New City, Same Mary Jane – Season 4, Episode 1 Recap

by Yvonne Chase on January 13, 2017

Bad Decisions
Sorry but not sorry, I can’t get with Mary Jane Paul on Being Mary Jane.  Season four premiered earlier this week and it took me back to season one. I couldn’t get with her back then. I gave her a chance in season two and three and now she’s back with more of the same. Mary Jane is a walking billboard for bad decisions! Why is she so self-destructive? 

Bad Man Choice
Mary Jane or MJ, as she’s affectionately called, is the complete opposite of the woman I celebrate in this blog space.  She reminds me of women like Jennifer Lopez who have the resources to live a really fabulous single life yet spend their time going from one bad man choice to the next. 

Back To The Top
The concrete jungle of NYC is the backdrop for this season now that MJ has relocated from Atlanta where she was a news anchor. In New York, she’s starting at the bottom as an entertainment correspondent with the hopes of making her way back to the top. Kara, her Executive Producer has come along for the ride.

Clouds Her Judgment
In the opening scene, we see them having drinks and eyeballing men at the club. After a night of hanging out to celebrate her new life in a new city, MJ returned to her hotel room with a strange man. She didn’t even know his name. In no time flat, they were having sex. Her desperate need for a man clouds her judgment big time. 

Comfortable In Her Singleness
My wish for MJ is that she become a happy and fulfilled single woman first.  I would love to see her get real comfortable in her singleness. In season one, she was dating a married man. Of course, that didn’t end well. Fast forward to season three where she’s having sex whenever she wants with no strings attached. She even tried a white boy then realized how badly she wants black love.

Work To Do On Yourself
Since none of her efforts to find love have worked, she’s now enlisted the services of a matchmaker. After their initial meeting and review of her assessment, the matchmaker told MJ she couldn’t work with her and gladly returned her $20,000 payment. Turns out money can’t buy you love after all. Her exact words to MJ were, “For this to work, you have to do more than just write a check. You’ve got some work to do on yourself.” Yikes! 

Finding A Man
I may continue to watch to see what she does in her relentless efforts to find love but I can’t make any promises. I’m turned off every time she strips down for sex with a random dude. I’m even more turned off that her entire world seems to revolve around finding a man. She reminds me of so many “successful” women I talk to day after day. How successful are you if can’t be single for a season?

You Have Lost Your Mind
There’s nothing wrong with wanting love in your life; we were created to love each other intimately, however, when that want takes you to a place of bringing strange men back to your hotel room for random sex, you have lost your mind and need to find it fast.

Something to think about…

What say you? Did you watch? What do you think of the first episode? Do you think MJ will do the work she needs to do on herself in order to find love? 

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Lavita January 13, 2017

I completely agree with you and can’t for the life of me understand why we can’t have a single black successful woman depicted who isn’t so thirsty for a man and who doesn’t so clearly lack self-love and respect!

Yvonne Chase January 13, 2017


I’m amazed that a married, successful black woman created this character. Is this what she thinks of black women?

Mary Jane would be so powerful if she had self-love and respect. It would be great to see her thriving in her career, while making a difference in the world then attracting a great love as a result of a full single life but I guess that would look too much like right, right?

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Kimberly H. Smith January 18, 2017

Hey Yvonne! I was excited to see that Mary Jane was now in NYC, because I thought that would change some things for her–in a positive way. But like you said, she’s doing the same stuff as before. However, I get why we see her making the same mistakes. The show is called Being Mary Jane for a reason. We are supposed to see a flawed woman stumbling through life trying to make it one day at a time. I did appreciate that the matchmaker refunded her money and turned down her requests. So excited that Michael Ealy will be joining the cast this season.
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Yvonne Chase January 18, 2017


Thanks for reminding of the meaning behind the title. I get it, however, Mary Jane seems to be a woman in her early forties. When will she get it? When will she stop doing the same thing expecting a different result?

Of course, we are all flawed human beings but at some point, we have to change course and do better. So are you saying that as long as she is Being Mary Jane, we will continue to her go from one man to the next? I hope not!
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Intentional Dating Doesn’t Mean You Will Marry HimMy Profile

Kimberly H. Smith January 24, 2017

No, ma’am! Not condoning guy hopping at all. 🙂 I agree with the matchmaker that she needs to work on herself. Be truly single for a moment and take stock of her life. However, she always seems to get in her own way.
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Yvonne Chase January 24, 2017


I too, agree with the matchmaker. I’d love to see get off the bed hopping train to really work on herself. That would be interesting and quite refreshing. It would continue to show her Being Mary Jane; a flawed woman who realizes she needs to do something different to get the result she wants.
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