Significant And Single In Dallas And Baton Rouge

by Yvonne Chase on July 12, 2016

How Can I Be A Part Of The Solution?
The events of last week had me stumped.  The execution of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, the execution of Philando Castile in Minnesota and the murder of five cops in Dallas was a lot to take in and process.  I wanted to update this space at least twice last week but I couldn’t because my heart hurt.  My soul was tired from praying. One night, I literally fell asleep asking God what should I do? What can I do? How can I affect change? How can I be a part of the solution? How can I be significant?

Changed His Life Forever
I thought about single people and the opportunity we have to be significant during this time of unrest.  A black male friend and I talked about it and he said the events of last week changed his life forever. He said, “I never saw myself as an activist but I now have to use my voice. I have to say something.”  He’s having conversations with people in his neck of the woods.  He’s sharing his heart and his faith with anyone who will listen and wants to engage.  He’s doing his part to affect change.  I was incredibly proud of him when he shared some of the conversations he’s had and the results so far.  

Sit And Process
Single people can get out there and march peacefully.  We can start movements and lead talks to get the conversation started and keep it going. A single colleague of mine got on a plane the next day for Dallas to pray with anyone who came across his path.  Another single male who lives in Dallas has been walking the streets day and night praying specifically with and for police officers.  A single woman in Baton Rouge opened up her one bedroom apartment to anyone who wanted to come in and talk, pray, cry, be heard or just sit and process.  

Our Time Is Our Own
Yes, married people can do these things too, however, it’s a lot easier to get on a plane and fly to Dallas when you’re single or walk the streets all hours of the night praying with folks.  Our time is our own to do whatsoever will.  We don’t have to check in with anyone which is useful when you’re marching for a cause.  We can march from night into morning if we want to.  

Marching For A Great Cause
I’m reminded of two single people who are now married to each other as a result of going to Haiti to assist in any way they could during the major earthquake a few years ago.  They didn’t know each other yet they both felt led to get on a plane and be used by God in any way possible.  The furthest thing from both of their minds was meeting a significant other yet that is exactly what happened. Who knows, you might meet your spouse while marching for a great cause.

Step Up And Stand Out
I saw the image above on Instagram and had to post it here because it’s both hilarious and timely. You can’t change the TV channel when you’re married? Ha! We gotta laugh to get through this.  A merry heart does good like medicine.  All jokes aside, single people definitely have an opportunity, now more than ever, to change the world.  The single life affords us the opportunity to step up and stand out in ways that perhaps a married person can’t.  We have a unique opportunity to live for God and let him use us however he sees fit.  Will you let him use you to affect change? 

Something to think about…

What say you? How can you be significantly single during these perilous times? How will you use your single status to affect change?

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Jason Ellis July 13, 2016

Hey I love this post but as a married guy I have to chime in and say that the depth of our impact, married or single is no longer measure d by our physical attendance in a cause. The power of the internet (as you’ve displayed on your site here) allows us to congregate tribes and orchestrate behind a cause without the need to physically “be there”. I would recommend a post sharing all of the digital ways we can make an impact (ie: signing petitions, organizing fundraisers, coordinating meet-ups etc.) Thanks for sharing 🙂
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Yvonne Chase July 13, 2016

Hello Jason,

You are absolutely right. The power of the Internet mobilizes all of us whether married or single to be a part of the change we want to see.

This post was written in such a way to spur single people to action because many of us can get out there physically to affect change. If I use myself as an example, I am a single, childless woman responsible only for me at the moment. That gives me freedoms that a married person may/may not have.

While I haven’t participated in a march because I don’t want to get shot, (real talk) I’ve had lots of conversations around this matter.

Yesterday, I had an eye-opening conversation with a Jewish man and a Mexican man. In that conversation, I learned that just last year, the Mexican man dropped out of the NYC Police Academy because he and the other participants in the academy were told verbatim to profile black people specifically black men. He said he could never do that in good conscience and sleep well at night. Like the gentleman mentioned in the post, the events of last week changed his life forever in light of his experience with the NYC Police Academy.

Thanks for reading and sharing your comment. Appreciate you.
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Yulunda July 15, 2016


I will never be the same after the 2 murders that I viewed in LA and MN. I tell you it sent a different since of need and shock through my body and I could not fully (and still can’t) express my frustrations, anger, motivation, and drive.

I like so many have started to mount up against these blatant attacks on the black man and woman. I’ve written the letters, sent the emails, said the prayers.

I am actively participating in making sure that these tragedies will no longer plague our communities. And, I am also believing God will make a difference in the communities where we are gunning down one another.

I am keeping the faith and putting in the work.


Yvonne Chase July 17, 2016


I feel you and now today 7 cops shot in Baton Rouge and 3 dead. This has to stop. One week civilians shot and the next week cops? We can’t go on living like this. Something’s gotta give!

Keep on keeping the faith and putting in the work. I plan on doing the same.
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Eclectic Evelyn July 18, 2016

Thank you for sharing this post on #TrafficJamWeekend Linky Party. It is very important for everyone to be involved in what is happening in order to really make a change.
Eclectic Evelyn recently posted…Rise UpMy Profile

Yvonne Chase July 21, 2016

@Eclectic Evelyn,

Each of us whether single or married need to add our voice to the conversation if we want to see change.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Cheat, Forgive, Reconcile Or BounceMy Profile

Deb Wolf July 19, 2016

I’ve been married for decades Yvonne. So long it’s hard to remember when I wasn’t married. But with my children grown and a little more available time I’m raising my voice to make a difference. I’m joining you in prayer. This has got to stop. And it is only the love of Jesus that will help us to that end. Blessings!! Thank you so much for adding this to Faith ‘n Friends Blog Hop!!
Deb Wolf recently posted…The Best Way to Overcome Fear and Worry OverloadMy Profile

Yvonne Chase July 21, 2016

@Deb Wolf,

Yes, it has to stop and you’re absolutely right, it is only the love of Jesus that will help us to that end.
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