Step Out And Find Out If It’s For You Or Not

by Yvonne Chase on April 8, 2019

In a previous post, I shared my “when I grow up I want to be” story. You can read it here. The overall message of that post was, step out and find out. While stepping out and finding out can be scary, it’s really the only way to live an abundant life. 

How else will we know what works and what doesn’t work? What we like, don’t like? What we’re good at or not. Two things can happen when we have the courage to step out and find out; we can realize we want to continue stepping into it or we can step out of it and cross it off of our list. What a gift! 

Since stepping out and finding out, I see God’s hand in every area. When I started this journey, I remember having a conversation with a friend about it where I said, I may get into this and realize it’s not a thing for me. It’s no longer something I want to do. I may decide after a month that this really is not for me. 

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The contrary has happened. Stepping out and finding out made me see that this comes to me as naturally as turning on a water faucet. It flows out of me naturally and I am completely in my element. Going to class twice a week and rehearsing twice a week are the highlights of my week. 

One thing that’s been confirmed to me throughout this process is timing is everything. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ve heard me mention the importance of timing. I couldn’t be in class at a more perfect time. 


My teacher admonishes us often to read everything because actors need to know a lot about a lot. Because I’ve lived a lot, I know a lot about a lot and this helps me tremendously in my work. I have a deep well of life experiences to pull from. The best compliment I’ve received along this journey is from my current rehearsal partner who says, “You’re a very wise woman.” That wisdom comes through life experience. 

I don’t know where this road will lead, however, I know that whether I end up being in the 5-7% of actors who make a living from their craft, what I’m learning in this class will serve me well in every area of my life. It’s already serving me well. In her new book Exceptional You, author Victoria Osteen says:

If we are going to accomplish our dreams and reach the fullness of our destiny, we must press past our excuses and put aside the “no”, grab hold of our “yes”, and take bold steps of faith.

God is up to something in your life. He knows what is in your future. He is preparing you and getting you ready. If there is a “yes” in your heart it is because God placed it there. It’s time to act on your “yes”. It’s not in you by accident. Let the “yes” drown out the “no” that is trying to talk you out of what God has put in your heart. He wants to do something in your life that seems impossible. He wants to take you to new levels in your faith so you can rise higher and go beyond where you are right now. Let go of the insecurities that try to hold you back. God has an assignment with your name on it. It’s an assignment he wants you to accomplish for him. 

Amen! The best part about this all is I’m doing this while I’m single, footloose and fancy-free. As a single person, I can fully commit myself to pursue the dreams in my heart and that’s a blessing. If/when my single status changes, I will have yet another layer of who I am to bring to a relationship. It’s all a win-win. 

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Step out and find out!
So, what’s the moral of the story? Step out and find out. If God put a dream in your heart, see what he wants to do with it. Especially if you’re single. Sure you have responsibilities in life, however, you also have more time and space perhaps than a married person with a family to explore and see what’s possible. I implore every single person reading this to use this time wisely. Instead of sulking about being single, pick a dream and pursue it. Step out. Find out. Don’t wait. Do it now! It’s the only way to see what’s on the other side.

Something to think about…

What say you? Was there ever a time you stepped out to find out? How did it go for you? What did you find out? Do you want to step out? What’s holding you back? 

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P.S. if you’re a person of many talents and interests, you don’t have to be one thing. You can be a coach, writer, actor, TV producer, cook and anything else you want to be at any time in your life.

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Laurie April 9, 2019

Yvonne, I could not give any better advice than you just did: “step out and find out”. I love it! I believe God wants us to be seekers, to try new things and find the life that is right for us. That’s exactly what you are doing right now. I also love that your acting coach told you to read so that you can experience more of life. What a wonderful journey!
Laurie recently posted…Asking the Right QuestionMy Profile


Yvonne Chase April 16, 2019


Thank you. I love this: “God wants us to be seekers, to try new things and find the life that is right for us.” Amen!
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Step Out And Find Out If It’s For You Or NotMy Profile


Marva | SunSparkleShine April 18, 2019

I love that line about seeking too, Laurie. It’s one of the things I want to be more intentional about this year: seeking God and His will for my life. Yvonne’s advice to step out can be applied here as well and I’m definitely looking forward to what God will reveal.
Blessings to you both!
Marva | SunSparkleShine recently posted…Bible Verses About Doubt – When You Doubt God’s GoodnessMy Profile


Anita Ojeda April 10, 2019

Awesome! I’m so glad your stepping out and finding out has been successful for you! It’s not always easy to step outside of our comfort zone, but when we do, amazing things can happen. I never saw myself as a teacher, but when I taught classes at a summer camp I discovered that I was good at it and enjoyed it.
Anita Ojeda recently posted…Why Homeschooling Parents Need Lies My Teacher Told MeMy Profile


Yvonne Chase April 16, 2019


Lord knows it wasn’t easy for me, however, you are so right, amazing things can happen as it did for you in your teaching experience. Thanks for sharing!
Yvonne Chase recently posted…25 Things You Don’t Know About MeMy Profile


Tiffany Montgomery April 11, 2019

I love this… we never know what God has for us unless we step out in faith and trust Him.
Tiffany Montgomery recently posted…To Be Still Know That God Covers Our ShameMy Profile


Yvonne Chase April 16, 2019


Amen. Stepping out and finding out is the only real way to know what he has for us. God has not given us a spirit of fear and he promises to never leave us or forsake us and work everything together for our good.

When we remember the promises in his word, we can take bold steps of faith. Gods got me and he’s got you in the palm of his hand.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…When I Grow Up, I Want To Be…My Profile


Jill April 11, 2019

Trying new things is such a wonderful practice. The key is to discern and listen to what God is saying in those moments. When we do we can quickly identify His will. You go girl! Stopping over from Crystal’s #HeartEncouragement
Jill recently posted…Unwanted Moments: Let Go & Shine ThroughMy Profile


Yvonne Chase April 16, 2019


Exactly! Discerning and listening to what God is saying is the quickest way to identify his will.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Step Out And Find Out If It’s For You Or NotMy Profile


Calleen Petersen April 11, 2019

Love your P.S.!


Yvonne Chase April 16, 2019


I’m a throw everything up against the wall to see what sticks kind of woman. Every talent God gave me seems to intertwine with all roads leading to on-camera work. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Step Out And Find Out If It’s For You Or NotMy Profile


Lauren Renee Sparks April 12, 2019

What great get-up-and-go encouragement!
Lauren Renee Sparks recently posted…Mending Mothers and DaughtersMy Profile


Kirsty April 15, 2019

Well done you for trying something. I admire your courage. Thanks for being part of the #DreamTeam
Kirsty recently posted…Happiness is …My Profile


Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom April 16, 2019

Hi! Visiting from #happynowlinkup. I’m so happy to have found you. I’m contemplating a career change and have been hesitant to step out. I pray a lot and am waiting for whether I’m really meant to step out. Well, when God puts my post right behind yours in the linkup and I really enjoy what you have to say, it seems like a clear message to me that the time to step out is here.
Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted…Adventures in Parental ControlsMy Profile


Yvonne Chase April 16, 2019


Praying is great, however, at some point, we have to do. It may not be taking a big step. It may mean taking a small step like in your case doing research and setting up informational interviews with people who are successful in the new career that interests you.

I did that early in my TV career when I wanted to be a news anchor. I sent a letter to the top African American female news anchors in NYC asking for 9 1/2 minutes of their time.

Each of them responded to me and Sue Simmons called me and talked to me for 45 minutes one evening. She said the only reason she called me was to stop me from calling her.

I literally called her every single day for two weeks and left the same monotonous message every time. It worked and I got the information I needed.

So take baby steps until you can take a big step. Also, pick up a copy of What Color Is Your Parachute. It’s a great book that is designed to help people just like you who are in that space of wanting to try a new career.

I’m cheering you on. You have all of my support!
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Step Out And Find Out If It’s For You Or NotMy Profile


Karen, the next best thing to mummy April 16, 2019

Love this post ,I am just starting to, step, out alone in my electric wheelchair #dreamteam@_karendennis


Tracey A Abrahams April 18, 2019

I think learning to step outside of our comfort zone is an important skill to learn if were to grow as a person. For me it came in the shape of starting my blog and putting myself out there for people I didn’t know to see and potentially judge.



Donna Reidland April 20, 2019

How exciting that you are doing something new and growing through it! A friend told me recently that God is doing a quiet work even in Hollywood. So, who knows where all this will lead for you and what opportunities you’ll have to share your faith.
Donna Reidland recently posted…“Are You Bored with God’s Word?” April 20My Profile


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