Spiritual Gifts Can Save You While Living Single And Dating

by Yvonne Chase on February 9, 2017

Spiritual Gifts
During my quiet time today, my devotion was all about spiritual gifts. The Bible text came from 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 specifically verse 4 which says, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.” 

Utilized On A Daily Basis
Every believer in Jesus Christ has been given spiritual gifts; at least one and often times more than one. Do you know your gifts? I knew my top spiritual gift but wanted to see about the others so I Googled spiritual gifts test and took a test. Turns out I was spot on about my number one spiritual gift.  A light bulb went on about my second spiritual gift. Overall, I can see how each of my gifts are utilized on a daily basis.  Here are my top 5 spiritual gifts and what they mean:

Discernment: The Divine strength or ability to spiritually identify falsehood; to distinguish between right and wrong motives and the spiritual forces at work in situations. The discerning of spirits also helps us know the true nature of those we deal with, whether they are good or evil.  In other words, it helps us know the motivation behind a person or the true nature of a situation. For example, someone may appear to do a good thing, yet we may feel wrong about that person inside. That is often God’s way of warning us that the person’s intention is evil.

Exhortation: The Divine strength or ability to strengthen, comfort or urge others to action through the written or spoken word and Biblical truth.  Essentially what I do here on my blog.

Faith: The Divine strength or ability to believe in God for supernatural results in every area of life.  The ability to comfortably believe God for something that other people would see as impossible.  They have total faith for something that terrifies others. 

Hospitality: The Divine strength or ability to create warm, welcoming environments for others in places such as your home, office or church.

Mercy: The Divine strength or ability to feel empathy and to care for those who are hurting in any way.

One Date And Done
The results of my test are who I am from head to toe.  The gift of discernment is so strong in my life that it scares others. People have literally asked me if I’m psychic and some have even called me a witch. It’s been the key to dating smart and it’s the reason why for me it’s usually been one date and done. Takes me no time to see who a person is.

Urge Others To Action
When I read the meaning behind exhortation, the application of it in my life didn’t hit me right away and then a light bulb went on and I realized that is essentially what I do at this blog and why I blog; to urge others to action. For example, my previous post was all about urging you to take action and have the conversations needed to close the loop on unresolved issues. 

Exciting Yet Terrifying
Faith is a key factor in my life.  My life is rooted and grounded in faith. When he says go, I pack and go. Moving 3,000 miles away to California, a city where I’d never been and knew not one living soul, after a 10-day stay in the hospital required all kinds of faith. Living by faith has been quite exciting yet terrifying at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Zero Empathy
While many may think otherwise, I absolutely love being at home and that is why I’ve created a warm and very welcoming environment that others sense and feel when they visit. Lastly, I thank God I am able to empathize with others. For me, there is nothing worst than sharing my pain or hurt with someone then receiving a response with zero empathy. I believe that gift is the reason many feel so comfortable spilling their guts to me.

Grow My Spiritual Gifts
Now that I know all of my spiritual gifts and each one fully resonates with me, a few questions come to mind; how do I use them collectively? Do I need to use them collectively or can each exist on its own? What steps do I take to grow my spiritual gifts? How do I use my gifts to transform the world? How will I use my gifts to leave a legacy?

Something to think about…

What say you? Do you know your spiritual gifts? What are they? How important is it to know our spiritual gifts?

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Cheryl Gerou February 9, 2017

Visiting you from Thought-Provoking-Thursday. Thank you for sharing this. I think it is important to know your spiritual gift(s). We, as Christians, are the body of Christ here on earth. We have been created with purpose, and given these special gifts to touch others lives with. We are here to show the world who Jesus is by the way we live and love. This is something that we need to keep in mind each and everyday as we go through life. How are we yielding to the Lord and fulfilling His will? How are we being used for His purposes? How are gifts blessing others? May your soul be refreshed as the Spirit lives through you and empowers you in the gifts you have been given. Sweet Blessings to you!

Michele Morin February 10, 2017

My favorite verse about gifts is in Romans 12 — and I smile at an exasperated Paul saying it: “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.”
Yes! Let us get to work!
Michele Morin recently posted…Till We Have Faces (6): The Demands of a Ravenous LoveMy Profile

Yvonne Chase February 13, 2017


Thanks for sharing that verse. It’s the reason we need to know our Spiritual Gifts. We can’t use what we don’t know.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…#RelationshipGoals, #BlackLoveExists And Glorifying Celebrity MarriageMy Profile

Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle February 12, 2017

Yvonne, that is an awesome post on gifts. I did not know about being able to Google gifts, I should try that out.
Thanks for using your gifts so effectively.
Bloggers Pit Stop
Kathleen – Bloggers Lifestyle recently posted…Eating Gluten Free? – Don’t Make this Mistake!My Profile

Yvonne Chase February 13, 2017


Yea, I typed in spiritual gifts test and a link popped up. The idea came to mind while reading about Spiritual Gifts in my Joyce Meyer Amplified Bible. She suggested doing a search. Glad I did it. It was great confirmation around what I already knew. Knowing our spiritual gifts is super important. How else can we be effective?
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Close The Loop If You Want To Experience True HealingMy Profile

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