5 Things Women Should Never Do Outside Of Marriage

by Yvonne Chase on September 4, 2015

After Saying, I Do
There was lots of talk in the blogosphere this week about R&B recording artist Ne-yo.  That’s him below with his ex Monyetta and their two children.  He is the inspiration behind this post.  Below are five things I believe women should only do after saying, “I do.”

Tie her tubes.  Monyetta’s feelings are hurt because while she was engaged to Ne-Yo for four years, they had two children; boy and girl and she agreed to tie her tubes because HE didn’t want any more children.  They got one of each and their family was complete.  Over the weekend, he announced he is engaged to be married next year (this engagement came with a time frame as it should) and is expecting a child with his fiancé, Crystal Williams; that’s her below.  When I got wind of this, my initial thought was, what does Ne-yo not wanting more children have to do with Monyetta? You don’t tie your tubes for a man who’s not your husband! If Ne-yo or any man for that matter doesn’t want more children or children at all, HE should have a vasectomy or not have sex. P.S. Don’t stay engaged to any man for four years as a matter of fact, don’t accept his proposal unless you’ve talked about and agree on a time frame from engagement to the altar. Accept his proposal only when you have a wedding date in mind and a plan in place to be married within one year; two years tops.  The point of an engagement is to get married.  Crystal could end up in the same boat as Monyetta.  Ne-yo is repeating the same pattern.  He didn’t marry Monyetta.  What makes Crystal believe he will marry her? 

Have children.  I believe every child should dwell and be raised in a stable, two-parent home.  It’s marriage THEN a baby carriage! I know this is 2015 and out of wedlock births are the norm, however, just because it’s the norm, doesn’t make it right or the best choice.  No judgment just saying!  Ne-yo and Monyetta are joined at the hip for life because of their 2 children which mean neither can fully move on from each other.  

Buy a house or any piece of major property.  No marriage covenant equals, no home contract.  Suzy and Doug bought a house together and moved in.  Soon after, their relationship went south and the breakup was ugly.  They’ve been in court for two years fighting over the house and lawsuits are flying left and right.  In addition, buying a home outside of marriage now puts your credit at risk.  Both of their stellar credit scores are now in the gutter.  

Start a business.  Sure you can have conversations about what sort of business you’d like to start and yes you can do research etc but don’t go securing office space or signing any legal documents until after you say I do otherwise you could end up in court like another couple who opened a coffee shop together.  Their relationship never made it to the altar and they ended up in a very messy legal battle.  Stay away from doing anything before marriage that involves legal contracts, loans and credit scores.

Live together.  It’s overrated.  Don’t do it! Act like his wife when you become his wife otherwise you might never become his wife.  A man loses the incentive to marry within a reasonable time frame once he gets comfortable in a shacking up situation. Or he’ll marry you just because it’s the right thing to do or the next logical step after living together for a while. You don’t want that!  A girlfriend shacked up and as a now married woman, she is completely against it. She says it takes away all the things newlyweds look forward to once they move in after marriage; buying furniture, figuring out closet space, paint colors, and the overall process of creating a home together.  They’d already been there and done that and felt like an old married couple when they had just gotten married.  Plus, couples who live together before marriage divorce at higher rates. 

Something to think about…

What say you? Do you agree with this list? Why? Why not? What else would you add? 

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AwesomelyOZ September 5, 2015

Whoa I kept hearing about Ne-Yo and I was wondering why! Wow, I can’t believe his ex tied her tubes! I definitely agree that is something you shouldn’t do because of a man.. if he doesn’t want more children, get a vasectomy. Jokes on her because now his new fiancee is preggos. So there’s that! Yeah I definitely agree about the legal situation, if it would involve an attorney – think twice. Things can get sticky! Have a great weekend Yvonne! Enjoy the summer before Fall arrives 🙂 Take Care -Iva
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