Vote The Bible; What Does That Mean To You?

by Yvonne Chase on October 11, 2016

Head To The Polls
What does it mean to vote the Bible? I’m asking because election day is right around the corner and soon and very soon, we will head to the polls to cast our vote for the 45th President of the United States.  I’m also asking because as I listen to Christian radio and watch Christian programming, “Vote the Bible” is something I hear often.

Preserves Life And The Union Of Marriage
Yesterday, I posed the question to Twitter and the reply that made the most sense was, “Vote for the candidate with Christian values.”  I’ve heard that in the past.  When we speak of Christian values, what values are we speaking of specifically? For most, it comes down to the values around marriage and abortion.  Vote the Bible to many evangelicals means voting for the candidate who preserves life and preserves the union of marriage between one man and one woman.  It extends to other areas but these two are usually at the forefront of the conversation.

I Didn’t Say I Agree With Him
If we look at the candidates, it’s safe to say Trump is where evangelicals want Christians to cast their vote.  He stands for marriage between one man and one woman. He wants to change current abortion laws.  He also stands with Israel; another major point for evangelicals. That might be difficult to do in light of his behavior overall and recent derogatory comments about women.  You know what, I like Trump and I’m gonna tell you why.  Hold off on throwing shoes at me and closing the browser.  Remember, I said I like Trump.  I didn’t say I agree with Trump.

Poised And Pulled Together
Actually, let me clarify this even further; I like how Trump chooses to show up and present himself in the Presidential race. He could’ve shown up all poised and pulled together saying what we want to hear the way we want to hear it.  He could’ve hired a Media Coach and Etiquette specialist to tune him up but instead, he showed up as the brazen and brash, roaring and ridiculous man we know him to be.  He chose to show up as who he is whether we like it or not.    Christianity Today, a prominent evangelical magazine says, “Trump is the very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool.”

100%  Unacceptable
Trump says it like it is even if nothing he says is true or makes sense.  He has no filter whatsoever and I don’t think he wants one.  We know exactly what we are getting with Trump.  What he said about grabbing women by the genitals is crazy and 100% unacceptable! Of course, some women will let him get away with it because he is a celebrity and she has an agenda.  Doesn’t make It right but it happens.  He knows it happens which is why he said it!

You Can’t Trust That Kind Of Person
My doctor and I were talking about the recent debate, Trumps’ comments, and the overall Presidential race and she said, “I don’t like her, Hillary.  I don’t trust her. She shows no emotion. She’s always in her head, performing with that phony smile plastered on her face. You can’t trust that kind of person! I don’t know who she is or what she’s really like behind closed doors! She says what you want to hear.”

Show Me The Real You
Others feel the same.  Many have flat out called Hillary a liar.  I remember talking to a group of students about the upcoming election and one student adamantly said, “She’s a liar! I’m not voting for her! He continued to say that if she were elected, she’d be the first female President to be assassinated.” Listen, I am not defending Trump on any day of the week that ends in Y however, I prefer to know exactly where you stand.  I don’t do well with pretenders.  I don’t do well with people who are ambiguous in their way of being.  Show me the real you. No matter how we feel about Trump, he has shown us exactly who he is and we ought to believe him.

Chaos, Confusion, And Conflict
With that said, is it enough to stand for Christian values yet not show Christian values? A core Christian value that comes to mind is living at peace with others.  Matthew 5:9 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.”  A huge part of being a peacemaker is not offending others.  Neither candidate as far as I can see has been a good example of Christian values.  Each candidate has offended the other repeatedly and as a result, this political race is filled with chaos, confusion, and conflict.

Jesus Is Still On The Throne
Here’s how I plan to Vote the Bible; by using wisdom as Proverbs instructs.  We need wisdom like we’ve never needed it before.  I plan to let Proverbs 3:5, 6 be my guide.  I plan to continue to pray for insight, discernment, and clarity of mind.  I plan to obey God and listen to his instructions as his Holy Spirit leads me when I vote.  When all is said and done, no matter who the next President is, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is still on the throne and he has the final say on everything. He can use anyone to turn this country around.  He has all the power, not man and that is where my ultimate vote rests.

Something to think about…

What say you? What does “Vote the Bible” mean to you?

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Debby October 12, 2016

Hi Yvonne – visiting from Holley Gerth’s link-up. I get what you’re saying. And anyone who makes public an opinion on this is brave in my book. I think ‘vote the bible’ is as personal as the phrase vote your conscience. And for most, maybe it means the same thing.
Debby recently posted…Do you use all the crayons in the box?My Profile


Yvonne Chase October 13, 2016


Hopefully, our conscience is connected to wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Many today have no conscience…
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Loving Relationships Are What Get Us ThroughMy Profile


Elizabeth @ EllieAndElizabeth October 12, 2016

Hi Yvonne, also visiting from Holley Gerth’s linkup…
AMEN SISTER!!! Loved this post. God can use imperfect people to do his will. We are all imperfect.


Yvonne Chase October 13, 2016


Thanks for stopping by and yes you are absolutely right, we are all imperfect yet he uses each of us in his own way.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Mike Colter Asks, “Do We Have To Have A Type?”My Profile


Florence October 12, 2016

Totally agree with you Yvonne! We must vote our consciences while asking for wisdom from God, and realizing that He puts who He chooses in office.


Yvonne Chase October 13, 2016


Thanks for that reminder; God puts who he chooses in office. When we walk with God, we know all is well, no matter who he puts in office.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Action, Faith And Three Empty Picture FramesMy Profile


Kristine October 12, 2016

Beautifully said! I appreciate your honesty and sharing of wisdom on how you plan to vote. Well spoken 🙂 ♥


Sarah October 12, 2016

This is the craziest election! My girls are 10 and 8 and hear lots about it at school. In May, the 10 year old said she heard Trump was going to start World War 3. That led to a whole other discussion! I pray for our country and for our discernment.


Yvonne Chase October 13, 2016


It’s beyond crazy! We need discernment like we’ve never needed it before. We definitely do not need World War 3 although it feels like we’re on the heels of it. Sigh…
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Boaz Is Dead And So Is Faith Without WorksMy Profile


Kristina October 13, 2016

So I honestly never thought of voting the Bible. I like your reasoning on some of your points. But what would it mean to me? I guess to be honest I never thought that voting the Bible seem possible because very little politicians actually comply with the Bible. There is so much compromise (take sadly my poor man Ted Cruz). There is so much inconsistencies (Donald Trump). There is too much settling because you have to vote for your party because your vote wont count if you vote third party (Paul Ryan). It kinda leaves me frustrated because there is no clear truth that any politician leans on. But I think you stated it well, God is still on the throne no matter if I vote for Donald Trump or “waste” my vote on third party. And I really just need to give it to God. Good post! Thanks for writing this
Kristina recently posted…An Unbelievable Peace: Three Generations Made Whole – 31 Days of MiraclesMy Profile


Yvonne Chase October 16, 2016


Between the high levels of compromise, inconsistencies, and settling, our only hope is giving it to God. We have to seek his wisdom and discernment as we head to the polls.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…All Relationships Can Be HealedMy Profile


Michele Morin October 14, 2016

I envy your clear eyed decisiveness on this. I’m not there yet. For me, the big question is: how much are we willing to pay (in terms of our commitment to holiness) for our influence with the government?
Michele Morin recently posted…The Great Work: EncouragementMy Profile


Joe Zimmerman October 14, 2016

How do you choose between someone you know is lying and someone who blatantly shows he is a terrible person at heart? I believe we need an overhaul of the system to allow for more candidates to make it this far and to bring the other parties into the light. If I have to choose between the two, though, I’ll take the one that speaks his mind.
Joe Zimmerman recently posted…Jesus Gave Up His Rights to Pursue YouMy Profile


Yvonne Chase October 16, 2016


You are right. We definitely need an overhaul of the system. Until then, we have to make a choice in a few weeks. I prefer a person who speaks his or her mind. At least I know where this person stands.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Speed Dating With The Holy SpiritMy Profile


Anna of stuffedveggies October 14, 2016

I like your direct, pull-no-punches style. And I like that about Mr. Trump, too : )

If anyone recorded everything I said in 2005, I’m sure they could find some things I said wrong. As the Bible says, “If any man is perfect in all he says, he is a perfect man” – none of us can live up to that!

It’s my experience that most folks who are excessively blunt are also pretty honest : )
Anna of stuffedveggies recently posted…Abortion and PoliticsMy Profile


Yvonne Chase October 16, 2016


You said that right. If someone recorded/videotaped everything I said and did in 2005, I can tell you for sure they would see and hear some things that would definitely make one say, “What kind of Christian woman is she?”

None of us is perfect and none of us can live up to that apart from the power of the Holy Spirit.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Loving Relationships Are What Get Us ThroughMy Profile


Lori Schumaker October 16, 2016

Wonderfully said! Absolutely love this! This election has been the most divisive one I’ve ever experienced. I always love what I find when I come here! Your voice is refreshing and direct! Thanks, friend, for sharing hope at #MomentsofHope!


Jennifer Clarke October 17, 2016

I don’t know if “voting the Bible” is the term I would use, but two biblical principles I apply when I cast my vote are stewardship and liberty. The freedom to vote is a gift from God that I seek to use wisely and carefully as I try to honor Him in the process. But the Bible doesn’t tell me how to vote; it doesn’t tell me which issues to prioritize; it doesn’t tell me which platform or which party to prefer. Therefore, I must inform myself; I must look to other biblical principles; and I must trust the Holy Spirit’s personal leading in my life. I am also free to allow others to do the same, even if God leads them differently than He leads me. Thanks for sharing this with us at Grace & Truth!
Jennifer Clarke recently posted…10 Reasons to Exercise That Have Nothing to Do With the Way You LookMy Profile


Yvonne Chase October 17, 2016


Thanks for making the important point around stewardship. The freedom to vote is indeed a gift from God and I believe everyone ought to exercise that right even when it seems impossible to do in this upcoming election.

Informing ourselves individually even as Christians is definitely necessary. Like you, I plan to trust the Holy Spirit’s leading entirely in this process. For me, it’s the only way to peace.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…I’m Getting Married Because I Want To Have SexMy Profile


ginnie October 21, 2016

We need to stop thinking voting for the third party is “wasting” a vote. If we (the silent majority) all vote for the 3rd party (Green party: Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka), that party might very well reach and surpass the 15% needed for them to participate in presidential debates next election seasons. Plus, having a 3rd party WILL be a game changer.

We need to stop repeating “empty slogans” without really knowing what they mean, think for ourselves and apply common sense.

Both candidates are horrible choices. We can all vote for the alternative and see what happens. It’s only for 4 years. If we are not satisfied with their work, we vote them out…simple. At least, both republicans and democrats will stop abusing the people and will get to work to truly earn our votes.

It’s time we reclaim our democracy – for the people by the people!


S. Huston November 3, 2016

I agree with Ginnie on this. If you are making your decision based on hate or fear you are not trusting God. If you truly believe in the Republican platform of values there is a 3rd party choice who honestly holds these values and has government experience. His name is Eric McMullin and he will probably win Utah. Please check him out at #VoteYourConscience. And pray about it.


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