All It Takes Is One Date And Done

by Yvonne Chase on March 24, 2015

Single, Sexy, And Spiritual
On a recent episode of the Preachers of Detroit, Pastor David Bullock agreed to go on a first date after his assistant, brothers, and even his dad questioned him about his single status.  Let me give you a bit of backstory on him.  Pastor Bullock says, “I’m single, sexy and spiritual.  I’m concerned about the work of the Lord.  I don’t have time for a woman.”

Distribute Condoms At Bible Study
Pastor Bullock is on a mission to make serious changes in Detroit and he believes dating/a relationship will interfere with his mission. He describes himself as a Pastor, Activist, and Change Agent.  Seems like he wants to be the modern day Dr. Martin Luther King.  I hope he’s being obedient to the call of purity while he pursues the work of the Lord I mean he did distribute condoms at Bible study after a message on abstinence.  That’s a conversation for another day.  Back to the date…

Movement Minded Woman
It started off well even though it seemed like he was out with a relative.   There was no chemistry between them whatsoever. One of the things Pastor Bullock says he wants is a “Movement Minded woman.”  He says, “I need a  SUPA sexy Rosa Parks.  A fine Harriett Tubman!” He wants  a woman who is down for the cause.  He wants a woman who is not afraid to march with a picket sign for justice. He wants a woman who will bail him out of jail if he ever got arrested for civil disobedience.  When his date  asked if he dabbled in Politics, he said, “I don’t dabble.  I go hard in the paint!”

Who Fits Into That Purpose
Pastor Bullock didn’t waste any time. He could tell his date wasn’t a “Movement Minded” woman and that is why it was one date and done.  Many disagreed with his approach and process, however, I love it.  It’s what I promote. The majority of my dates have been one date and done.   Knowledge of self, coupled with honesty is key when going on dates.  Pastor Bullock seems to know himself really well and he also seems to know Gods purpose for his life and who fits into that purpose.  

Why Go On A Second Date If You Already Know?
If he’s on a first date and he can discern his date is not for him, there’s no need for a second date.   He asked the big questions up front, found out what he needed to find out then made a decision.  That’s the point of going on dates.  To gather information then make a decision.  Why go on a second date if you already know?


Something to think about…

What say you? Is one date enough? 

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Toni @ Debt Free Divas March 28, 2015

Found your site from SITS. You have interesting videos!!! I have a great friend for P. Bullock – but he just might be a little too short for her (and she’s 4’11”). LOL!
Toni @ Debt Free Divas recently posted…Take the Gloves Off: Real Life Car Debate – Lease vs BuyMy Profile


Keisha | The Girl Next Door is Black March 28, 2015

I think one date is generally enough in most cases for me.
Keisha | The Girl Next Door is Black recently posted…Friday Five: Weekly Twitter Roundup 3/27/15My Profile


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