Put the Spatula Down Woman!

by Yvonne Chase on March 25, 2011

Last week on Facebook, one of my friends posted the following status update.  Read what she had to say, check out my video response and keep reading after watching. Thanks

Men DO want a woman who can cook, clean, sex them up right etc, look good with a career. The ONLY thing wrong with a women being all of that is 90% OF MEN DON’T MARRY US! Why am I single? I say because men marry women who are opposite of who they really want to be with and cheat if they can with women who are NOT! So ladies the moral is don’t cook or anything else and your chances of getting married are greater.”

Here’s my take on it, men cheat because they can – period. If a man wants to cheat that is exactly what he will do and there is no pan of macaroni and cheese that is going to stop him. Now about cooking, cleaning and sexing…the old fashioned woman in me says these duties are reserved for wives and wives only and the Bible/the manual that I read says sex is reserved for marriage only.

Many women today are putting the cart before the horse and placing their pearls before swine. When a man is ready to marry and he wants to marry you, he goes out of his way to show you what a great catch he is so that you can say yes to him when he finds the courage to propose. Even if you never make him a PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) sandwich, he will propose because he sees your worth and value.

Ladies, if you want to be married, put the spatula down and stop giving so much of yourself to men who are not remotely interested in marriage.

Something to think about!

serenissima March 25, 2011

i love this post! im a young woman (22) living in NYC and i see sooooooo many girls my own age shacked up with these guys, having babies with them, cooking, cleaning… living the lifestyle as 'wifey' but not as 'wife.' why SHOULD he marry you? youre giving him everything he needs without it

ps i never knew where the term 'pearls before swine' came from! thanks for the knowledge


Lena Willis March 31, 2011

Exactly! You are not obligated to “take care of” your boyfriend giving him the benefits of being a husband. He’ll be able to tell what you can or will do by watching you do other things, and like you said in one of your posts, in caring for others. So I agree and loved getting the reminder!

Felicia April 16, 2011

Hey there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your articles. Thanks a ton!

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