

The last few weeks have been heavy so I thought I’d lighten it up a bit and share how God is working and good things are still happening in the middle of what looks like a Civil War. Sweet mangoes started a great conversation that led to a sweet connection.

In this post, I shared my frustration around standing in long lines trying to get groceries, and then God sent me Sean who shops for me weekly at Whole Foods. I haven’t been to Whole Foods or grocery shopping since the end of March yet every week, I eat the juiciest mangos and the freshest organic produce thanks to him.

P.S. I don’t know Sean…he’s not my friend…I don’t know anything about him other than he volunteers with an organization created to offer relief during COVID19. That all changed last week when he dropped off my groceries. 


Earlier in the week, he sent me a text that said, “Hi Yvonne, I’ll be going to Whole Foods Friday morning if you need anything. I hope you’re well!” Every week he sends me a text with similar verbiage. I love it when he ends the text with, “What can I get for you this week?” He has such a heart of service!

I send him my list and he goes shopping. Twenty mangoes are always on my list. If I could eat mangoes 24/7/365 days a year, I’d be in heaven. P.S. if you have trouble falling asleep at night, eat a mango right before bedtime and not only will you fall asleep quickly, you will sleep through the night unless you have to get up to pee.

Back to the beautiful story…The first time he bought mangoes for me, many were soft and mushy and some of them were brown and rotten. I didn’t want to be picky because the man is going grocery shopping for me, however, he can’t bring me rotten mangoes every week so I have to find a way to tell him how to pick mangoes that will last.


I literally prayed and asked God to prepare his heart for my words so that he wouldn’t be offended. Sean wasn’t offended at all, as a matter of fact, he was grateful. His response to my text was, “Thank you for telling me. Now I know. Thank you. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just picked up twenty and put them in the bag.” Since then, he has become a pro at picking mangoes.

Today when he dropped off my mangoes, he mentioned the cashier asking him what he’s doing with so many mangoes and so we had a talk about it. He thought I was making mango salads and preserves. When I told him, I eat two a day right out of the skin then eat all the meat off the seed, he was surprised. He said to me, “You know I shop better and eat better now because of you. You eat healthy! I bought a cookbook to learn how to prepare vegetables like baby bok choy which I never bought until I started shopping for you.”

As we continued to talk, I learned about his divorce last year, what he does for work, and why he signed up to volunteer. Going through a divorce is rough. Signing up to volunteer was the best way to get his mind off of his own life and problems.


We also talked about the protests, the racial tension in America, and his thoughts on George Floyd. Sean is a white man who understands white privilege and white supremacy. Joining a march to protest was his way of saying it’s wrong…all of it is wrong…what happened to George Floyd is wrong and should never happen again.

I also got to share my faith with him in a big way. My time with Sean on Friday was a great moment of human connection between two people brought into each other’s lives under very difficult circumstances.

For weeks, I wanted to talk to Sean to find out who he is, however, it didn’t happen until Friday and that was the perfect time because right before he dropped off my groceries, Satan and his workers were up to their evil schemes. My morning started in an unexpected way and then Sean arrived and turned the whole day around. He’s literally been a ray of sunshine in my life for the past couple of months.

So, why do I share this with you? Well, because I want you to look for the good in the bad…the positive in the negative. The sweet connections we can make when life is bitter.

Yes, we are going through difficult times. Forty million people are unemployed. Thousands have died from COVID-19. The economy is in the gutter. Marches are happening all around in the fight for equality and justice. A colleague is struggling to keep her delicious bakery open. I sincerely hope she finds a way. Her husband died three years ago and this is how she provides for their three children.

Life is hard for so many people right now yet in the midst of it all, God’s favor is overflowing. He’s still making a way; he still supplies and he’s still showering down blessings. That’s who he is and that’s what he does. God knows what we need, and he is faithful to give it to us at just the right time. He’s never late!

Something to think about…

What say you? Tell me something good that’s happening in your life or that happened in your life during the pandemic. How is God being faithful to you? What’s your favorite fruit?

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  1. I love this story of God’s provision in the midst of all this craziness. What a blessing you and Sean can be to each other in so many ways. I have to say I’ve never tried eating mangoes, can you believe? 🙂 One day I’ll have to change that. Sounds like I’m missing out on something incredible.

    (I’ve been having trouble with my comments going through. I left a comment several times on your “Silence Speaks Volumes” post but it never showed up. Maybe it went to spam.)

    • @Lisa,

      God is so faithful, isn’t he? And yes, Sean and I are beneficial to each other in so many ways, for example, I have Amazon Prime so he now has it and saves money on his groceries. I used to tip him, however, he doesn’t let me anymore because of all the money he’s saving. He’s the best! A sweet connection indeed.
      Yvonne Chase recently posted…Sweet Mangoes…Sweet ConnectionMy Profile

  2. I loved reading this! What a sweet story of provision and connection.

    My favorite fruit is bananas, but the fruit I eat most often are grapes. They’re convenient to just rinse off a handful at a time and not have to deal with peels and seeds.
    Barbara Harper recently posted…Stray thoughts about racismMy Profile

    • @Lauren,

      Yes, 20 mangoes a week sometimes every two weeks but weekly is better this way I never run out. Twenty lasts me ten days because I eat 2/day…sometimes 3 because they are so good and I love them so much. Eating mangoes makes me happy!
      Yvonne Chase recently posted…Sweet Mangoes…Sweet ConnectionMy Profile

  3. Mango mania!
    I love that you have connected with Sean on so many levels, and what an unlikely connection! So many things that have happened this year have come as a result of the pandemic. Who would have predicted??
    Michele Morin recently posted…Get Used to the Idea of AbundanceMy Profile

  4. Dear Yvonne … thanks for sweetening up this challenging season with a story of grace, of kindness, of appreciation.

    I leave here encouraged …

    20 mangos, huh? You must be 1 healthy woman!

    Linda Stoll recently posted…The Horror of Injustice Hits HomeMy Profile

    • @Linda,

      We need some sweetness don’t’ we? As I said in the post, life is so hard for so many people right now. Yesterday, a professional colleague committed suicide at the young age of 39…39…39. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

      After my relationship with God, my health is my #1 priority. I sincerely believe health is wealth.
      Yvonne Chase recently posted…Sweet Mangoes…Sweet ConnectionMy Profile

  5. This made me smile – and reminded me there is much that is sweet (um, 20 mangos…sweet! totally intended!) in this life!! Thanks for sharing!

    • @Jennifer,

      That’s why I shared it. To remind us that there is much that is sweet in this life even while living through a pandemic. I want us to keep our eyes and hearts open for those sweet moments because they help us get through it.
      Yvonne Chase recently posted…Sweet Mangoes…Sweet ConnectionMy Profile

  6. I love mango. It’s one of my favourite fruit to use in smoothie and smoothie bowls

  7. I feel about strawberries the say you feel about mangos! 🙂 I eat them every day. Good for you for finding some sweet human connection during a stressful time when many people are feeling isolated. And good for you for influencing Sean in a positive way!
    Laurie recently posted…Three Thoughts On Current EventsMy Profile

    • @Laurie,

      For the life of me, I cannot pick a sweet strawberry. Every time I buy strawberries, they are tart and not sweet.

      I need all the human connections I can get and that’s why I’m so grateful for Sean because I am going through this pandemic alone. God knows what I need and he’s supplying.
      Yvonne Chase recently posted…Sweet Mangoes…Sweet ConnectionMy Profile

  8. I loved reading your post today Yvonne, it truly made me smile. You have reminded me how much it is the little things in life that matter and to try hard to see the good in everything, which isn’t easy at times. Thank you for sharing such a lovely uplifting message with us at #globalblogging. P.S. my favourite fruit is gala melon!!

  9. Yvonne, this is one of the best stories I’ve read in a while. I love how you didn’t just look at Sean as a person providing as service, but as a human in need of connection. I so appreciate your commitment to telling the truth with grace and directness, no matter the subject. As far as favorite fruit goes, it’s hard to pick just one … maybe a perfectly ripe pineapple?
    Lois Flowers recently posted…What to Ask if You’re Anxious about the FutureMy Profile

  10. I love this piece. Sean sounds like a wonderful person and I am delighted to hear that eating a mango helps you sleep! I love mangoes – though I don’t eat as many as you!
    Lisa | Handmade in Israel recently posted…A Teacher and Two SoldiersMy Profile

  11. Wow what a lot of mangos.
    Great to hear they help you sleep.

  12. I find life is always better when we are looking at the positives. I love the story of your connection and now I will have to try some mango before bed! I would love your tips on how to pick the best mango’s I always worry about telling someone how to do something but so often its welcome advice. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

    • @Jade,

      You’re so right. Looking at the positives makes life better especially during this trying time.

      When I pick mangoes, I pick firm ones that need time to ripen. The skin can be slightly green and hard. I also pick soft ones, not mushy, that I can eat today and in a couple of days. The skin here is golden yellow.
      Yvonne Chase recently posted…Get Your Knee Off Our NeckMy Profile

  13. What a lovely story of a blossoming friendship! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger’s Pit Stop!

  14. I love mangos. One of my favourite fruits. This is such a lovely story and made me smile. Thanks for sharing it with us at #kcacols 🙂
    PS: Please, I would really appreciate if you could do your requirement comments for this linkup. Thanks, x
    Franca Desjardins recently posted…Na! Na! Na! Surprise Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  15. I love mangos. What I love more, is divinely orchestrated connection’s. You and Sean were connected for such a time as this. I wonder if God is strategically planting people in our path, but we fail to capitalize on the blessing.

  16. Such a beautiful story of kindness and openness. You’re right, this is also a time of great blessing if we see it that way. It’s an invitation to give of ourselves to others in new and meaningful ways.

    On a lighter note, I wish I could eat two mangoes a day too.

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