Stepping Out On Jesus To Marry Muhammad Is Not Okay

by Yvonne Chase on January 7, 2014

Dating Outside Of Your Faith
It’s 2014 and you’re still a Christian single woman, praying without ceasing for a husband.  If you’re thinking about dating outside of your faith, I’m here to tell you, don’t do it! I was reading an article earlier today that talked about the large numbers of Christian single women who can’t find suitable Christian single men.  The article suggests dating someone outside of your faith.

Here’s what it said; “There’s but so many men to go around when male to female ratios are higher in the produce aisle at the market than they are at Sunday morning service.  So as our knees weary from repeatedly bending for the same request, some sisters are taking their pre-matrimonial faith walk outside of the church—right into the mosque, temple and synagogue.  In fact, more and more Christian women are rewriting The Great African-American Love Story by building meaningful partnerships with men from other religions.  Not that the love they’ve found in their new beaus in any way compromises their longstanding love for Jesus. But the idea that “the Lord would disapprove of a relationship with a genuinely good man who was going to take care of me emotionally, physically and mentally seemed contrary to everything I’ve learned in church,” says Crystal Scott, whose fiance is a practicing Muslim.”

JesusThe Lord Would Disapprove
I don’t know what church Crystal attends but yes, the Lord would disapprove of a relationship with a genuinely good man who was going to take care of her emotionally, physically and mentally.  For the practicing Christian, marrying an unbeliever; marrying someone who does not believe what you believe in the same way you believe it is not negotiable.  If you reread that sentence, she left out spiritually.  I wonder why? Maybe its because she knows he can’t take care of her spiritually because he’s of a different faith.  The sentence also says he’s a practicing Muslim yet doesn’t mention if she’s a practicing Christian.  Maybe she’s not a practicing Christian.  If that’s the case, I can see why she would be okay marrying a Muslim.

I Will Not Marry An Unbeliever
The article continues with the following question; If a single sister meets a man who possesses the qualities she’s been praying for in a mate, should she turn that brother away because he doesn’t subscribe to the same religion that she does?  My answer is yes.  I can definitely relate to this article because as a practicing Christian single woman, I’ve turned many a brother away for that reason and I will continue to do so even if it means remaining single for the rest of my days.  My faith is my life! Everything I do/don’t do revolves around my faith.  I will not compromise my faith for the most important relationship in my life especially when my faith in God will be desperately needed for that relationship to thrive.  Marriage doesn’t work without God at the center.  He created it then left us an entire book of instructions on how to do it.

Faith Is A Huge Factor
Furthermore, faith is a huge factor that encompasses so many important areas of life; what marriage is and how it looks, roles in marriage, which holidays we celebrate, how to raise children, how to spend money, is there a heaven and hell, where you go when you die etc.  Faith affects our core values and our core values are what make or break a relationship.

Till Faith Do Us Part
In her book, Till Faith Do Us Part: How Interfaith Marriage Is Transforming America, author Naomi Schaefer Riley says, “The growing number of interfaith couples don’t know what they’re getting into.  Interfaith couples tend to marry without thinking through the practical implications of their religious differences.  They assume that because they are decent and tolerant people they will not encounter difficulties being married to someone of another faith.  Faith is a tricky thing and it sneaks up on people.”  I don’t know how Crystal plans to work that out but for me, stepping out on Jesus to marry Muhammad, Buddah, Hindu, Baha’i or some other faith is not happening.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15.

Something to think about…

What say you? What are your thoughts on interfaith relationships?

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George Scheide January 7, 2014

Amen Yvonne, especially on marrying someone outside your faith. I can see a first date where you may not know the other persons’ beliefs. However, the second that person has you walking in any direction other than toward the Lord, that should be the end of it.


Yvonne Chase January 10, 2014


And that’s exactly what first dates/dates are for. To find out and gather information. Faith is such a huge factor that affects so many key areas of our lives. I suppose who you marry is no big deal if you’re not practicing your faith.


Shashi @ January 8, 2014

I could not agree more – faith – the same faith and the beliefs and values that go with it should be an integral part of any marriage! Great post!


Yvonne Chase January 10, 2014

Yes Shashi, the same faith and beliefs plus the values that go with it need to match and are definitely an intergral part of marriage.


Mia February 15, 2014

Dear Yvonne
I personally don’t think we should make rules as far as our Christianity is concerned, but I agree with you that if you are a real believer, you will know that a marriage between two people of another religion will be disastrous. I honestly think that Paul was rather trying to warn the people of the futility of such a marriage. I also think that a believer will also want to obey our Lord, not because we have to, but because He alone is the greatest Love of our lives.
Blessings XX


Yvonne Chase February 15, 2014


For me, its about obedience…because I want to…because he alone IS the greatest love of my life. Marrying someone outside of my faith would be disastrous. It would never work!

Thanks for stopping by!


Shelly Hendricks (@Renewed_Daily) February 15, 2014

Yvonne, Amen! I am married and cannot imagine trying to go through all the things people go through in a marriage without someone to keep pointing me back to God in the tough times! Our shared faith is what has made our marriage a great one. Thank you for saying truths that are hard to hear and standing for God.
Love that you linked up with Recommendation Saturday! Welcome to the family <3
Heart Hugs, Shelly


Yvonne Chase February 15, 2014


I like the way you put it; “Someone to keep pointing me back to God.” That’s it right there. That’s the kind of man I desire. A man who can point me back to God because of his deep roots in God.

So glad I found Recommendation Saturdays and happy to be a part of the family. Lovely to meet you. Look forward to knowing you better.



Methodist September 30, 2014

I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!|


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