Weird Feelings, President Trump And Wimpy Christians

by Yvonne Chase on November 9, 2016

I Feel Weird
Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. How does that make you feel? One of my colleagues approached me today and told me she feels weird. When I asked her what she meant by weird, she said, “He won! I can’t believe it. He thought he was going to lose.  She thought she was going to win yet he won by a landslide.  I feel weird.  How do you feel?” I don’t feel weird, sad, nervous or fearful.  Actually,  I feel fine however, the response from Christians to the election is what has me feeling some kind of way.  We act as if we have no hope when the reality is, we are the hope the world needs. 

A Perfect Plan In Place
There’s no reason to feel weird, sad, nervous or fearful or proclaim this to be one of the worst days in America. I’m excited to see what God can and will do through this flawed human being he raised up to be our President.   Psalm 75:7 says, “It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall. God was not surprised when Donald Trump became our President.  He knew all about it before it happened and he has a perfect plan in place. 

Act Like We Know
We, Christians, need to stop acting like a bunch of wimps. If we believe Jesus is still on the throne, if we believe he’s in control and all of the other religious jargon we Tweet, it’s time for us to act like it.  This is a great opportunity for us to be messengers of hope to those who feel lost, weird and afraid because guess what, God did not give us a Spirit of fear.  He gave us a Spirt of love, power, and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7.  What good are we if we’re walking around feeling lost and hopeless like everyone else? How effective can we be? It’s time to get it together Christian people and act like we know.  

If We Trust God, We Trust God
When I woke up this morning, the promises of God were bubbling over in me. Here’s the bottom line, if we believe the Bible, we believe the Bible. If we trust God, we trust God.  Psalm 89:34 reminds us that his promises are sure; “No, I will not take back one word of what I said” and 2 Corinthians 1:20 follows up with; “For all the promises of God in him are yes and in Him, Amen to the glory of God through us.” Every promise in Gods word still stands no matter what.    

I Know Who Holds The Future
Today I prayed for Donald Trump.  Did you? Why not? I specifically asked God to give him wisdom and surround him with godly counsel.  Praying for those who rule over us is a Biblical command in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, “The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Savior God wants us to live.” Listen, while I don’t know what the future holds, I know beyond the shadow of the doubt who holds the future.  Do you?

Something to think about…

What say you? How are you feeling after the election?

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Mindy Harris White November 9, 2016

Preach! We should have been standing together as Christians long ago, time we step up now. I feel hopeful today as I know God can do anything and has it all under control. I prayed some of the very same things you did for Donald Trump this morning. God placed him there and I am believing God will use him. Enjoyed your post, it is very encouraging. Your neighbor at Coffee for Your Heart.


Yvonne Chase November 9, 2016


Yes indeed! My God will do what he wants to whenever he wants to because he is a Sovereign God. That gives me lots of hope and peace.
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Karen Del Tatto November 9, 2016


I feel that the Lord heard the prayers of His people and showed mercy on our country.

To me, the way Trump won showcased how nothing is impossible with God.

I am very encouraged that Trump is now our President-Elect. He chose a strong Believer to be his running mate. He didn’t have to do that, but he did.

As far as my feelings, I have been shaking my head all day trying to understand why there have been so many fearful responses from Christians. Jesus is still King, seated on the throne.

I pray that the Lord will work in and through Trump to bring America back to its Godly roots.

I so appreciated your post on this subject today. You handled it beautifully.


Yvonne Chase November 9, 2016


Thanks for saying this; the way Trump won showcased nothing is impossible with God. Yes indeed! He won fair and square with clean hands.

And yes, he certainly did not have to choose a strong believer to be his running mate but I’m so glad he did.

You and I have been shaking our head together girl because I don’t get it at all. Like I said in the post, if we trust God, we trust God. If we believe the Bible, we believe the Bible. That’s it!

I join you in your prayer that God will indeed use Trump to bring America back to its godly roots. Amen!
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Evie November 9, 2016

Amen. I did pray for him inspite of my emotions. Thanks for this reminder! We are the light of the world and it’s times like these that we are to act like it!


Yvonne Chase November 9, 2016


That is all we can do…pray for him. It is a command from God. I am committed to praying for him and the new cabin that will join him in returning America to godly roots. Remember, we are all flawed human beings yet God chooses to use us anyway.

And yes, we are the light of the world. It’s time we act like it! I’m excited to see what God will do.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Fear Of Commitment, Divorce, And MarriageMy Profile


kelli November 9, 2016

Awesome words my Sister. It really causes us to reflect and we need to shake off these feelings and get it together. Your words are powerful and we need to refocus and trust God in all things. The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof. The world and those who dwell therein. Psalm 24 v 1. thanks for the reminder as I dont want to be labeled a weak Christain. Its important that my faith and hope is aligned to the King of Kings.


Yvonne Chase November 10, 2016


Yes, we need to refocus and trust God in all things. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. We can type all the verses we know, however, it’s time for us to act like we know what we type.

This is probably one of the biggest tests of faith for Christians, yet God is still able. Even if things get worst before they get better, my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly trust in Jesus name.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Action, Faith And Three Empty Picture FramesMy Profile


Lori Schumaker November 10, 2016

Fabulous post, Yvonne! I can’t wait to share this! I had to hide some people from my Facebook feed later today because it just wouldn’t stop! It is nothing short of a miracle he is there and I am believing God has him there for a good purpose. And yes … as believers, our job is to pray! Thank you so much for sharing this HOPE with us at #MomentsofHope!
Blessings and smiles,
Lori Schumaker recently posted…A Grateful Heart Mini-Series {#MomentsofHope Link-Up}My Profile


Yvonne Chase November 10, 2016


At this point, all we can do is pray. I have never prayed for a President like I’m praying for President Trump and his cabin. God has him there for a good purpose…
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Weird Feelings, President Trump And Wimpy ChristiansMy Profile


Michele Morin November 10, 2016

Good for you, Yvonne! Whether we voted for him or not, D.T. is the president and it is now our duty to pray for him. Committing to this responsibility along with you!
Michele Morin recently posted…A Prayer for November 9thMy Profile


Deborah Miller November 10, 2016

That was wonderful and I totally agree Yvonne – as Christians we need to start behaving like we know who we are – mature Christians many times are educated way beyond their level of obedience and that’s something we can all pray about in order to grow and learn. I would like to share this on my FB wall if that’s ok with you – It is very edifying and uplifting and I think people need to hear it! Thank you so much for sharing this with me sweetie


Melissa Walp November 10, 2016

Stopping by from 100 Happy Days. Thanks for this reminder. I have been trying to take comfort in this the whole election season as I didn’t really care for either candidate. I love that John writes in Revelation about how God uses the evil rulers of the time to fulfill His purposes and I know He will do that today. So thankful that I know the ending of the story.


Yvonne Chase November 10, 2016


I totally understand you and anyone else who didn’t feel good about either candidate. I didn’t either. Thanks for the reminder that God uses the evil rulers of the time to fulfill his purposes. He definitely will do that today. And yes, so glad I know the ending of the story.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Fear Of Commitment, Divorce, And MarriageMy Profile


Professor JT November 10, 2016

I knew Ms Chase would come through with a WORD! God gave me that exact scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7, at 4AM when people were texting me talking about how worried they were and how this country is going down. If God kept His people through all the other PRESIDENTS, He’ll do the same now. This is a MAN…This is AMERICA! America wasn’t made for us People of Color, but God has been and will be with us always, no matter what happens. I don’t understand at all people protesting and crying about him being in office. People are really showing the trust that they do not have in God I feel. I prayed for him and will continue to pray for him and our Country. People didn’t like Obama in office, people don’t like Trump in office. That’s America. We still have to love and respect one another because this is STILL and always will be…One Nation Under God. God is still in Control! Keep up the Great Work Ms Chase! – Professor JT


Yvonne Chase November 10, 2016

Amen @Professor JT. God kept us through all the other Presidents and he will do the same now.

I don’t understand the protests either. The man is already elected President. NO amount of protesting will change that. Like I said recently on Twitter, all those protesters need to go home, bathe and go to bed.

And yes, people really are showing the trust they do not have in God…well said and definitely something to think about. Like I said, if you trust God, you trust God period…in all things!
Yvonne Chase recently posted…I Refuse To Date A Guy Who Doesn’t Have A CarMy Profile


Mary Hill November 10, 2016

I really enjoyed your post. I was writing along the same line, but had a slightly different approach but ended with the same conclusion. Christ Alone is our protector and security.
Mary Hill recently posted…Answer the Call: My People Repent, Pray, and PraiseMy Profile


Lori November 10, 2016

Yvonne, YES! God was not surprised at this outcome, He placed Donald Trump in this position for a reason. I wrote about this last week, nothing is done without the Lord allowing it and He allowed this. It is our Christian duty to pray for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.


Deanna November 11, 2016

Amen, Sister! Well put!


Leslie November 14, 2016

Can you imagine what our nation would be like if every American prayed for our President every day? Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup!
Leslie recently posted…Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup: The Last Cherry BlossomMy Profile


Yvonne Chase November 14, 2016


Unfortunately, I can only imagine since every American is not praying for our President but I tell you what, if we did, what a different world it would be.
Yvonne Chase recently posted…Fear Of Commitment, Divorce, And MarriageMy Profile


Mmabatho November 15, 2016

Interesting take Yvonne. What is your take on oppressive governments? I’m wondering where God fits in those.


Pat December 28, 2016

You all are nuts!


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