Order in the Court!
March 23, 2011 Marriage

“Men and women are different.  God made us different so that we can complement each other and strengthen each other.  God never intended women to be less than men in anyone’s estimation. Neither are they above men. Both genders should work together for the common good of all. The competitive spirit that exists in our society today between men & women is downright foolish.”  Joyce Meyer

Can a woman ask for a man’s hand in marriage? Absolutely! We live in a world with free will and we can do whatever we want.  Is it the best thing to do? No! Is it wise? No! Is it out of Gods divine order? Yes! There is an order; a way that everything happens in life and marriage is no different.  When we get back to decency and order and we understand the unique differences between men and women and what we need from each other, we will have better relationships and marriages.

Something to think about!

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"7" Comments
  1. I agree with you, women should not propose. There must be order.

  2. I’m not a Christian yet I agree; a man should propose to a woman. Its not the same when a woman proposes for the very reason you stated. You’re a smart lady!

  3. I’m an old fashioned woman and I will not be proposing to any man. #thatisall

  4. No its not right for a woman to propose.

  5. ‎​Women plz don’t propose,don’t even ask out..if d guy can’t propose he is not worth being d head of d home…it already shows he has A̶̲̥̅̊ complex

  6. I would neva propose to any man!!!! Its a big NO-NO 4 me!!!! I feel its sooo wrong! The bible says ‘He who findeth a wife!!! Not She who findeth a husband! C’mon…..arghhhh

  7. Being a husband is a huge responsibility that encompasses more than a woman can ever fathom when you think of what it entails physically, emotionally and morally (I’m sure I’m leaving some out!). So a only a man knows when he is ready to do this, and a woman proposing to him completely takes away his ability to decide for himself if he is ready, willing and able to be all his potential wife and family will need him to be. Let HIM do the proposing!

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