Under Construction And No Dating For Six Months

by Yvonne Chase on June 22, 2016

No Dating
A couple of weeks ago, one of my Twitter followers mentioned being “Under Construction.”  For her, this meant no dating.  More specifically, it meant a time to lean into her relationship with God and allow him to work on her from the inside out.  Her concept reminded me of a book that crossed my path about ten years ago when I attended a Singles Bible Study and everyone was Under Construction for six months.

Present You To Your Husband
The Book, Your Knight In Shining Armor, Discovering Your Lifelong Love by P.B (Bunny) Wilson is all about being Under Construction. Bunny Wilson says, “The goal of the book is to allow God – not the world – to fashion you so the Lord can present you to your husband. Meanwhile, you can stop searching, stop visiting places where men hang out, stop waiting for supernatural revelations, and stop torturing yourself over when and whether that special day will come.  It will – in God’s time and place – if you are properly prepared.”  

Ask Him To Wait
During this time, there is no dating.  The only person you are getting to know intimately is Jesus Christ.  Her suggestions are to wait until the six-month process is over to begin dating. She also says, “If you meet someone before or during the process, ask him to wait. If the guy you met is the real deal, he’ll be there at the end of six months.” She wrote this book for women however, men can be Under Construction as well.   Bunny says she wrote the book for three reasons:

  1. Sincere Christian men desire marriage but can’t find a suitable bride.
  2. A tremendous amount of single women don’t know how to identify a godly man.
  3. Through countless hours of counseling, it has become evident that many couples are marrying for the wrong reasons.  It is my hope to reach unmarried women before they say, “I do.”

Discovery Of Self
God spoke to me recently about going Under Construction.  I’ll tell you why in six months. It’s all good…as a matter of fact, it’s all great.  Back in 2006, I tried to go Under Construction but it didn’t make sense back then. It makes perfect sense now and I’m super excited about the journey ahead.  I mentioned the book to my Twitter follower and she has agreed to walk this out with me.  Over the next six months, we will lean into our relationship with God and go on a discovery of self.  

The Best Time Of Your Life
I love what the author says about this journey; “Don’t assume that spending six months with God means spending every moment of every day in isolation.  Look forward to enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.  You’ll want to take trips to museums, zoos, national parks, and perhaps other countries.  You’ll discover new perspectives on life, new people, and new hobbies.  The next six months promises to be among the best times of your life–you’ll be a new person by the end of this special time if you are committed to the process.”  I am totally committed to the process and have lots of things planned for this six-month journey. 

Make Sound Decisions
In closing, the author says, “The Lord wants to be our First Love and that doesn’t happen unless we have intimate fellowship with Him.  He created us, loves us deeply and desires us to know him fully. He can’t be our First Love if we focus all our emotional energy on another human.  Once we are wholeheartedly committed to God, He is able to direct our steps, cover us with His peace, and give us the wisdom we need to make sound decisions.  Then the Lord will expose the areas in our lives that need redesigning, rebuilding and renovating.”  Sounds good to me.  What about you?

Something to think about…

What say you? What do you think about going Under Construction? Could you/would you stop dating for six months? Is it a good idea to step away from the dating scene for a season?

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Ms. Edna June 22, 2016

I love this concept and it would behove all single women looking for that special someone to go under construction and learn to love themselves and become faithful to GOD prior to dating.


Yvonne Chase July 18, 2016

@Ms. Edna,

Loving ourselves and becoming faithful to God before dating is a definite win-win.
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allgemein kredit February 11, 2017

lost,Couldn’t get anything older then what I posted. Its an estate sale so the last sale may have been quite awhile ago. Place was built in 1770. Historic Register and all that… 😉


Kelly Basham June 29, 2016

I love that the author encourages readers to work on their relationship with the Lord first so that He can become their “First Love” before jumping into dating. Great advice for those who are single!


Lenroy Jones July 4, 2016

Well said my sister! I read the book years ago and had talks with a single’s ministry that I was responsible for. We need those teaches more today than ever before. Blessings, Lenroy


Yvonne Chase July 18, 2016


That’s great. Would love to hear more about it from a man. More women than men tend to go Under Construction. I believe both men and women can benefit greatly from it.
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Beth July 8, 2017

Everything happens for a reason. I found this page because I was looking for an “Under Construction” image after losing my job.
I think I may just buy that book!


Lisa Roberts February 17, 2020

Love this!! How did you create the picture? Would it be a ok to use it on social media?


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