Thank You, But We Are Not A Match

by Yvonne Chase on November 12, 2018

Thank You
The title of this post, thank you, but we’re not a match, are words every single person should have at the ready otherwise you stand a strong chance of leading someone on like Aaron does with Melinda on Ready To Love. Watch the video below and we’ll talk after…

Thanksgiving Spread
Melinda clearly asked Aaron to be honest with her yet he lied to her face and told her she’s fly and has his total transparency. I wish I could see what she sees in him. Now, to be fair, Melinda is not off the hook. While she is not responsible for his lack of courage, she did make it hard for him to tell her the truth. Inviting a man into your home for a first date and cooking him a Thanksgiving spread from scratch is too much!

Manly Gesture
Ladies, can we please stop cooking for men? I love cooking and word on the street is I’m a great cook but this woman is not doing all of that for a first date I mean did he build her a house with his bare hands or display some other over the top manly gesture? No! All he did was show up and stuff his dishonest face.

Dishonest Behavior
When the host Tommy got wind of Aaron’s dishonest behavior, he called him on it and told him to do the right thing. He required all of the men to be honest with the women and not continue to lead them on. Seems like if Tommy didn’t require this of Aaron, he would’ve continued to lead her on. Watch…

Fear Of Missing Out
Let him know Tommy; “Being an interesting person and being interested in that interesting person are two different things.”  FOMO (fear of missing out) seems to be turning men into liars. Here’s what I have observed, men who behave like Aaron always end up losing in the end. They play one woman after the next, mislead one woman after the next then settle for whoever is available in the end to avoid being alone.  Aaron is not ready to love I mean he can’t even be 100% honest. 


Turned Off With Dating
Men like Aaron are the reason people are turned off with dating. Why is it so hard to say something along the lines of, Melinda, you prepared a great meal, I enjoyed it, my belly is full and this was a great evening, however, I don’t think we are the best match for each other. I truly wish you the best.

Always Appreciated
I have said a variation of those words repeatedly when the interest wasn’t mutual. No man wants to hear those words especially when he’s interested and wants a second date, however, those words are always appreciated. In closing, I leave you with this, you are not ready to love or ready for love until you can be truthful, no matter what the cost.

Something to think about…

What say you? Why do you think it’s so hard for singles to be honest while dating? What do you think about Aaron’s date with Melinda? 

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