Ten Months Is Enough Time To Pop The Question

by Yvonne Chase on March 11, 2016

Ten Months Is More Than Enough Time
“She said yes” is what Russell Wilson tweeted this afternoon to announce his engagement to Ciara after dating ten months.  Funny this happened today because an hour prior, one of my followers and I had an extensive tweet discussion about them.  During that discussion, I wondered when he was going to propose and I said to my follower, ten months is more than enough time hence the title of this post.


Why Wait?
Another blogger thinks it’s too soon and led with the headline Ciara and Russell Wilson are engaged after dating less than a year.  One of the things my male follower and I talked about when discussing them was the fact that Russell said he knew Ciara was the one.  My thought was, if you know she is the one, why wait? 

Bad Things Prepare Us For Good Things
Russell and Ciara are grown people with a depth of relationship experience. He’s divorced and she’s had a string of failed relationships. While all of that may not sound good, it is good.  Bad things prepare us for good things. Knowing what you don’t want helps you identify what you do want.  Don’t go feeling bad about your relationships that didn’t work.  Use them as a source of information.  

He Had A Purpose From Day One
I like the way Russell approached and pursued Ciara.  He didn’t approach Ciara for a fling or casual relationship.  He was very intentional and he let that be known from the beginning.  He had a purpose from day one and that purpose was marriage.  He was getting to know her for the purpose of her being his wife.  There was nothing casual about getting to know Ciara.

Russell Took The Lead
I think more men ought to follow his lead.  If you’re looking for a wife, you ought to approach women in that manner. Women ought to know you are serious and about more than just a casual thing simply by how you approach and take the lead.  Russell took the lead and Ciara followed with full confidence knowing that he would lead her to a destination she never got to with other guys. Watch the cute video below…

She said Yes!!! Since Day 1 I knew you were the one. No Greater feeling… #TrueLove @Ciara

A video posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

He Made Us Wait A Few Months
Ciara never had to guess.  Heck, I knew he was going to marry her from the moment their relationship went public.  The handwriting was all over the wall.  I expected a proposal at the end of 2015 but he made us wait a few months.  I’m sure it was easy for Ciara to let Russell know her because she knew for sure he wasn’t playing games.  She could trust him with her heart which I’m sure was super important to Ciara since her last relationship ended on a sour note.  

Your Actions Ought To Speak Volumes
Guys, those of you looking for wives ought to take a page out of Russell Wilson’s book.  Let her know you are serious. Even if you don’t verbalize it and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, your actions ought to speak volumes about your intentions.

Something to think about…

What say you? Is ten months too soon to pop the question?

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