Where Is The Outrage About The Destruction Of The Family?

by Yvonne Chase on December 15, 2014

They’ve Always Been Very Close
Yesterday while at church, I saw an image that made my heart smile.  Sitting in front of me was a black family; father to the left, mother to the right and their son snuggled in the middle.  As the service went on, I watched the son lock arms with his dad as they worshiped.  That’s them below.  I had to take a picture.  Then he’d switch and embrace his mother and both of them on each side.  For the most part though, he clung to his dad throughout the service.  I couldn’t help but say something to them at the end.  As we talked and I learned more, his mother said, “They’ve always been very close.” 

Brokenness Of The Black Family
As I watched the exchange of love between father and son and the entire family overall, the brokenness of the black family ran through my mind.  I marveled at the kind of young man this 12 year old boy will become because of the deep connection he has with his father.  At one point in the service, the pastor asked husbands to look at their wives for a particular reason and the son tapped his father to make sure he looked at his wife.  It was such a special moment. 

A Loving Relationship With Their Dad
This 12 year old boy has what many young black men today do not have; the privilege of  a loving relationship with their dad. I can only imagine what his father has done and is doing that makes him cling to him in such a loving way.  In addition to that loving relationship, he also gets to see his father be a great husband and leader of their family.  He understands the dynamic of a husband and wife.  He knows he arrived in this world via the loving union of his mother and father.  Chances are he will follow in his parents’ footsteps.  Chances are he will get a wife one day and have a family that emulates his experience.   

Gods Standard Of Manhood
The biggest lesson his parents are teaching him is the importance of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  This 12 year old boy has already given his life to the Lord and with the guidance and nurturing of his parents; he is growing up on a solid foundation.  His identity is rooted and grounded in what God says about him and he’s being taught by example Gods standard of manhood.  Every black man in America needs to be taught this standard because when all is said and done; it is the only standard that matters.

Lost Their Lives At The Hands Of Police
I read an article earlier today that asked “Is the black community to blame for the police violence against its own people?” The question was asked because of the daily protests around the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other black men who lost lives at the hands of police.  Anna Koolman and the panel at FOX and Friends discussed the recent protests when she asked, “Where is the same outrage about the destruction of the family? And where are moms and dads in the household trying to raise kids’ right? Where’s the outrage about that?”

Kill Us Like Wild Animals
Those are questions I’ve asked myself repeatedly and after seeing such a lovely black family on display yesterday, those questions came to mind again.  Don’t you think we ought to be outraged at the destruction of the black family? With that question asked, is the black community to blame for the police violence against its own people? No!  No matter how broken a family structure, it doesn’t give the cops license to hunt us down and kill us like wild animals. 

The Black Family Is Broken And We Need To Fix It
I don’t profess to have the answers but here’s what I do know, the Black family is broken and we need to fix it.  Faith and family are two important tenets that will turn our community around.  Yes we need to march to end police brutality however; there are things we need to do as a people.  Let me be clear, as I speak my piece, I’m certainly not speaking about the entire black community.  I have brothers who are married and in the home with their wives raising my nephews under the reverential fear of God.  I also have brothers from other mothers and know a host of black men doing the same.  I don’t know about you but I’d like to see more young black men locked arm in arm with their dads and snuggled between their parents worshiping God in church while being brought up in the reverential fear of God and taught Gods standard of manhood. 

Something to think about…

 What say you? Is the black community to blame for the police violence against its own people? Should we be just as outraged at the destruction of the family? 

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