Slouchy Pants Men Are Too Weak To Lead Strong Women

by Yvonne Chase on April 11, 2017

Too Strong To Date
Slouchy pants men is a term I was introduced to while reading an article that asked the question, Am I Too Strong To Date? The title immediately drew me in.  All my life I’ve been told I’m too strong to date. As a matter of fact, there was a time when I thought I’d never meet a man to date.

Bold As A Lion
My mother was a woman of strength. She was a mover and a shaker who made things happen.  She talked to anybody and wasn’t afraid to ask for whatever she wanted. If then President Obama walked into the room and she wanted to talk to him, she’d go up to him and chat him up as if he were her neighbor. She was bold as a lion.

Powerful Presence
My dad is reserved and walks with a power that makes people freeze when he walks in a room. He may not talk a lot but when he does, you listen. So I’m a mix of my mother’s boldness and my dad’s powerful presence which is a lot and why I’ve heard I’m too strong.  Here’s a bit from the article:

Wilkin’s underlying message is for parents. She encourages them to raise their girls to be confident Christian women, which in turn easily and naturally helps them ward off unwanted attention and advances.  Wilkin encourages girls, along with parental support, to “build a wall” — a Rapunzel-style wall of protection based on Song of Solomon 8:8-10to discourage a “slouchy pants” from attempting to pursue her, because “nothing [is] more terrifying than a woman who knows her worth to God and to her family.”

This kind of girl “intimidates them just fine on her own. Because you know what’s intimidating?  Strength and dignity. Deep faith. Self-assuredness. Wisdom. Kindness. Humility. Industriousness.”

Some Christian men will fail to see the benefits of confident Christian women because of a misinterpretation of what it means to “lead” in a relationship. This generates a loss on both sides. Women who are a “catch” are overlooked and may feel pressure to soften their God-honoring strengths to get noticed.  Men miss out on the blessing of dating and marrying a woman whose identity isn’t wrapped up in a relationship, a man or even marriage, but is fixed on Jesus Christ.

Leadership is not about the strong looking for weaker people to lead.  It’s about the humble looking for those whose strengths offset their weaknesses and complement their strengths.  Strong leaders surround themselves with strong people, not weak ones.”

Weak Woman
Say that again for the men in the back. Men have told me I’m too strong to lead as if the only woman they can lead is a weak woman. One of my closest male friends and I had a recent conversation about this very thing.  I sent him a text asking:

Is marriage for weak women? As I observe marriage, I notice men pick a certain type of woman.  Men, not all men, seem to choose a woman that is less than them. Perhaps she’s not as smart or maybe she has a kid or maybe she’s divorced or maybe she’s young and he’s more experienced. Confident women, women who like themselves and are sure of themselves and take risks and live big lives don’t seem to do well in marriage.  Seems like there’s something about a man that needs to control a woman…like he needs to keep her beneath him in some way so that he always has the upper hand. It takes a special kind of man to be with a self-assured woman. Seems like a self-assured woman may need to dumb herself down to always make him feel comfortable.

Stays In Her Lane
I asked my friend that question based on observation. As I look around at choices men make in women, I don’t see many that look like me and I don’t mean physically. There’s something about marriage that says you have to be a certain kind of woman; who stays in her lane and doesn’t make a lot of noise or waves in order for this to work long term. 

Get A Spine And Grow A Pair
Perhaps we need to change the question. Maybe she’s not too strong to date.  Could he be too weak? Maybe he needs to get a spine and grow a pair.  Yea, I know that’s not good Christian lady talk but I had to go there for a minute. Where’s the responsibility on the man?

Ineligible To Lead You
As the writer said, Leadership is not about the strong looking for weaker people to lead. Strong leaders surround themselves with strong people not weak ones.” If a man thinks he can’t lead you, he’s ineligible to lead you.

Something to think about…

What say you? Have you ever been told you’re too strong to date? What was your response? Is marriage for weak women? Are slouchy pants men too weak to lead? How are you raising your daughters?

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Betty Draper April 11, 2017

I am one of those strong women married to that introvert speak little but carries a big stick as they say where I am from man. He is the kindest man I know which is what makes him strong because it is rare. Kind men usually think of others before themselves. I got saved at 35 and understood I was a type A Martha. So I decided to be the best Martha God could make me. He did not take the strongness out of me but taught me that there is strength in knowing how to hold my tongue. In fact it takes courage to holds one tongue but with God’s help all thing are possible. Loved this post, will have to stop by more often.


Yvonne Chase April 11, 2017


Thanks for stopping by. Your man is like my Dad; he walks softly but carries a big stick.

Question, why is a woman’s strength always mentioned in the same sentence with holding her tongue? Contrary to popular belief by a lot of women, being a loud mouth always ready to size someone up and chop them down never made a woman strong.

I know women like that who call that kind of behavior strength. Nothing strong about it. It’s ignorant!
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Theresa Boedeker April 14, 2017

This is so good. I am married to a kind strong man who lets me be strong. For a good marriage you don’t want one strong and one weak. What kind of team is that? My daughter was strong, and she was not chased by the boys. But then a confident man came along and saw that she had strengths that would benefit him in marriage and benefit their children. He saw assets. He saw that together they would be a team of more assets and strength. What successful business man would want to hire a wimpy vice president? None. I say run from the slouchy pants boys. They are not man enough to let you be brave, strong, and fearless as a woman.
Theresa Boedeker recently posted…Life as it Comes Podcast #35 | Try Again! No, Again!My Profile


Yvonne Chase April 14, 2017


I love everything about your comment. Your son-in-law is a smart man. He didn’t see her strength as a negative. That requires confidence.

Great question: “What successful businessman would hire a wimpy vice president?” A smart businessman wouldn’t!

I agree with you, put on your Nikes and RUN from the slouchy pants boys. Only be with a man who admires your bravery, strength, and fearlessness.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Worrying About His Future Is Another Reason Men Use To Delay MarriageMy Profile


Summer April 14, 2017

Girl I was screaming YES so loud that I woke up my puppy! You are SO right! I am that girl and I could write you a book with my experiences. I know to Whom I belong and I know what I was created to do. I find that my confidence, focus and drive intimidate men. In fact, I was told by one man that I had too much personality! I need a man in my life who compliments me as I am. Not one that I have to as you greatly put it…dumb myself down for. No saggy pants boy in this girl’s life…ain’t nobody got time for that!


Yvonne Chase April 15, 2017


Your comment gave me so much life! Ain’t nobody got time for saggy or slouchy pants boys. Someone who complements and sees the beauty in strength is best. Dumbing down is a no-no on any day of the week that ends in “Y.”
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Janice | MostlyBlogging April 18, 2017

I hope I’m raising my daughters to be strong women.
Thanks for bringing your post to the Blogger’s Pit Stop.
Janice, Pit Stop Crew


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