Protector, Defender, and Truth Teller

by Yvonne Chase on May 11, 2020

I learned something about myself during this pandemic. Well here’s the thing, I always knew this about myself, however, I never knew what to call it. One day while watching a YouTube video, two sisters were sharing what they like about each other when one sister said, “My favorite thing about my sister is she’s an absolute protector of the people she loves. She’s even a protector of people she doesn’t know. If she sees something that she doesn’t like, she’ll always speak up for someone else. She’s someone that’s always fighting for other people.”

She is me. I am someone that is always fighting for other people, especially people who can’t fight for themselves. A protector is someone or something that protects people or things from injury or damage. A similar word used is defender; a person who supports someone or something, especially when attacked or criticized.

Protector resonates deeply with me. I called myself someone who stands up and speaks up for righteousness, however, when I look at it closely, that mirrors being a protector. People are my ministry. I stand up for and fight for people every day all day. I’m an, “If you see something say something” kind of person.

There’s something not right about being silent in the face of wrong. I can’t turn a blind eye to someone being mistreated, taken advantage of or being abused. No way! I’m not built like that. The quote below by Dr. Diane Langberg, speaks my whole heart when it comes to speaking up about injustice and abuse:

In addition to being a protector, I am also a truth-teller. Truth means everything to me. I agree with Diane when she says, Silence is not a virtue. I can’t be silent in the face of abuse and injustice.

If I saw someone hurting you/abusing you, yes you, reading this, you better believe I’m going to speak up and say something. Why am I this way? I have no idea other than I genuinely care about people. I’m sure a therapist would link it to something psychological or something from my past and how I was raised etc and that might be valid, however, the bare bones of why I protect others is because I can’t not protect another human being.

You’re a child of God. That means something to me. I believe Gods’ heart is grieved when one of his children is mistreated in any way and I believe his heart is grieved even further when someone sees and knows about it yet remains silent. We have a responsibility as a part of the body of Christ to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves.  


Now let’s talk about abuse for a second and how abusive people operate. If a husband is abusing his wife or vice versa, he’s never going to do so in the presence of other people.  No…he’s going to be the husband of the year. Abuse happens behind closed doors when no one is around. If someone suspects abuse and speaks up, the husband will do everything in his power to discredit that person. Unless there’s a hidden camera to corroborate his wife’s allegations when she does speak up, no one is going to believe her because of the pristine image he presents. That’s the way abusers abuse. 


I believe we all have a responsibility as a part of the human race to protect each other. No one should be silent in the face of abuse and injustice. Ecclesiastes 3:1 and 7 says,

In closing, I leave you with a quote by Beth Moore, LPM:

Careful with that person you don’t like. That person is somebody Jesus loves. He takes poor treatment of them personally. Don’t make him have to get up. There’s gonna be a reckoning one of these days for the maligning that goes on here. Tell ya this: you ain’t anonymous to God. If you don’t think Jesus can kick your rear end from here to next week, I don’t think you know him very well. And the reason I know he can is that he has done it with me. The way you’re treating that person is going to come back to you. I’d lay low.

That’s it right there. As I said up top, God does not take kindly to us mistreating, hurting, or abusing each other. We are made in his image, therefore, when we hurt, he hurts. As long as I have breath, I will continue to protect, defend, and tell the truth.

Something to think about…

What say you? What have you learned about yourself during Rona?

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Mandy May 12, 2020

I’ve been working on a Bible Study of the 9th commandment, Thou Shall not bear False Witness. Oh goodness, friends, we need to be careful about things like silence, white lies, gossip.
God is watching.
Mandy recently posted…Breakfast!My Profile

Yvonne Chase May 13, 2020


That’s right. God is watching. He sees all and knows all. As Beth said, I’d lay low and be very careful of how I treat his precious children.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Protector, Defender, and Truth TellerMy Profile

Elena Wiggins May 13, 2020

I love that Beth Moore quote! Very powerful and convicting post! Our words and actions matter! I am reading and blogging through one of my favorite books, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 and this idea was in this week’s chapter and post. Sheep cannot lie down and rest in serenity if they are being aggravated and bullied by other sheep. Those sheep that want to be top-sheep and butt other gentler sheep around make it hard for the flock to be peaceful. It was a thought-provoking chapter. Do I ever provoke anyone to anger or hurt with my words? I will link the post to my name, if interested!
Elena Wiggins recently posted…Travel Tuesday: Minori to Ravello Hike [Amalfi Coast, no. 3]My Profile

Yvonne Chase May 13, 2020


Thanks for sharing an excerpt from the book. Thought-provoking indeed. I can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard Psalm 23 broken down in that way.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Protector, Defender, and Truth TellerMy Profile

Linda Stoll May 14, 2020

Yes, yes, yes, Yvonne!

From one protector, one truth teller to another, I am so resonating with your words.

This is who God has called us to be. I can be like a mother bear with her cubs.

He understands …
Linda Stoll recently posted…The Bookbag * Old Friends EditionMy Profile

Michele Morin May 15, 2020

Love that Beth Moore quote. Spot on!
And as I read, I wondered if you’ve done any Enneagram work. You’ve got a strong personality and a huge heart, and I’ve found that understanding my strengths has really helped me to zero in on my weaknesses as well. (They are one!)
Michele Morin recently posted…What to Do When You Think You’ve Found the Perfect ChurchMy Profile

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