Netflix And Chill Will Continue As Long As Women Allow It

by Yvonne Chase on September 28, 2015

Sex Is The Goal
Some time earlier this month, I heard the term “Netflix and Chill” for the first time.  I believe I heard it mentioned on the daytime talk show The Real.  Had no clue what it meant until the ladies explained further. “Netflix and Chill” basically means what it says; “Netflix and Chill.”  Guy invites a girl over to watch “Netflix and Chill.”  Chill usually/always involves sex.  Sex is the goal not watching Netflix.  Loni Love joked that this is nothing new. Back in the day it was Blockbuster and Chill. I Googled the term and here’s how the Urban dictionary defines it:

  • When your boyfriend/girlfriend asks you to come over to their place and have sex. This is somewhat similar to a booty call but misleading.
  • SEX. Basically, a new way of booty calling.  “Netflix and chill?” translation: “LET’S HAVE SEX.”
  • A subtle way to lure a girl to come over to your place, initially as just a “friend”, so that it can lead to an opportunity of getting intimate with her while something is playing on Netflix. Romantic movies that the girl is interested in watching are ideal for getting her into the mood.

She’s Gonna Scream
Today while roaming the web, I ran across a blog post about “Netflix and Chill.”  The writer said, if she hears the term one more time, she’s gonna scream.  She wants to make it stop then she leaned into men about not putting any thought and effort into dating.  Here’s what she said, “Men, you need to do better. Stop being lazy, put on an outfit that doesn’t include sweats, socks and Nike slides (y’all know exactly what I’m talking about), and take your lady out to a place with real servers and cloth napkins. Make her feel like she’s worth taking the time out to surprise and celebrate. Treat her. Have an actual conversation. DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT. This is how relationships are built. This is how they last. You actually get to know the person you’re dating, not just what movie puts her in the mood to go from vertical to horizontal.”

Women Set The Standard
Well said! Men will continue to do whatever women allow.  If we accept Netflix and Chill, he will continue to think it’s all good.  You don’t have to accept “Netflix and Chill.”  Just say NO! Women set the standard.  Always have, always will.  Men follow whatever we set; period! If women want men to actually take them on dates, they first need to present themselves in that manner.  Most women don’t today. Our standards are low to non-existent.  Many women today accept whatever a guy offers.  Men suggest “Netflix and Chill” because women have made them think it’s acceptable.  It’s our fault ladies.  We have no one else to blame.  When women get some standards, men will have no choice but to fall in line.   It’s time to assert your worth ladies! It’s time to establish and set a precedent that goes far beyond “Netflix and Chill” otherwise he will continue to be a minimalist.

Something to think about…

What say you? What are your thoughts on “Netflix and Chill?” Do women set the standard in relationships? Is “Netflix and Chill” our fault?

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Diana October 3, 2015

This is interesting. I’ve never heard that term before. I’ve been with my husband 7 years and married over 3 now.

I will have to say that I do enjoy nice date night out, and when you’re in that getting to know you phase, being treated out to a nice date is definitely a good thing. I would say a “movie night” that may lead to sex should not be the first date, but I do think there is an importance to getting to know someone on a very intimate level by just being around them and not talking, but touching and cuddling each other. My husband and I spent a lot of time in our early relationship doing that. Sure it lead to sex, but I think it is an important aspect in the relationship.

Furthermore, I think that if you are looking for a long lasting relationship allowing the guy to think it’s ok that you only do that isn’t good. But I do think there are women out there that are interested in a “netflix and chill” session just as much as the guy. And if you aren’t, you never have to have sex or do anything with anyone you don’t want to do. Thanks for the great read!
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AwesomelyOZ October 4, 2015

I heard about this via an article on my news feed and it made me crack up! This is apparently Netflix engineering at its finest.. This is how their engineers were exploring their creativity. I don’t think that was their intention but hilarious that it turned into this sexual thrill. Either way, like Diane said above: if the woman is seeking just that here’s another way to do it. It depends on the individual. We should do better as a society but that’s neither here nor there. Take Care Yvonne -Iva
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