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by Yvonne Chase on January 5, 2015

My blogger and Twitter friend Brianna Ford tagged me to participate in the 10 Questions Tag challenge. Basically, I answer 10 random questions to hopefully give you all a little bit of insight into me.  I decided to answer the questions off the top of my head. Whatever comes to mind first.  Here goes:

1.  What’s one thing you would do if you weren’t afraid?
Move to Dubai.  I’m actually not afraid.  The timing just isn’t right at the moment but when it is, I’m outta here.  

2.  Name the last movie you watched.
The last movie I watched was a Life Time movie called The Wrong Woman.  A cop’s wife was arrested for assaulting a woman she’d never met.  Turns out her husband was having an affair with said woman and framed her.  What a jerk! She hired a good for nothing lawyer who failed her miserably and that was when she decided to defend herself.  She was a pit-bull in the courtroom! I was cheering her on and screaming at the TV as I watched from my bed.  In the end, she won her case, the charges were dismissed and she met a new guy.  Oh and she decided to go to Law School. 

3.  Aside from blogging, what’s another pastime you enjoy?
I enjoy eating specifically going to new restaurants and trying out a new dish or an ol reliable for some good grub.  Over the weekend, I went to Nature’s Grill for brunch and tried their Sweet Potato pancakes which were super moist with a side of 3 egg whites and 2 pieces of turkey bacon.  Yummy!

4.  Describe yourself in six words or less.
I can’t but feel free to do so in the comments if you think you know me…

5.  Where you were and what were you doing on New Year’s Eve 2014?
Go here to find out…

6.  What is one of the happiest moments of your life?
I don’t know about the happiest moment but I was pretty happy yesterday after catching the 50% off sale at Bath & Body Works.  I racked up and stuck to my budget plus I used a $10 coupon.  Happiness overload! I love a coupon!

7.  How did you celebrate your last birthday (if you celebrate)?
I celebrate my birthday every year with a staycation.  I find a lovely five star hotel and I hunker down for a few days to relax, relate and release.  My last birthday was spent in Buckhead Atlanta.  I stayed at a five star hotel and luxuriated nightly in the pool, steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna.  By day, I ate my face off at some of my favorite places.  The Shrimp and Grits at The Highland Bakery were off the hook! Need evidence? That picture below is a before and after.  I am so greedy! Thank God I love working out. Oh, the hotel found out it was my birthday and surprised me with desert.



8.  Name the most interesting city you’ve visited.
Amsterdam! I would actually live there.  I loved seeing everyone bicycle around the city.  Cycling is another pastime I enjoy. I met lots of friendly people and saw lots of interracial couples.  Something about it reminded me of NYC.  It was quite interesting to see people smoking weed publicly.  I didn’t indulge.  Never have.

9.  If you could take a peek at what your life will be like five years from now, would you?
No.  Today is more than enough for me. 

10.  What book affected you the most?
Not sure if it affected me the most but the first book that comes to mind is a book I read many years ago called Shut Up, Stop Whining And Get A Life.  The title alone affects you before you even open the book.  Its a gut bunch slap in the face kind of book.  Larry says, “If your life sucks, it is because you suck.” Yiikes!

And there you have it.  My answers off the top of my dome to 10 random questions that hopefully give you a better feel of the person behind this blog space.  If you’d like to tell me more about you, feel free to tag yourself, answer these questions, and let me know when you post it.


AwesomelyOZ January 7, 2015

Wow that’s the best book recommendation I’ve heard all year, thank you – Lol. I love books like that, direct no foo-foo-ness; just straight to the point: “YOUR LIFE SUCKS GET OVER IT!” Lol. Don’t you have to be Muslim to reside in Dubai? Interesting location, I’ve heard it’s lovely – what makes you want to live there? Time to hit up Bath and body works this weekend!! I love their 50% off sales! I only need to go there once or twice a year and I’m good! Love your answers to #4 and #9. Bet! Have a great one Yvonne! -Iva
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Yvonne Chase January 7, 2015


Dubai is a rich country. Never heard you had to be Muslim to live there. Maybe I wont’ move there but I definitely want to visit. Always wanted to live in a country oversees for one year just to experience a different way of life.

The title of that book is the reason I bought it. I’m an in your face kinda girl so it definitely resonated with me. Check it out…

Met a lady yesterday who told me she went to the outlet and got everything for $2..bath gel, lotions etc. Wish there was an outlet near me. Like you, she goes once a year to that sale to rack up. She said she bought enough stuff to last her an entire year. Not mad at her. No reason for her to ever smell funky! LOL!
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angie January 9, 2015

We have something in common we both love to eat. I also love to share my favorite recipes on our blog annies home at http://shopannies.blogspot.com come check us out sometime

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