Tommy And I Are To The End Kind Of People

by Yvonne Chase on December 4, 2018

Tommy Got Real
On the recent episode of Ready To Love, the host, Nephew Tommy got real with the men about real love. The majority on Twitter loved every word. I loved every word to, however, there’s a caveat. Watch the video below and we’ll talk after. P.S. there’s a lil cuss word in it for you Christians with virgin ears.

Till Death Do Us Part
Okay, I come from a household where my father never left my mother. He was with her up until the day she died two years ago, so like Tommy, that’s all I know. My parents showed me how till death do us part looks and I’m eternally grateful for their example.

First Sign Of Trouble
The ride was bumpy at times yet neither of them got out of the car. That’s hard to find these days when people are looking for perfection and are ready to run at the first sign of trouble. This is why marriage is so important. Whether good or bad, children emulate much of their parents’ example.

Proverbs 31 Mother
Whoever marries me will know that I am a woman like Tommy. I’m a to the end kind of woman because of my Proverbs 31 mother who never left my father’s side. No matter which way the wind blew or what was happening or not happening, my father knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he could lean on my mother. Furthermore, she had no interest in going elsewhere. You don’t go elsewhere.  

Stayed The Course
My parents had hard times; one of the hardest being when they moved our entire family from the Bahamas to Brooklyn. They were literally in a new world and had to deal with all that comes with starting over, however, they stayed the course with each other. We had some really good times back then.

Quality Of Your Marriage
With all of that said, I no longer care how long you’ve been married. What I care about is the quality of your marriage. Being married a long time doesn’t mean you have a good marriage. There are couples who’ve been married a long time yet they can’t stand each other. I want no parts of that!

Still Madly In Love
My friend Michelle and her husband renewed their vows over the weekend after 25 years of marriage. I smiled from ear to ear when she said, “Chase, I’m still madly in love with my husband just like I was when we first met. Sure, we’ve had ups and downs, however, we are both deeply in love and in like with each other.” That’s a beautiful thing.

Disconnected Relationship
While I don’t know anything about leaving and going any place else, I know about going to counseling when the going gets tough so that we can make it till death do us part still liking and loving each other like Michelle and her hubby. Her marriage truly inspires me! I don’t want to be married for a long time in a disconnected relationship where we just put up with each other. Lots of marriages from my parents day have endured the test of time yet the couple is disconnected in more ways than one.

Making Each Other Wrong
My parents had a good marriage that taught me a whole lot. I want to be married because of their example, however, they could’ve done a better job of handling their differences. They had very different personalities yet I always felt they were a perfect match because of it. The mistake they made was making each other wrong for being different and that at times caused a great disconnect. 

Horrible Examples
I don’t know anyone in my generation who believes in marriage more than I do and has the example I’ve been fortunate to have and that is why I want us to not only focus on staying married to the end but be intentional about doing our part to have great marriages otherwise, we will continue to see a generation of singles who want nothing to do with marriage because of all the horrible examples they see that lead to divorce.

Something to think about…

What say you? Do you care how long a couple has been married? What’s more important; the length of the marriage or the quality of the marriage? 

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Laurie December 5, 2018

I understand your feelings about the quality of a relationship versus the quantity of time a couple has been together. Ideally, BOTH exist in really great marriages. It sounds like that’s the kind of marriage your parents had. You are wise to hold out for a relationship like that. To the end.

Yvonne Chase December 7, 2018


Spot on; quality and quantity both exist in a really great marriage. Yea, I’m holding out until I meet a “To the end kinda man” who also wants to have a quality marriage. Blessings to you.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Father Figures Figure Into Who We Date And MarryMy Profile

Megan Elzey December 7, 2018

You are so blessed to have had such an incredible model of marriage in your parents, and it shows that you know that 🙂 I am so sorry that you lost your mother. I’m sure that was so difficult. My own marriage nearly ended almost 9 years ago when my husband informed me that he was in love with another woman, and ultimately moved out of our home. The two months that we were separated and then the years of healing after he came back home were the hardest times of my life. But I am so thankful that God healed us and now uses our story to encourage and help others when they go through difficult times in their marriage. Never give up your fight for marriage, the one you will eventually be a part of and the marriages of others!

Yvonne Chase December 7, 2018


Amen, amen, amen. Your comment really blessed me today. So happy for you that God restored your marriage. What a powerful testimony you now have of what he can and will do in our lives. May your union continue to flourish and bring glory to God. Blessings to you and your hubby.

Yes, my parents are my best example of marriage. I’ve learned a lot from them over the course of my life. Losing my mother was incredibly difficult yet I feel her and sense her now more than ever. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is watching over me. As I said in the post, I am eternally grateful for their example.
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Connie December 13, 2018

I love this, I think as a society we need to start reinforcing marriages we make it so easy to just pick up and leave when the going gets tough. I hope that the younger generation that has had to be raised in split families will see how hard it is and work harder to stay married. Thanks for sharing at Bloggers pit stop.

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