Sacrifice In Action On Christmas Day

by Yvonne Chase on December 26, 2016

ER On Christmas Eve
It’s been 11 days since I’ve been in this space. Last week, I got a sore throat that turned into a cough that turned into a cold that turned into body aches that led me to the hospital. ¬†My body hurt so bad that I thought something serious was wrong with me. ¬†It felt like somebody beat me with a bat then churned me through a meat grinder. ¬†My plans for a great first Christmas with my love went in a totally different direction. ¬†While others gathered around the tree with friends and family, we were in the ER on Christmas Eve.

Run It’s Course
We went to the ER and the doctor kindly told us it’s the flu and we’d have to let it run its course. I’ve never had the flu which is why I don’t get flu shots. ¬†Well, that’s not entirely true. I no longer get flu shots because I don’t know what’s in the needle. Ten years ago, I got my first flu shot. ¬†It made me terribly ill. ¬†I literally thought I was going to die. That was my first and last flu shot.

Ease The Pain
When I returned home from the ER on Saturday night, I felt fine. ¬†The doctor gave me a strong dose of pain meds and a prescription for a nasal decongestant. ¬†Sunday morning, Christmas day was a horse of a different color. ¬†On a scale of 1-10, the level of pain in my body was at least a 15. ¬†My head felt like it would explode. ¬†I was almost going to go back to the ER but I went back to Dr. Google to find home remedies…anything to ease the pain and not be in the ER on Christmas day.

A Vicious Sweat
I was doing everything Dr. Google suggested; drink lots of fluid, rest, take cough medicine, decongestants, use essential oils, you name it, I did it including natural cures like; wheatgrass powder, spirulina, and chlorella, turmeric, ginger and lemon etc.  Nothing helped until I took a hot Epsom salt bath and rubbed down with Vicks and alcohol.  Then I drank an almond milk potion of spices my love made and I began to sweat like I had just run the NYC marathon. Whatever was in me broke out of me in a vicious sweat and I finally began to feel better.

Coughing And Sneezing
Sleep didn’t happen because this cough won’t leave me alone and my nose is congested to the max. I literally sat up all night on the couch coughing and sneezing and I’m still on the couch doing the same as I write this post. ¬†While my body no longer aches, thank God for Jesus, I’m exhausted and in need of sleep.

Biggest Sacrifice Ever
Christmas didn’t go according to planned and we haven’t yet exchanged material gifts. ¬†Better than material things, I received gifts money can’t buy; kindness, love, care, tenderness, thoughtfulness (he’s at the grocery store right now for me) and sacrifice. ¬†We celebrate Christmas because of the biggest sacrifice ever; the birth of Jesus Christ. ¬†So thankful I didn’t have to brave this alone and even more thankful that Jesus is always with me and he provides everything I need. ¬†It was indeed a Merry Christmas after all.

Something to think about…

What say you? How was your Christmas?

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Ken January 5, 2017

Wow. Beautifull story. I hope you are doing better. Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining if you are open to see it.


Yvonne Chase January 9, 2017


I am feeling much better and back to 100%. The silver lining in this for me is that I know for sure I have a very caring man in my life who is willing to sacrifice and put my needs ahead of his own. He’s shown me this over and over and over again and I am blown away each time.
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