Russell Wilson Is “Square” Because He’s Not Having Sex

by Yvonne Chase on July 7, 2015

Russell Might Be Too Square For Ciara
R&B singer Ciara has a new man and his name is Russell Wilson. Other than his football career and Superbowl wins, I knew nothing else about Russell until today.  Just finished watching an interview with him where he talks about his non-sexual relationship with Ciara and his faith in Jesus Christ.  Who knew? I had no clue! Watching this video and hearing him reference the importance of the Holy Spirit was quite refreshing.  One of my Twitter followers thinks Russell might be too square for Ciara.  My reply was, he’s exactly what she needs.

Good Guys Are Square
Square is great after the slew of unstable rappers she’s dated.  Many women lose out on great guys because they think good guys are square.  I’m not saying Russell is a good guy.  I’m just saying.  I was so mad at Ciara for dating that clown named Future and I was even madder at her when she became his 5th baby mama.  Why Ciara, why did you do that to yourself? She was engaged to Future and that lasted all of five minutes once he got busted for cheating on her.  I think Ciara is happy to be with a “square” like Russell don’t you? He seems to be the most decent guys she’s dated in a while. Watch the interview below and we’ll talk after…

Was She A Follower While Dating Future?
The most powerful thing Russell said in this interview is, “There’s a difference between a believer in Jesus Christ and a follower of Jesus Christ.”  He’s a follower. I don’t know how convinced the host was about his answer to Ciara being a follower.  When asked, Russell kinda said yea, “She’s a follower too” and skipped on to the next thing.  I had no idea she was a believer or a follower. Was she a follower while dating Future?

God Spoke To Him About Leading Her
One blogger had this to say about the Russell-Ciara union; “Russell isn’t corny, he’s just a deeply religious man who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.  If Russ is looking for a virginal woman, why in God’s name did he hook up with her?” Thank you for asking. No judgment.  I wondered the same.  For their sake, I hope they are both on the same page and if they’re not, I hope she is willing to come over to his side of faith and really grow in her relationship with God before they take this any further.  Maybe that’s what he meant when he said God spoke to him about leading her.  Meagon Good and Devon Franklin come to mind.

Square, Corny, Odd And Gay
As I watched the interview, I nodded my head constantly as he talked about Jesus, “When Jesus is in the room, amazing things happen.” Amen! He seems to know his Bible.  Loved it when he mentioned James 1, “Consider it pure joy…” and then Romans 8 and expounded on it.  Nothing more attractive to me than a man who loves the Lord, loves his word and is filled with and led by the power of the Holy Spirit. Since this declaration of abstinence, Russell has been called square, corny, odd and even gay.

The Liberal Mind Is A Labyrinth Of Contradictions
Our moral compass is truly broken when a man is called derogatory names for respecting the woman he’s with and doing it God’s way. I like the way Pastor Greg Young put it, “And so now when a straight guy says he is abstaining from sex before marriage he is gay? The liberal mind is a labyrinth of contradictions. The truth is that if someone is not into sleeping around with multiple partners of all gender choices they are not normal to the liberal mind. There is no arguing with stupid.” I think Russell should’ve kept this to himself until a later date.  Ciara just broke up with Future and they just met.

Something to think about…

What say you? Why are “good” guys labeled square, odd and corny? What do you think of Ciara and Russell? Did you think she was a believer and follower of Jesus Christ? Should Russell have kept this to himself? 

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Kimberly July 13, 2015

Hi Yvonne,

I was the Twitter follower who stated Russell may be too square for Ciara. It wasn’t meant as an insult to him. I find his beliefs and willing to be open about his beliefs quite refreshing. I’m not sure Ciara is mature enough for Russell and what he wants. Time will tell.


Yvonne Chase July 13, 2015

Hi Kimberly,

I know you didn’t mean it as an insult. Didn’t take it that way. Glad you made the point about maturity. Working on a post about it. Like you, I’m not sure Ciara is mature enough. Not sure why he chose her if his level of maturity specifically in the area of faith is what it is.
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