It Don’t Take A Whole Day To Recognize Sunshine

by Yvonne Chase on January 29, 2016

Came On To Me Very Strong
Today while grocery shopping, I bumped into the girlfriend of a colleague.  Now when I met him, the colleague, we’ll call him Mike, he didn’t present himself as a single man. He was extremely complimentary and flirtatious and came on to me very strong.  I honestly thought he was single until he told me otherwise much later on. His long-suffering girlfriend wants to be married but it’s year seven into their relationship and he still hasn’t proposed.

A Bunch Of Rubbish
I remember asking him about his plans for marriage and his answer was the typical one that goes a little something like this; “Well, we’re in a good space.  I need to get some things together first and I want to make sure that when we do marry, it’s forever!” That may sound good to you but it sounded like a bunch of rubbish and excuses from a guy who has no intention of marrying her but doesn’t want to let her go because the only person he’s thinking about is himself.

Baby Making Years
Prior to dating his new woman, he was with his ex for about seven years. I believe that relationship ended because she wanted to be married. His current girlfriend not only wants to be married but she also wants to have children.  She’s already wasted the majority of her baby making years with this clown.  She’ll be lucky if she has one good egg left by the time he proposes if he ever does or they break up.  I’m reminded of a conversation Wendy Williams had with Nicole Scherzinger about this same thing. Take a look…

He Cheated On Her While She Was Pregnant
Wendy is right.  Men can have kids whenever they want.  Yesterday I watched a taping of The Steve Harvey Show where he and his guests Giuliana and Bill Rancic; my favorite reality TV couple offered advice to couples in crisis. The first couple was an interracial couple who have been together ten years and together they have three children.  He cheated on her while she was pregnant with their third child.  When asked why he cheated, he said he was craving attention…he needed attention and his pregnant girlfriend wasn’t giving it to him. I wanted to reach through the TV and slug him.  She’s pregnant and you’re crying about attention! What do you think she needs? Selfish!

It’s Her Decision
Bill leaned into him hard and so did Steve.  They both wanted to know why they weren’t married and if there are plans to be married. Steve said, “Either you’re going to get married or your not.  It’s time to man up and make up your mind.” It’s funny how the directive is always to the man in these kinds of situations.  If I was there, I would’ve told the woman it’s time for her to decide whether she wants to continue on this merry go round or get off and make herself available to a man who’s ready to marry.  She needs to stop waiting around for him to decide how she’s going to live the rest of her life.  It’s her decision.

No Intention Of Marrying You
Ladies, it’s time to stop wasting time with men who have no intention of marrying you.  Ten years and three kids later? Where’s the incentive to walk down the aisle? They’re already living like husband and wife. No different than Mike and his girlfriend.  She’s a gourmet chef who’s always in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals for him daily. His two basic needs are met; food and sex. He’s good!

It Doesn’t Take Ten Years
Common said it best, “It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.” If either of these men wanted to be married to the women in their lives, they would’ve done it already.  They would’ve recognized what they have a long time ago and taken the necessary steps not to lose it. It doesn’t take ten years to know if you want to marry her.  Does it?

Something to think about…

What say you? Do you think either of these men will put a ring on it? Why do you think it hasn’t happened yet? Are the ladies partially responsible? How long does it take to know? What advice would you give these ladies?

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